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A History of the QRS Quantron PEMF

Yuri Gagrin First Man In Space Suffered Horrible Lifelong Physical ConditionsYuri Gagarin’s 108-minute flight April 1961 opened an era of human space travel, but also spawned an entire branch of medical science, based on that one historic flight.  The reason is that when he returned, his body was in near critical condition. What they discovered is that he had left the earth’s electro-magnetic fields (EMF’s) and it nearly destroyed his mind and his body.  When he returned he was like a battery operated toy, completely out of power – he had been drained in several key ways.

What they went on to discover was that in a matter of MINUTES of NO exposure to healthy EMF’s, cell metabolism breaks down causing almost instant bone loss, weak and tired muscles, suppressed metabolism, local disorientation and overall mental depression.

Probably the most valuable lesson learned that day, at the lifelong expense of Mr. Gagarin, was the critical necessity of not just pulsed electro-magnetic devices, but rather, the device specifically designed by and for the astronauts/cosmonauts – The QRS Quantron Resonance System – which has been used in every space suit and Russian space station since.

Astronauts Use The QRS QuantronThe Quantron Resonance System (QRS) was developed after 20 years of research by a team of international scientists, working specifically with the Russian space program, and was used in the program for the MIR space station.

The QRS was initially brought forward by Dr. Gerhard Fischer, PhD from Liechtenstein (Europe), with the assistance of German scientists Dr. Ulrich Warnke, PhD, professor and Director of the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Saarland (Germany), and the late Dr. H. L. König, PhD, and Chairman of Electrophysics at the Technical University of Munich (Germany). Dr. König speciality was studying how high frequency electro pollution affects the human body.

QRS won the gold medal of medicine in Geneva, Switzerland in 1998 and holds 3 world patents.

The QRS is used by people on every continent and for almost every physical ailment.  The QRS is in use by untold health care practitioners worldwide.  Coming into focus now are all the professional,  world class and Olympic athletes.  And the story that usually makes it on the back page, the human interest story, is the fact that many valuable, champion race horses “wouldn’t miss a day” using the QRS.  And the best part is that the QRS is being used in hundreds of thousands of homes all over the globe by people who want to optimize their own health, as well as the health of their loved ones and their pets.  The QRS is safe, gentle and effective for humans and animals alike!

QRS-Quantron Lightning In A BoxThe QRS-101 Home System includes a Control Unit, a therapy Mat and a Pillow Pad. The “lightning in a bottle” is the Control Unit, which sends a uniquely designed signal to the copper mesh inside the mattress and Pillow Pad. This wire mesh is able to transform the signal into a balanced pulsating magnetic field that penetrates the body, which amoung other benefits, will increase blood circulation and improve cell metabolism. These pulsed electronic fields are low and harmless. The Pillow Pad is used to stimulate specific areas of the body that need therapy(knee, shoulder, elbow and so on).

QRS Quanton Magnetic Field Acupressure PenAlso available is the QRS Magnetic Field Acupressure Pen is an additional applicator ideally used for very specific application such as acupuncture points or to treat small joints, ears, nose, jaw, etc.  The advantages of using the Magnetic Field Pen include deep action and long lasting stimulation.  The Pen generates a cone shaped magnetic field from a point source with the highest field intensity at the tip of the pen.  In fact, the Pen acts very much like a laser but gentler and weaker.

The standard, basic session using the Mat is 8 minutes twice a day, preferable one session  in the morning and one in the evening. During the 8-minute session, people may experience a feeling of relaxation and slight increase in body temperature. Pain and stress relief are noticeable, but in other cases there are no immediate physical changes with the first session. Depending on the sensitivity and condition of the person, improvement could be noticed between 2-8 weeks.

On the Control Unit there are easy to use keypads to select programs, intensities and duration time. Lower settings generate an electromagnetic field to improve sleep and in general help cell regeneration. Higher settings produce a stronger magnetic field to treat, for instance, migraine headaches, rheumatic disorders, and other pain related issues. The same ten levels of strength can be directed to the Pillow Pad. With the purchase or rental of QRS, you will receive a custom usage program from our physician. It will recommend exact levels and duration to address your health challenge.

