Quantron Resonance System (QRS) Review

qrs review comparison testThe QRS Quantron Resonance System took 20 years of research by international scientists working for the Russian space program. Reportedly, it was used in the program for the MIR space station. Dr. V.M. Baranov, Medical Director at EUROSPACE in Moscow stated: “In order to maintain good health, our astronauts need to use the QRS on their flight to Mars!

Also, you may have seen mention of Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gargarin’s first orbital flight spawning the development of PEMF. However, we have not found evidence of it. Conversely, it makes sense because the first Soviet Cosmonauts had to jump out of the capsule and parachute to the ground. Some purists still claim Russia didn’t win the space race because they “crashed” each time. Anyway, their athletic abilities had to be top-notch so they would have benefited from PEMF.


The QRS has been used by professional athletes in many fields. You can find quotes and videos on QRS and PureWave (their new name) web pages. Some of the content was made by Electromeds staff. We have been told not to use them after being an authorized QRS dealer for many years

From QRS/PureWave:

“Two years ago, I changed my distributor agreement and no longer allow our distributors to do SEO or Paid Ads on the internet. I allowed you to continue because of your history with QRS.”

“…please remove any QRS or Purewave names or listings from your website and any internet or social media listings or advertising.”

“I also decided not to work with companies that sell multiple PEMF devices”

“I don’t want or allow dealers competing with other dealers and I don’t want customers looking around for better prices.”



It seems kind of un-American…

Are we mad? Not really. We are more concerned for our old friends at QRS. They are lacking effective qualities and features to compete in the market. Furthermore, they are placing their thumb on the scale to improve their position.

What does this have to do with the QRS Quantron… or PureWave as it is now called?

At Electromeds, we are always considering how customers are treated by the companies that make the machines. Specifically, we value the performance of the machines AND the people that make them. We have regular and direct relations with the inventors and developers of the machines we sell. This helps us create a pain-free path for people who are interested in PEMF to become owners.

We have created a comparison table to illustrate available features. You will see that there are more powerful devices with more features and with better prices than the QRS. Of course, they are available here on our site. What else would you expect?

Basically, we can see that the QRS Quantron – Purewave is sorely lacking in features and power. Additionally, any special wave form parameters can be emulated by the Sedona Pro + programming feature. Our conclusion: If you are looking at QRS then keep shopping!

Note: QRS Curatron has a new model with higher intensities 150 – 400 Gauss or more. You may find one on our pre-owned devices page while we get around to updating this page. Check HERE


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