iMRS 2000 Reviewed

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The iMRS 2000 has been around for many years. Made in Germany, they are high quality devices that provide a wide range of features and functions. Like many PEMF devices their marketing is quite biased and we are here to filter through that with some facts.

At Electromeds we are concerned with four basic elements for any device: frequency, waveform, intensity and ease of use. The frequency, intensity and waveform affect how PEMF works on different areas of the body. Obviously, a range of options is preferred if we are not treating just one symptom or malady. Importantly, ease of use relieves stress and gets us on the path to healing that much faster!

Earth Frequencies vs iMRS Frequencies

There is excellent research by Adey, Zimmerman and others indicating that the optimal frequencies for human body are roughly 0-30 Hz. Adey coined the term biological window of frequencies which refers to the ideal frequencies the human body can absorb.

The iMRS 2000 operates between .5 to 15 Hz (Hertz or cycles per second). There are higher harmonic frequencies ( sawtooth wave form ) used for the pillow mat. This is similar to the Bemer signals which have been clinically proven to promote better blood flow and diminish free radicals. The leading edge of the pulse is believed to excite cellular interaction. The idea being: More pulses mean more interaction and more interaction means better healing.

This complex frequency tactic contrasts to the findings of Adey and Zimmerman. Furthermore, the sawtooth wave is only used for the full body mat while the accessory pad and probe use a square wave. It would make better sense to have those functions reversed. The probe and pad would most likely be used for targeted quick doses (15 min) while the mat may be used for longer sessions or even sleeping wherein “exciting” the cells may not be the best option.

Important considerations: Intensity and Polarity

The iMRS 2000 operates at between .09 and 70 Microtesla (uT). Earth intensities are around 33-66uT (equator-poles). The iMRS 2000 matches this well. Importantly, the very low intensities are used in many long term studies offering positive results. Also, there is a polarity switch function that helps defeat a buildup of tolerance or resistance to treatment. This helps the low intensities (less than 70uT) remain more effective.

The iMRS 2000 is easy to set up and the controls are straightforward. There are some drawbacks such as a somewhat fragile full body mat, short session duration (24 min) and reliability. The model we tested had some problems but the company’s support was attentive and effective. The combination of options and features makes the iMRS an acceptable choice for home or clinic. However, we would like to see more waveform and intensity options in a $4000 device.

IMRS Technical Details
  • iMRS 2000 Pro Package
  • Full Mat (Square Tooth waveform)
  • Pillow Mat (Saw tooth Waveform)
  • Probe attachment
  • Goggles and headset for relaxation
  • HRV ear attachment
  • Carrying case included.
  • Frequency – .5 – 15 Hz + harmonics
  • Intensity – .09 uT – 70 uT (Earth Intensity = 33-66 uT)
  • Graduated Intensity – Yes – 3x Stronger at Feet –Weaker at Head
  • Biorhythm – 15 Hz – 5.5 Hz – 3 Hz – .5 Hz
  • Waveform – Sawtooth on Full Body Mat – Squarewave on Pad and Probe
  • Switches Polarity – Yes, Every Two Minutes
  • Sound and Light frequencies – Same as Mat, Synchronized for Maximum Benefit

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