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MAS Special Multi + PEMF System

The MAS has an extensive array of pre-set programs to select from as well as the capability for a high degree of individualization.

Because of the legacy of experience behind the development of this system, it is one of the most sophisticated magnetic field systems available. Because of its broad spectrum of application possibilities it allows multiple, flexible treatment options. It is already being used with high levels of satisfaction by countless private individuals, numerous top athletes, many clinics and therapists.

The MAS magnetic field system was designed based on technical input from researchers and scientists from Russia, Czech Republic, Romania and Germany. It has been available for therapeutic applications for at least 10 years.

The MAS has been found to improve circulation, improve the oxygenation of cells and strengthen the immune system.

The system comes with a control unit, with a very sturdy box and handy push-button settings for selecting the parameters of treatment. There is a therapy pillow and a whole body mat. The circular therapy pillow is about 2 x 8” and is very compact and somewhat heavy. The therapy pillow is 2 ½ times the intensity of the therapy mat.

The therapy mat has 17 coils embedded in it. There are larger and smaller coils throughout the match. There are coils in the neck/head (1), shoulders (3), mid back (3), hips/pelvis (2), mid thigh (2), knees (2), mid-calf (2) and feet (2) areas.

It has the following program sets: wellness, sport and 4 therapy sets.

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Wellness Programs

The Wellness protocols support the health of the overall body. The wellness programs may be used at any time and as often as desired. This program also allows a benefit in decreasing discomfort. This recognizes the basic principle of magnetic therapy that pain is a cry for help for energy and that this energy may be restored with PEMF therapy, especially the MAS. The wellness protocols include stimulation of reflexology zones in the body, biorhythms and various frequency bands relating to the four brainwave levels – beta, alpha, theta and delta, as well as the average Schumann resonance. This is the only device I am aware of that has the ability to select the Schumann resonance only for stimulation.

This area has 12 programs ranging in frequency from 1 Hz to 9999 Hz. The intensity level is only 10% and typically runs for 30 minutes. There is the option of selecting a rectangular waveform at .2 Hz.

In the Reflexology Section there are 8 programs, primarily intended to be used with the pillow applicator to specific reflexology zones in the body. The zones include the head the hands the abdomen/solar plexus and the feet, areas that are often used by reflexologists. There are 8 programs ranging in frequency from 1 Hz to 1000 Hz. The program intensities range from 50% to 99%. 2 of the programs have alternating north-south polarity. Reflexology zones stimulation will affect the local area of application and then secondarily other effects reverberating throughout the body. Stimulation with these programs would be comparable, although not exactly the same, as any reflexology therapy. In addition stimulation of the reflexology zones will also stimulate the various acupuncture meridians of the body, creating benefits remote from the area of stimulation, as would happen with acupuncture.

MAS Special Multi + PEMF System In the Biorhythm Section settings section, there are 4 programs. These all use sawtooth wave patterns, common to other whole body PEMF systems available from Europe. These are intended to be used with the whole body pad, at 1% intensity, typically for 8 minutes sessions. These tend to emulate the brainwave frequency patterns – beta, alpha, theta and delta. So as a result they are recommended for use in the morning, afternoon, evening and night time, respectively. Being in sync with the natural basic frequencies of the body, treatments with the settings would be expected to be regenerating to the body.

In the Frequency Band Program section, there are similar frequency settings as in the biorhythm section, except that sinusoidal waves are used, at 10% intensity for 30 minute sessions. Since our bodies oscillate in sinus frequency patterns, sinusoidal wave treatments can be expected to be more stimulating than the sawtooth wave patterns, of the Biorhythm Section. The intensity can be increased as needed. These are intended to be used with the whole body pad. Being in sync with the natural basic frequencies of the body, treatments with the settings would be expected to be regenerating to the body. If there is any question on which of these 2 programs should be chosen, it is recommended to go with the biorhythm section 1st and then gradually progressed to using the frequency band programs.


Sport Program

The Sport program is used for acute injuries or chronic problems of the musculoskeletal system. Sports and fitness activity of any kind often lead to injury, or over straining the body. Recovering the body as soon as possible allows the sport/fitness person return to activity faster with decreased risk of re-injury. In addition, routine use of these programs before sports and activity may facilitate enhanced performance of both sports and fitness activity. So, these programs may be used to enhance activity and also to recover from activity. It is typically best is to apply the pillow to the affected area/s. The whole body pad may be used for wellness purposes as well as to access multiple areas of the body at the same time. It is often recommended to use a combination of the local applicator as well is the whole body applicator to enhance the benefits of therapy.

There are 16 programs available here, ranging in frequency from 1 Hz to 9900 Hz. The intensity level ranges from 10% to 99%, many being 99%. There are 4 programs that use rectangular waveforms ranging from .2 Hz to 72 Hz and ranging from 1% to 99%. The therapeutic time windows are 30 minutes, typically or 15 to 20 minutes. May the programs here may also be used for bone, joint, tendon and mobility issues. The manual has special program suggestions for various musculoskeletal issues. It is recommended to treat acute injuries by using programs 11 or 12 at night. If pain worsens with treatment, select the lower program and reduce the intensity. Use of the pillow applicator provides much higher intensities at the local level.


