The PEMF4000 is a modern high-intensity healing machine. The way it works is completely different than many of the new wave of digital performers such as the Sedona or Stem-Pulse. Digital technology can create more complex wave-forms than the PEMF4000. However, the PEMF’s* simple square wave is very effective and appears in the majority of medical studies. Most importantly, the high-intensity solution the PEMF4000 offers is unmatched for sports recovery and immediate injury treatment.

The Downfall of the PEMF4000

The PEMF4000 has lost traction in the market; replaced by the MegaPulse which uses the same technology with more robust design improvements. Additionally, warranty issues surrounding the spark-gap unit which controls intensity may have caused some bad press on the world wide web. At Electromeds, we don’t pay much attention the pitter-patter of angry little marketeer’s and internet troll’s foot-steps. We recommend treating any PEMF device as an investment in further health. Properly handling complaints and learning about how people use PEMF in their homes and offices is part of the game.

The Upside…

Using the PEMF4000 is easy, just like any other PEMF device. Turn it on and lay on the mat; wrap a few coils around the targeted spot or use a specially shaped coil. Then, set the timer. The PEMF4000 has two adjustments for its square wave pulse: Frequency and intensity. Basically, use lower frequencies and intensities for relaxed treatments and higher for injuries or disease. Some devices can require complex decisions about how to program but the PEMF4000 is super easy to use.

The technical specifications are:

  • Input: 120-240 Volts AC 3.5 Amps 50/60 Hz cycles
  • Frequency: from 1 to 200 Pulses a Minute
  • Intensity of Magnetic Field: 2400 to 21000 Gauss per Pulse (.24 to 2.1 Tesla)
  • Timer: 0 – 30 Minutes

As we can see, the PEMF4000 is way more powerful that anything else out there. Conversely, there are zero side effects in all the studies we have found. This was our experience with a reconditioned PEMF4000 which came through the office. Unlike most devices, the power and it’s effects can be immediately felt…and heard. There is an audible thump from the released static charge that drives the coils. We can definitely feel the effect during the treatment and afterwards. For this reason, the PEMF4000 works well for professionals because the treatments we pay for are easily noticeable. Likewise, when purchasing an expensive machine ($10k+) such as this we can be assured we are getting our money’s worth. With each treatment, our testers felt better and wanted more...and for us, that is the bottom line!

*PEMF Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency [Therapy]

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