QRS-Quantron-101-PACKAGEQRS- 101 Control Panel The QRS is manufactured in Germany and meets high European quality requirements. The ISO 9000 refers to a series of international guidelines for quality in manufacturing recognized in about 100 countries. Our manufacturer is rated ISO 9002, a high level of quality assurance for companies that produce, inspect, test, and install service items. In 1998, QRS received the gold medal in the field of medicine at the Salon International des Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland, the largest exhibition of inventions in the world.

The QRS holds certification in the European C.E. which is a protective governing body with very stringent criteria and standards, similar to the US version U.L.  CE, the European organization with the highest standards for medical equipment and drugs has approved the QRS System.  In Germany, the QRS System has been approved by TUV + GS and LGA, which is the equivalent to UL in the United States.

QRS Quantron Does NOT Use Magnets

The Quantron Resonance System has many advantages over static magnetic devices. Static devices include magnet-embedded items such as bracelets, chair cushions, shoe pads, backrests, and various strap-on or Velcro applications. These devices have only one frequency, are often heavy and cumbersome, and must be worn (or kept in contact with the body) all day long. The QRS has varying and adjustable frequencies, is effective with only two short sessions per day, and treats the body as a whole.

What Is The Advantage Of A Pulsating Magnetic Field For Personal Health Maintenance?

Generally, a low pulsating magnetic field produces one main effect: stimulating the cell metabolism. This effect causes a chain of processes in the human body, which leads to improvement of health without side effects.

A cell produces its own energy, called ATP (Adenosine TriphosPhate). This energy is necessary for movement of the body, building up and breaking down molecules, and transporting substances through cell membranes. To produce energy, a cell needs oxygen and about 90 other substances, for example: enzymes, glucose, and other nutrients. In addition to energy, cells also produce carbon dioxide, water, and waste products. To be able to execute and control all these processes properly, good cell metabolism is required. Therefore, the cell needs a membrane potential of 70 – 90 mV (millivolt).

Whenever this electrical potential drops, active metabolism is restricted. Low performance levels and chronic disease are the results. Ultimately, every illness is the consequence of impaired cell metabolism.

What Effect Does A Pulsating Magnetic Field Have On The Disease Process?

The QRS, with its pulsating magnetic field, has a positive influence on any disease process. By displacing ions, pulsating magnetic fields can lead to normalization of the membrane potential.

Blood circulation will be affected and normalized: Loaded particles in the blood stream will oscillate in the magnetic field in the rhythm of the QRS frequency. For example: this could reduce friction and flow resistance in narrow capillaries. Perfusion (blood circulation) will increase and, at the same time, the diffusion rate for oxygen and carbon dioxide increases.

All Studies Demonstrated A Dramatic Increase In The Oxygen Content Of The Blood, Up To 80%

Cell membrane potential can be normalized: General exhaustion of the body, caused by stress or chronic disease, will reduce the cell’s membrane potential (usually between 70 to 90 mV). If this potential approaches the zero level, the cell simply dies. A cell uses 50% of its energy to maintain this potential. The QRS Quantron, with its patented ion transport system enables the selective movement of protons (H+ ions), which will then be retarded at the cell membrane. In this way, the membrane will be hyperpolarized and the membrane potential normalizes.

Calcium influx into the cell: Through increased concentration of H+ ions in the membrane area, pH value will be reduced near the membrane. This leads to the release of calcium from the protein layer of the cell membrane. Unbound calcium flows into the cell core and triggers numerous metabolic reactions. Macrophages (tissue cells, functioning as protection against infections) will be activated and therefore the immunological system is strengthened. Metabolism will be activated and nitric oxide, one of the most potent vessel enlargers, will be produced. What’s more, cytogenesis (structure, function, and multiplication of the cells) is stimulated.

These 4 results constitute the basic effect of the pulsating magnetic field. Oxygen, our foundation of life, without which we could not exist, will not only be increased in the blood but also transported faster and more easily, faster to the consumers, our cells. The cells will be stabilized through regenerated membrane potential and activated through the calcium influx. The activation and strengthening of the cells and increased oxygen, will support the body in its fight against diseases.

QRS Quantron And ATP Energy Molecules

A healthy cell needs enough ions as nutrition to build ATP molecules (energy molecules) as well as voltage between 70-110 mV in order to keep the cell energy constant.

