QRS Quantron Cancer Testimonials


Below are testimonials from doctors and patients in Germany who have used the QRS Quantron Resonance System of pulsed magnetic fields in cancer treatment programs.

Practitioner (Dr David G Spall) Queensland Prostcare & Cancer Clinic (Thermotherapy, Hyperthermia, Microwave Therapy, Bio-immunotherapy)

To Whom It May Concern.


The Queensland Prostcare and Cancer Clinic was established in January 1996 to provide treatment options for cancer patients, hitherto unavailable in Australia. The concept of a pulsing micro-magnetic field, using the QRS, was embraced as an adjunctive therapy to the biophysics, bio­chemical, and bio-immunotherapy techniques already in use at this Clinic. After four months extensive use, we are now in a position to confirm its obvious clinical benefits to a broad selection of patients, including several with stage 3 and stage 4 disease. QRS Therapy, by its very nature, is long term in its projected benefits as far as realistic expectations are concerned. However, even in the short term, perceptible observations made here include:

  1. a. Patients require ever decreasing amounts of analgesics. Pain reduction, particularly evident with bony secondaries.
  2. b. Saturated oxygen levels visibly improve in many patients.

Metastatic Breast Cancer (Dr David G Spall)

Mrs S L presented with advanced metastatic breast cancer with by-lateral pleural effusions in February 1998. Two pleurocentesis were necessary during the course of treatment over a period of five weeks. QRS treatment was commenced on a bi-daily basis and the patient was sent home and continued QRS treatment. Since her last pleurocentesis in Melbourne, on 27th April 1998, there has been no further need for pleurocentesis.

It is also significant that this woman had widespread bony metastases throughout her vertebral column, including the almost complete bony destruction of several vertebras in the thoracic and lumbar spine. The patient is now ambulant, and drove to her last clinical assessment without assistance. After three months a radiological re-assessment of her skeletal system will be made.

Basal Cell Carcinoma (Dr David G Spall)

Mrs L M came to this Clinic with stage four metastatic basal cell carcinoma, with widespread secondaries in her lungs. This lady is a marathon swimmer and has been swimming up to 3kms a day. Her physical endurance remains a mystery, and as she says ‘I have well past my used by date according to my Oncologist’. Beyond question the long-term use of QRS has improved her microcirculation, and is proving a sustaining benefit.

Metastases In Liver And Lungs (Dr David G Spall)

Mr. W B presented with huge metastases in his liver and lungs on 6th May 1998 with a very dismal short-term prognosis. Faithful use of the QRS, in addition to other treatment modalities, has seen this man return to work in North Queensland. His jaundice is still very evident, his liver function tests are grossly abnormal but, to the amazement of all concerned, he says he feels surprisingly well and his pain is now very well controlled with minimal medication.

Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (Dr David G Spall)

Mrs C D is a 76-year-old lady who came with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, involving her right parotid gland and all the lymph nodes of the right side of her neck, so as to totally distort her face and neck, closing her right eye. QRS was used during her treatment here over a period of eight weeks. We believe that daily treatment with QRS has complemented the other treatment, which has seen a complete remission of this tumor.

Practitioner (Dr. Eckard Roehrich General Practitioner, Twin Lakes Medical and Dental Centre)

I am a general practitioner with an open mind for alternative and natural therapies. My practice includes preventative and nutritional medicine and acupuncture. I have had some experience with electromagnetic field therapy for a number of years. For the last six months I have used extensively the QRS for treatment of a variety of ailments in a large number of patients. Indications include chronic spinal and muscular skeletal disorders, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (a form of motor neuron disease), proximal myopathy, cardiomyopathy, and cases of lethargy and immune deficiency. Case studies have been included as separate headings with acknowledgments to Dr Roehrich.

Breast Cancer (Molly Aukim of the Allergy Prevention Clinic)

These readings from a 53 year old female with conventionally diagnosed breast cancer. She also tested positive for cancer in the lymphatic system and it was suspected in the uterus as well. An ultra sound and a biopsy tested positive with the conclusion that the cancer was too far advanced for surgery. Consequently the woman was given large amounts of chemotherapy and radiation, herbs, vitamins and homeopathic. This was given for 2 months without any real success. The Quantron Resonance System was introduced and the woman used it twice a day on settings 3 and 4. Since using the QRS, she has experienced no nausea or side effects from the chemotherapy and radiation therapies and her blood sugar levels have stabilized.

Breast Cancer and Bone Cancer Secondaries since ‘98 20/6/2000

Mrs. J. Fraser, All stable at last bone scan. As I am using a number of alternative therapies as well as QRS, all I can honestly say is that I am very well and healing. There is even the word remission being uttered by the medical oncologist. I feel that nine months of weekly visits to a healing psychotherapist has been the major helper for me but I do know that since buying the QRS I have not had any Panadol’s etc. and I walk for approx 45 mins a day. Metastatic breast cancer since March ’99. Mrs. M. Filmer 15/6/00

I was diagnosed with recurrent breast cancer with lung and multiple bone secondaries in Jan 1998. My original cancer diagnosis was in 1980. Since 1998 I have been taking Tamorifan with very good results and have remained stable. I bought the QRS in March ’99 with the hope of improving my quality of life. Within a few weeks there was a marked improvement in my sleeping patterns and that of course led to an improvement in my general feeling of well being. I’ve had quite long periods of little or no pain. When I do have pain the QRS pad is definitely beneficial. There has been an improvement in my gastric reflux and I have at times been able to cut back my medication. My cholesterol has gone down from 6.8 to 5.9 in 12 months. The higher settings on the QRS help my low energy levels and I am able to function for longer periods. The low levels on the QRS have proved to have a calming effect. I am very pleased I heard about the QRS when I did and that I was in a position to be able to purchase one.