Sleep your way to wealth!

We can all agree that sleep affects our days.

Get enough and you are good to go…

Not enough and you are too slow…

The Harvard Medical School found that insomnia accounts for almost two weeks per year of missed work. By the same measure, we can assume that getting a good night’s sleep can increase our bottom line by as much as 4%.

Not that much…right?

Conversely, it is about what economists assume is a happy GDP. In other words, how much our country’s wealth increases every year.

Shortly, if you are not getting enough sleep then the world is passing you by!

There is another thing to consider and it is creativity. The spark and dream that makes great success stories. Wealth is not just about productivity or how much you can get done in a day. Wealth also comes from great ideas and innovative solutions in the workplace.

Lose that spark and you will almost certainly lose your place in line.

Good energetic brain activity also benefits your time with family and friends. What is wealth without a time to spend it?

So, even if you are just working for a living and living for the weekend you can benefit from a good night’s sleep.

…and therein lies the rub…

a vicious circle really…stressful work makes it hard to sleep…and that makes it hard to work…and so on…

We have all heard the “cures” for insomnia. Anyone experiencing it even for a night or two understands all the cures are half the problem. “How can I concentrate on doing something and relax at the same time?”

And that exposes the solution:

We need to do less about it to get better sleep. PEMF works great for that because you don’t have to do anything. In fact you could probably try to stay awake and it would still work!

PEMF can automatically change your brain waves. Our bodies work on electricity. It is a very small amount. A very slight electromagnetic field can overcome it. The correct field strength and frequency can calm your nerves. In studies, up to seventy percent of the patients given active treatment experienced substantial or even complete relief of their complaints.

There really is no better option…drug free…no behavioral therapy sessions…unless you really want to…

It’s simple. PEMF can increase your health and wealth and better your life experiences all around just by improving your sleep.

Coming next: once you get hurt while spending your extra energy we will show you how PEMF works on professional athletes

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