PEMF for athletes and why that matters

This is the story of drug-free athletics.

No asterisks for home run records.

No injections on the 50 yard line.

Just good clean fun…a clean game with honest statistics…

A game our kids can play and we don’t start worrying about them when they get to college and the competition becomes a business!

This is the story about a machine that will change athletics worldwide…

…it will be a change for the better…something that reaches every corner of the planet!

Athletes are everywhere.

Recently, we sat down for plate lunch after a weekend charity golf event. One of the competitors mentioned visiting her chiropractor and using this strange machine with a loop applicator that zaps your back and makes it better.

We were so excited that we pretty much ruined the conversation by peppering her with questions about the device. (We market it – it’s this one here)

She was a pro golfer with a new baby she pushed around 18 holes with a jogging stroller. We could hardly imagine what she was going through. Golf can cause some back problems but with pregnancies it’s almost guaranteed! It is a modern problem for sure. Add up all the things that mothers do and tack on professional athlete.

The top pro athletes have a team to take care of them. Personal trainers and coaches, physical therapists, chiropractors, surgeons…you name it. Basketball great, LeBron James mentioned he pays $1 million per year for his support team.

Pro athletes will do ANYTHING to get an advantage.

Many of them are using PEMF because it aids in recovery from injuries. Also, it helps with the type of over-doing it common to pro sports. A lot of Real Madrid’s soccer team and over 100 other European players are using PEMF to stay healthy and play hard.

In the US, the Detroit Pistons, Arizona Diamondbacks and Phoenix Coyotes all use PEMF. Most likely, there are many more.

Why isn’t this in the news?

Remember, they are competitors…

They may be treating PEMF as a secret weapon!

How does this help non-athletes? Everyday people with everyday jobs?

And this is important…

You don’t have to be an athlete or work in a factory to use this. Working at a desk can ruin a body as well. PEMF will work for you because it makes your cells healthier and you benefit.

We use pro athletes as an example because they can afford anything to improve their health…
…and for the rest of us, we know PEMF is a great choice because of it’s history in athletics.

In a way, we are all athletes, striving to do our best. It’s the same for everyone. No matter what you do for work…or play…

PEMF will help restore your health and give you the energy to do what you want

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