MAS Special Multi + PEMF SystemTherapy I

This program has many protocols for various conditions, based on many years of experience and scientific research.

Individual body areas are treated specifically by selecting the appropriate programs. There are 27 programs available ranging in frequency from 1 Hz to 9900 Hz. Intensities range from 10% to 99% and treatment times very from 15 to 30 minutes depending on the program selected. There is a choice of using the pillow applicator or the whole body pad. However, the pillow applicator cannot be used with programs 24 and 25. Program set recommendations are available for acute inflammation and injuries, head and chest areas, support and musculoskeletal system, infections, skin problems, pelvic and urinary tract areas, heart and circulation, nervous system, metabolism/digestion/expulsion, wound healing and rheumatic illnesses.

There are different programs recommended within each of these areas, considering whether to use the mat and or the pillow. The manual has the detail relating to what is recommended, too extensive to discuss here. Intensity may be varied as desired with any of these programs, either reducing or increasing depending on need and reaction. As always, the pillow applicator has much higher intensity in the area of stimulation than the whole body pad.


Therapy program II

When there are unexpected or over-stimulating results from Therapy Program I, Therapy II will energetically support the body in a gentler, softer and more sensitive manner.

There are 10 programs available here ranging in frequency from one hertz to 83 Hz. These are not selected based on areas of the body to be treated in particular health issues. The intensities range from 1% to 40%. However intensities may be adjusted as needed. 5 of the programs have both North and South polarities. The north-south polarity settings have a maximum power setting a 50%.

If sensitivity happens with Therapy I, then a period of time using treatment with Therapy II until maximum tolerance is reached is recommended. Then the individual may be able to revert back to using programs in Therapy I.


Therapy program III

There are numerous subprograms or frequency sets that reflect the most popular frequency patterns currently available in PEMF devices on the market. These are used for therapeutic purposes and recognized in scientific studies.

This section has 12 programs. The 1st 4 are sawtooth patterns ranging in frequency from .3 Hz 2.099 Hz. The intensities are 1% and run for 8 minutes. Program 5 is a multi-resonance waveform program, 50 Hz, 10 to 50% for 30 minutes. Program 6 through 11 are of a rectangular, ranging from .2 Hz to 73 hertz, 1% to 99% intensity and running for 15 to 30 minutes. Program 12 is an impulse signal with an increasing positive half wave, running at 30 Hz, 1% intensity for 15 minutes.


Therapy program IV

This section allows extensive flexibility in the selection of intensities, time, frequencies, and waveforms.MAS Special Multi + PEMF System

There is no other magnetic system I am aware of that allows this level of flexibility and choice. While Therapy programs 1 through 3 have preset protocols based on years of experience and research with PEMFs, program IV gives the user and/or clinician the most flexibility and choices.

It is recognized that PEMF therapy with the MAS as set forth in the protocols designed into the MAS system, has not been reviewed and evaluated by the FDA and may not be accepted by conventional medicine or various professional specialties. It is based on knowledge and experience garnered through various treatment facilities throughout Europe and the available science.

For the average user, Therapy programs 1 through 3 should be sufficient for most needs. Therapy program IV will require some degree of experimentation by the user. In this case, it is suggested that lower frequencies, shorter treatment times and lower intensities should be used at the beginning until the body provides feedback as to what settings are effective or acceptable. In this situation, the settings and protocol selections are individual and unique.

This section allows you to save up to 30 separate user selected programs. The parameter choices are as follows: time 1 – 99 minutes, frequency 1 – 9999 and polarity North-South or unipolar. Intensity settings vary depending on whether North/South is chosen. If north-south is chosen then only 50% maximum intensity is possible. If north-south is not chosen intensity may be selected ranging from 1 to 99%. In addition to individual frequencies being able to be selected, there is the option to select bands of frequencies or intensities, for example 10 – 70 Hz. This means that the programs of selected will run throughout the range from 10 to 70 Hz. Similarly, for intensity if the power band of 20 to 40% is chosen, then the programs are selected will vary throughout the range from 20 to 40% intensity.

Technical information as provided by manufacturer

System Information:

Waveform: sinusoidal, sawtooth, rectangle, triangle
Frequency: 0.2 – 9,999 Hz
Maximum intensity: 100 Gauss
Number of programs: 9 +
Program duration: 1 – 99 minutes
Power: input 115-230 V AC

System dimensions:

Control box: 13.5? x 11.5? x 4?
Full-body mattress: 68? x 23?
Pillow applicator: 9? diameter

Additional Information:

Retail Price: $4300.00
Warranty: 3 years
Return Period: 30 days
Restocking Fee: $200

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