The ElectroMagnetic Field Is Not A Myth

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The ElectroMagnetic Field Is NOT A Myth
Published by: DR. Dvorkin (innoline Israel)

Modern society is captured by the electromagnetic spider web, electronic and nature, industry, and home usage produce electromagnetic fields. Biophysics and other scientist collected the facts. Those facts are not being taking in account by the modern medicine. The factor of the electro smog and biological influence (the “50hz syndrome” is the scientific name for a variety of sicknesses caused by the electro smog). They are not addressing a very important component. There are electromagnetic processes in the biologic system of the body, and it is one of the most important processes.

A man is producing frequencies from a single HZ (hertz) to 1015 KHZ.
Biological membranes are using plasma waves in frequencies of 1010 to 1011.
Protein is using frequency wave of 1012 to 1014.
RNA and DNA are using 109 HZ.

Every cell contains electrical currents and magnetic field that are unique to him, for instance: a healthy membrane electric current is 90-100 MV. Cancer cell is 10 MV. Magnetic field of a brain- 2×1014 tesla, we can compare the human body to an antenna as it works with external stimulation. The center of the cell compare to a coil, and the cell to a receiver.

The body to communicate between single cell, tissue and organs uses the electromagnetic. Every second a person is losing 10.000.000 (ten millions) cells. The body gets it back very easy (without us noticing) and the only way to do it is by very fast information transfer. Waves of sound and light are used as signals between the cells, this way the body’s controls the production of cells.

The magnet is known to man for more than 2000 years. The research of the magnet started in the 60`s of this century.

The name magnet comes from the city Magnia, in Asia, within the area they found a magnetic stone the sign in physics science is FE304.

The way the magnet (magnetism’s) works is: the electrons moving around the atom and around themselves at the same time.

Magnetic magic:
Like a green fairy vial, the polar light flutters in the Nordic sky -the only visual proof of the earth’s magnetic field. This fantastic color play is causes by bright nitrogen and oxygen atoms, caught by the magnetic field and stimulated by ions of the solar wind.

Computer snapshots of a magnetic field-left: 500 years before a field inversion.
Center: 500 years later. The blue flux lines point towards the center of the earth, the yellow ones in the opposite direction. during the inversion , four magnetic poles dominate the field. this very weak field can hardly protect the earth any longer against the life-endangering radiation.

The solar wind snaps the magnetic field of the earth: at the right side the magnetosphere tail stretches about a 100,000 km (60,000 miles) into outer space. The influence of the magnetic field ends in the magnetopause. In the magnetosheath, and the magnetic “sleeve”, the ions of the solar wind are slowed down. At the “cusp”, a bend of the manetopuse, the ions may penetrate the atmosphere as seen in polar lights (auroras). In the plasmasphere too, loaded particles are collected.

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