Deep Sleep Aid

The most common causes of poor sleeping quality are psychological: depression, anxiety, emotional or mental tension, work problems, financial stress, injury or condition that causes pain, Hormone shifts, Psychoactive drugs or stimulants, disturbances of the circadian rhythm, such as shift work and jet lag, and etc. Lots of people are using sleeping pills or aids. But abuse of over-the counter or prescription sleep aids can produce rebound insomnia.
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EPE creates a Negative Potential energy field which induces subtle current flows and generates a safe and substantial amount of negative ions inside the human body. This technology has been used for decades and has been proven to be highly effective to relieve STRESS, ease anxiety (panic attack), and improve sleep quality- DEEP SLEEP, because negative Ions can repair & rejuvenate nervous cells.

One of the reports shows that the autonomic nervous systems can be rejuvenated in 20 minutes of using the EPE as follows: On the left , the Autonomic Nervous System is stressed. After only 20 minutes on EPE the ANS is completely normal (Blue and Yellow color shows that the nervous system is stressed, gray is normal). Click here to see the detailed report. Once the autonomic nervous systems is rejuvenated, you feel less stressed, more calmed and peaceful that leads to a better sleep – DEEP SLEEP.

We have a few testimonials regarding the better sleeping quality:

1. “In the past, I woke up at least twice every night. After using EPE for 3 days, I can now sleep for 8 hours continuously without waking up at all”.

2. “I get deeper/restful sleep after using the EPE, and always wake up fully refreshed”.

3. “After 2 months of using the EPE, my anxiety (panic attack) symptom had reduced 90%. My Blood pressure dropped from 160 to 130 in the first week of using the EPE”.

4. “My 3-year old daughter would cry a lot and have difficulty falling asleep, but if I hold her while sitting on the EPE mat for only 5 minutes, she becomes very restful and sleeps well through the night”

5. “It is really amazing! Using EPE for 20 minutes after a long flight gives me a good sleep till next morning. I am not afraid of jet lag anymore.”

At the initial stage of using the EPE, you may experience the up and down conditions as follow: sleep well for a few days and not sleep well for a few days. Don’t be frustrated. Keep on using the EPE before bedtime and let it repair your nervous system. Meanwhile, do your best to maintain a regular schedule – go to bed before 11 pm. In a few weeks, you should have a much better sleeping quality.