PEMF Machines and Energy Medicine Equipment For Sale (Pre-owned)

Consignment sales at Electromeds usually come as a trade-in on a newer or better device. For example, the Sedona model we offer is a much improved device with better features. It is easier to use than many of the most popular PEMF devices available. Likewise, there will always be a few devices available for sale on this page from trade-ins.

We also support direct sales between PEMF users on this page. Our website receives thousands of visitors each month and this page is a popular stop. We can see why since the models available here may be priced $1000 to $6000 less than a new PEMF machine. If you have a PEMF device that you want to sell please use our contact button to make arrangements. We love PEMF and we use other energy medicine devices. We can help you move those too!

Pre-owned Devices (in-stock):

Used Magnopro For Sale

This is a MagnoPro complete home system including: Controller, Full Mat (5.3 ft), Small Mat (appx 14 by 10 in), Probe Applicator, Manual and Travel Bag. This unit is in excellent condition; showing few signs of wear if any. All of the functions work and we have tested it on friends and co-workers to diminish or eliminate pain in hips, wrists or knees (just what we had time to do). This is a great entry-level opportunity to see this amazing technology in action.

PEMF 4000 – Factory Refurbished

High quality PEMF machine, refurbished in the Tesla factory in Los Angeles. It’s not the car company. These folks specialize in professional PEMF devices such as the top level machines we offer on our site. This machine is fully reconditioned and includes the control box, 34 foot rope (not pictured), power cord and manual. The PEMF 4000 is among the most powerful devices available. It is capable 40,000 times Earth’s EMF. This is the machine that treats professional athletes and large animals. It is currently in use by doctors, vets and therapists all over the world.

MAS Multi Specialty Plus – Demo

The MAS Multi Specialty Plus system comes with a 17 lb. full body mat with 17 coils; an 8” high intensity therapy pillow and control unit, employing push-button settings for selecting treatment parameters. An extensive variety of factory programmed settings are available. Including: Wellness, Reflexology, Biorhythm, Frequency band, Sport; 3 custom therapy sessions and one programmable for individual needs. This unit is a low-use demo and in excellent condition; ready to go!

We have used and traded all sorts of PEMF and other energy medicine machines for over 20 years. This is a short list of some of the models that have appeared here on our consignment page to find their new forever homes:

Medithera, BEMER 3000, MRS 2000, iMRS, QRS Quantron, MAS Multi+, SomaPulse, PMT-120, PEMF-1000, MagnaWave PEMF, LifeStream Generator, Curatron, EQUINE Pulsed Energy Technologies PER 2000, Rife Machine. Doug Coil. Royal Raymond Rife, The Erchonia PL5 Laser

New PEMF Devices – in stock or shipped factory direct

We offer these units because they meet our requirements for quality and functionality at an affordable price…

Leading Edge PEMF Technology

Our best product!

The Sedona

Sedona PEMF System, Beige,ElectroMeds

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Sedona PEMF System, Dark Grey, control.panel, ElectroMeds

QRS Quantron

QRS-101 system

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QRS Quantron #1 Authorized Dealer PEMF ElectroMeds

PEMF 8000
Clinical Grade
Desktop Model

Output Up to 2 Tesla
(20k Gauss)

PEMF 8000 Desktop Tabletop ElectroMeds

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PEMF 8000
Mobile Model

Output Up to 2 Tesla
(20k Gauss)

PEMF 8000 Mobile

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