Personal Energizer
Negative Ion System

Restoring the body’s PH balance, relieving pressure and minimizing stress has become an important health topic these days.

PersonalEnergizerScientists have discovered that Negative Ions can relax the body and mind, detoxify the body and balance the body’s PH level. People drink Ion Water, take Ionic Foot Baths, wear Negative Ionic Clothing and use a variety of Negative Ion products, expecting to get the benefits from Negative Ions. Unfortunately, they only get limited benefits due to the limited amount of Negative Ions provided by these products.

The technology of Personal Energizer was originally developed in Japan. The system creates a Negative Potential energy field which induces subtle current flows and generates a safe and substantial amount of negative ions inside the human body. This technology has been used for decades and has been proven to be highly effective for Relaxation, Anti-aging and Detoxification with absolutely NO observed adverse side effects:

• Reduce STRESS, ease anxiety (panic attack).
• Improve sleep quality- DEEP SLEEP
• Repair and rejuvenate cells.
• Neutralize free radicals.
• Purify and increase blood circulation.
• Reduce wrinkles and improve skin tones.
• Speedy recovery from physical fatigue and injuries
• Alleviate pain, swelling and inflammation.
• Strengthen immune system.
• Detoxify the acid toxins and BALANCE body pH level
• Alleviate allergies, migraines, sinus.

Test Reports

1. EIS scan
We conducted several scientific tests using EIS scan to prove that by using Personal Energizer, the bodies of the test subjects were significant improved in a short period of time. EIS scan measures the conductivity of 22 segments of the human body. The EIS conductivity is related to certain physiological indicators and disorders. The test result shows that the body and Autonomic Nervous System was exhausted and stressed. After only 20 minutes on the Personal Energizer, the body and Autonomic Nervous System were almost completely back to normal.

2. Body pH Balance Test
A alternative medicine doctor provided detoxification sessions to his clients with a Personal Energizer. Almost everyone’s body pH increased after a few sessions that means their body became less acidic and more healthy. Everyone feels better after going through a series of detoxification sessions. For example, one client did a total of seven sessions. And her urine pH was up from an initial 6.4 to 6.9 pH with no changes in her diet. Another client lost 13 pounds in 8 weeks and felt a lot better than she had before.

3. Body Antioxidant Test
BioPhotonic Scanner by Nuskin is a immediate, noninvasive method of measuring overall carotenoid antioxidant activity. We measure the antioxidant level at 22,000 before using the Personal Energizer. After 30 days of using the Personal Energizer, 1-2 times a day, the antioxidant level are boosted up to 31,000.

How Personal Energizer Repair and Rejuvenate Cells

Cell potential is the voltage difference between the interior and exterior of a cell (Vexterior-Vinterior). For a healthy cell, its potential should be between 70 mV to 90 mV. Once it fall below 70mV, nutrient, oxygen, and H2O cannot get in; waste and carbon dioxide cannot get out; and too much sodium and hydrogen stay inside the cell. It becomes an unhealthy cell. The lower is the cell potential, the worse. Cell potential of an aged cell is around 50 mV and a cancer cell is about 15 mV.

Personal Energizer creates a Negative-Potential energy field to cause ionization and generate a very large amount of negative ions inside human body. Negative Ions stimulate the activity of the Na+/K+-ATPase to enhance Na+/K+ pump and to maintain the cell potential at 70 – 90 mV. Such, nutrient, oxygen, and H2O can get in and waste and carbon dioxide can get out to make the cells healthy. That’s how Personal Energizer can repair and rejuvenate cells.

Easy to Use

When using the Personal Energizer, Place the charcoal colored mat on a chair or bed with NO direct metal contact to the floor. Otherwise, the energy will be leaked out. You may sit or lay down on the mat, then turn on the Ion Output. Use it once or twice a day, 20 minutes each time. In 1–3 weeks, you will notice some of the benefits such as better sleep, more energy, pain relief, better skin tone, less stressed and etc. Personal Energizer Operation Guide

More than half of the users feel some sensation or energy moving through them in the first 20-minute session. Majority of the users feel the sensations within three sessions. Some of them may not feel any sensation but still get the benefits, because the negative ions are working inside their body. During the initial use of the Personal Energizer, each individual may experience different reactions such as insomnia, fatigue, dizziness or muscle ache, etc. These are the signs of the elimination process of long term waste and toxic in the body. Normally the reactions will last for 2 to 3 days, (some might take longer), when the toxic is expel from the body, you will feel better.

By using Personal Energizer, you will get effective results a great deal faster than drinking Ion Water or wearing Ion Clothing. You will feel relaxed and sleep better within a few days, your body PH level will be boosted by 0.5 in 2 – 3 weeks, and you will feel and look younger in a few months. The following are some exciting testimonials from our customers:

1. “In the past, I woke up at least twice every night. After using Personal Energizer for 3 days, I can now sleep for 8 hours continuously without waking up at all”.

2. “I get deeper/restful sleep after using the Personal Energizer, and always wake up fully refreshed”.

3. “After 2 months of using the Personal Energizer, my anxiety (panic attack) symptom had reduced 90%. My Blood pressure dropped from 160 to 130 in the first week of using the Personal Energizer”.

4. “After only 2 weeks using the Personal Energizer, I’ve noticed I have a better skin tone”.

5. “I usually need to stay home for a few days whenever I catch the flu, but surprisingly enough, after using Personal Energizer immediately, I am able to go to work the next day full of energy”.

6. “My 3-year old daughter would cry a lot and have difficulty falling asleep, but if I hold her while sitting on the Personal Energizer mat for only 5 minutes, she becomes very restful and sleeps well through the night”

7. “Usually, my whole body gets sore and tired for at least 3 days after a ski trip. Fortunately, by using Personal Energizer for a 20 minutes session after every ski trip, I wake up the next morning fully refreshed and with NO soreness at all. Now, my Personal Energizer is always with me wherever I go”.

8. “I used Personal Energizer after recently spraining my ankle and after 2 days of use, my ankle completely recovered. In the past it has taken me at least a week or more to recover.

9. “My hyper nervous dog becomes calm after using Personal Energizer”

10. “After a few weeks of using Personal Energizer, I started to notice that the fine lines and wrinkles on my face were reduced, my skin was glowing and my energy level was getting higher. My wife told me that I look 10 years younger for my age.”

11. “It is really amazing! Using Personal Energizer for 20 minutes after a long flight gives me a good sleep till next morning. I am not afraid of jet lag anymore.”

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