BEMER Pro and BEMER 3000 Review

The BEMER Pro (and BEMER 3000) is a Swiss made pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy device. It has been around for a little more than 10 years. The acronym BEMER stands for Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation and at its heart is a patented complex signal that was developed by Dr. Wolf A Kafka.

BEMER Pro, PEMF, ElectroMedsThe BEMER 3000 sold for nearly $6000. The new BEMER Pro is about the same. They have a nice rental program that allows you to try the mat before you buy it. The following products were included with the BEMER 3000: coil mat with mat cover, control device, intensive applicator and bag, power adapter, carrying bag and user’s manual. The newer BEMER Pro includes a full body mat, B-Spot and B-Pad as targeted applicators

Check for used Bemer3000 in consignments

The intensity range for the mat is 3.5 to 35 uT (microtesla or .035 to .35 Gauss). In comparison, the Earth’s magnetic field is roughly 30 uT at equator and 60 uT at the poles. The intensive applicator runs up to 100 uT.

FDA Approval Update: BEMER mats not available for the near future…

Yes, it seems someone at BEMER forgot to dot their i’s and cross their T’s and mats are not being imported. Also, with the FDA going full steam on COVID the prospects of getting mats in the US are unpredictable. Fortunately, we have a few BEMER systems parked in our consignments and waiting for new owners…

The BEMER Signal

The BEMER signal is a “series of half-wave-shaped, sine-like intensity variations” that repeat 33 times per second. Within each pulse-train there are 40 sine wave pulses that gradually increase in amplitude and frequency. Overall there are over 1200 pulses per second (1200 Hz). The BEMER Plus adds an additional 5 pulses every 20 seconds at level 10 (~35uT). These signals have been clinically proven to promote better blood flow and diminish free radicals. Free radicals play a significant role in the development of cancer, heart disease, rheumatism, auto-immune diseases and aging. Here is an interesting video on how therapy with a Bemer appears to have increased flow inside a liver after only a couple of weeks use.  

All PEMF works…

Most importantly, other studies such as Morabito, et al have found similar results in long term (6 weeks) exposure to PEMF with different machines. This is especially relevant because it seems to refute BEMER’s implication that only their machine is effective on the issues their studies cover. Additionally, machines such as the Sedona Pro and Pro Plus are able to mimic BEMER’s special signal.

There are a number of accessories and optional applicators that come with the package.The mat has 3 pairs of coils with increasing diameters at the feet. The design increases power towards the feet and decreases towards the head. This is similar to most full body mats because the feet or legs can take more intensity than the head or internal organs. Overall, it seems like a well made unit with a convenient carrying case. Additionally, the Bemer 3000 is backed by a lot of research and fairly good support.

Value added?

Our main concern when considering value is: For the price, is this machine 2 or 3 or 4 times better? What is it about the Bemer 3000 that makes it so unique and needed? And really…Is the BEMER Signal BEMER’s Strength or Weakness?

There is excellent research by Adey, Zimmerman and others indicating that the optimal frequencies for human body are roughly 0-30 Hz. Adey coined the term biological window of frequencies which refers to the ideal frequencies the human body can absorb.

Let’s look at this with some common sense. The earth has two fundamental frequencies, 7.83 Hz (Schumann resonance) and 11.75 Hz which is the first order frequency of the earths magnetic field (excluding n=0 which is the static solution). The Schumann frequency is the resonant frequency of the earth’s ionosphere and the earth’s magnetic field frequency is a result of the spherical harmonics of the earth’s magnetic field.

The primary harmonics (n*1, n*2, n*3, …) of the Schumann frequency are 7.83, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8. The harmonics of the earth’s magnetic field frequency are 11.79, 16.67 and 23.58 Hz. Notice the primary harmonics are all within 0-30Hz. This is the same window or range of frequencies shown by Adey and Zimmerman which can be absorbed by the body.

Doesn’t it make sense that we need and are sustained by earth based frequencies?

Herein lies the rub…

The BEMER signal is running a 33 Hz pulse-train which consists of 40 pulses yielding over 1200 vibrations a second (1200 Hz). This is way outside the earth’s window of frequencies. The BEMER has a good intensity range of roughly 3.5 -100 uT which matches the earth’s intensity but it misses badly with its frequency.

The frequency and geometry of the patented BEMER signal is the biggest problem and paradoxically, it is what BEMER claims as their biggest strength.

The second problem is there is no ability to adjust the frequencies.

You can only adjust the intensity. This would appear to be a drawback because studies have shown we require different frequencies at different times of the day for general wellness. For example, in the morning and early afternoon we are most active; requiring frequencies in the Beta range (~12-30 Hz). And in the evening we are winding down into a more relaxing state (alpha ~7-12 hz). And right before bed, theta/delta frequencies may be best. With this in mind, the Bemer may not be a good choice to be used during sleep.

Problem number 3 is that there is no polarity reversal to prevent cellular fatigue or accommodation to the signal. This means you need more and more to get less and less results.

Problem number 4 is not a major issue, but with the full body mat you can only go down to 3.5 uT and only up to 35 uT. It would be nice if the BEMER was able to go down to the picotelsa range (shown to be good for M.S. for example) and up a little higher to the maximum earth intensities 100uT (it does on the applicator pad but not the full body mat).

Problem number 5 is that the applicator pad’s power is less than some competitor models. It doesn’t have enough turns to penetrate as deep when compared to other models. Generally, more loops in a coil will not elicit a stronger magnetic field. We are assuming that designers are applying more current if there are more coils.

Why Is The Bemer So Expensive?

Because it is a “Multi-Level Marketing” schema that requires additional layers of commissions for the sales team.  It has the marketing and sales commissions wrapped up into the additional charges for the basic machine.

The bottom line: Keep shopping

In conclusion, we believe the BEMER Pro is a great machine; well-built, researched and presented with care and lots of effort by good people. It is an excellent choice for people or clinicians offering treatment requiring it’s specific functionality. However, we would continue shopping if we were targeting un-listed conditions or expecting a wide array of uses such as in treatment or testing a variety of conditions. Importantly, it is not an issue of how many stars the BEMER earned here or how many it gets on Google or Amazon. We recommend you do your own research, look for the bias in each article and use something that fits your present and future needs. If we can be of help please use our contact or request free quote buttons to find out more.


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