A sick cell looses energy, there is not enough ATP available . The voltage of the cell membrane drops down to 40-50 mV. Caution: cancer cells only have a voltage of 20 mV and are not able to regenerate anymore. They are fermenting and need 16-times more energy from their environment. QRS – Energized Cell Cell QRS builds up energy within the cells and keeps it at a constant level via the specific magnetic fields. At the same time slag and toxic waste is extracted from the cell. This effect is unique and therefore patented worldwide.

What Makes The QRS Quantron’s Technical Properties Unique?

The Quantron Resonance System has many innovative properties that distinguish it from static magnets and other magnetic devices.  Some of these properties are:

Saw tooth-shaped Waves: These electro-magnetic waves reach the body in saw tooth-shaped waves that are ideal for affecting the level of ion transport.  QRS uses a Saw Tooth Waveform.  This is the saw tooth wave-shape in its schematic portrayal, in which it was presented for the patent registration.  Only in this way of signaling, with the corresponding amplitudes, the desired transport of ions will be achieved. The quintessence of the 20 years of magnetic field research is found in this shape, and intensity of the impulse.

Field Strength: The strength of QRS is very low. Earth’s magnetic field is 50 microtesla. By comparison, the QRS magnetic field has a maximum of 30 microtesla. Other magnetic devices use very strong fields. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), used for diagnostic purposes, for example, is 8,000 times stronger than QRS. Scientists agree that for therapy, a low magnetic field strength brings about the best results.

Complimentary Treatment: The QRS can be used before, after, or in combination with any other kind of treatment, therapy, or medication. For example, by making body cells receptive, pulsating magnetic fields maximize the effect of medicines. This means that lower doses, or no medication such as painkillers may be needed at all. There are no negative side effects.

No side effects: In clinical tests and research, more than 10,000 people have received QRS therapy with NO side effects.

Convenience: Most conditions require only two sessions per day (8 to 16 minutes), but the effect lasts for up to 8 hours. The saw tooth wave can achieve maximum results in a short period of time.

Customized: Based on your particular condition, its severity, and medications being taken, you can customize the specifics of your therapy.  The good news is that no matter, you can NOT overdose or over-expose yourself in any way.  Our website features video and audio training that will give you a good idea of what the normal settings are for specific conditions.  It will not take long for you to figure out what setting to use on the Mat morning and evening. Also, if necessary, the setting used for the Pillow Pad.

How Does The QRS Quantron Frequencies Of Pulsating Magnetic Fields Affect My Well-Being?

Our cells have a frequency range of a low 0.3 Hz (1 vibration every 3 seconds) to a high of 1000 Hz. The QRS can affect the body with the following frequencies:

200 Hz: improvement of metabolism and blood flow

23 Hz: restoration of the body by neutralizing negative frequencies

3 Hz: rehabilitation of body and brain by delta wave activity The QRS can provide you with stress reduction, more restful sleep, and improving the immune system.

The QRS can provide you with stress reduction, more restful sleep, and improving the immune system.

Some Examples Of Illness Treated Successfully By The QRS Quantron

The QRS Quantron has a wide range of applications because impaired cell metabolism is the basis for a variety of illnesses, and this is what the healing waves of electricity does for your body. Here are some examples of illnesses that have been treated successfully in Europe and Australia:

1) Rheumatism and arthritis: pain reduction and improvement of mobility. Positive changes can be expected after 6 to 8 weeks. The Pillow Pad can be used to treat painful joints.

2) Osteoporosis: The QRS increases bone density by calcium cascade.  Note: please be aware additional water and calcium may need to be consumed.

3) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: improvement of well-being by increasing energy and restful sleep.

4) Migraine headaches: relief of pain and frequency of occurrence. Be aware that sufficient water must be is consumed.

5) Sleeping disorders: improvement of the quality of a night’s rest.

6) Bone and wound healing: acceleration of the healing process of both bone fractures and wounds.

7) Pain: general pain relief associated with any kind of illness.

8) Skin diseases (psoriasis, acne): Improvement can be reached, but often long term application is necessary.

9) General health: general regeneration and vitalization, normalized blood pressure, and preventative health care; thus improvement of resistance to disease.

If you suffer from an injury or ailment always consult your “Trusted Medical Professional”. This product should never be used as a replacement for professional medical treatment.

Caution is advised for use of the QRS by:

1) pregnant women
2) people with pacemakers
3) severe mycosis or epilepsy

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