Magentan PEMF – $199.00 Add To Cart (includes S&H to USA)


Worldwide research has demonstrated that electromagnetic fields have clinical and biological effects. The Magnetan delivers a broad frequency spectrum of positively, harmoniously and bio magnetically stimulating pulses. The Magnetan Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy Device offers universally applicable treatment modalities based on physical principles. The device is housed in a pocket-sized durable, yet lightweight plastic casing, and is powered by a pre-installed 9 volt alkaline battery. It also comes with a bonus carrying tube, and breathable pouch, for easy placement on the area of treatment.

The Magnetan device produces the proper frequencies/ pulses at specific ranges (individual settings for indicated symptoms – see “Indications” ), waveforms, specific harmonics ( very important ) and current. Electromagnetic wave is pure pulse form.

Individual switch frequency in Hz / pulse form ( Hz = pulses per second ) from 0.5 Hz up to 11 Hz. Using switch combinations, you can achieve a wide variety of therapeutic frequencies in Hz / pulse form. Click here to see Magnetan instructions and frequency list.

The Magnetan comes with:
-9 Volt alkaline battery installed!
-Flexistrap Tube (positions device on application point)
-Storage plastic encloser
-Complete Instructions

-Pre treated special antenna enhances Magnetan’s effectiveness
-Advanced technology provides over 100 frequency combinations
-Magnetic field strength on the housing: max. 5 milli gauss
-Extreme long battery life with 9 V-alkaline battery
-The Magnetan measures: 2-3/8 in. x 2-1/4 in. x 1 in.
(60mm x 57mm x 25,4mm)
-Weight: 3.6 oz (100 grams)
-Anti-corrosion housing extremely resistant to impact and wear

The Magnetan device comes with:
-9 Volt alkaline battery – pre-installed!
-Comfort Carrying Pouch
-Flexistrap Tube (positions device on application point)
-Storage enclosure
-Complete Instructions

ATTENTION: The Magnetan device should not be used by anyone who has a pacemaker, those with neurological illness, epilepsy, or during pregnancy.

Click here for Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy Research References.
The Magnetan device comes with:
-9 Volt alkaline battery – pre-installed!
-Flexistrap Tube (positions device on application point)
-Storage enclosure
-Complete Instructions

Magentan PEMF – $199.00 Add To Cart (includes S&H in US and Canada)

Pulsing waves strengthen your body’s own natural healing ability

Electromagnetic pulse therapy (EMPT) has been used throughout Europe and Asia to improve health since World War II. As early as 1968, studies were being done on the healing effects of magnetic fields. Most recently, a study conducted at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, concluded that 76 percent of patients tested reported a pain decrease greater than the average placebo effect when they wore therapeutic magnets. Pain relief was felt within 45 minutes of applying the magnets.

Studies have also demonstrated the positive effects of low frequency magnetic fields on the cell membrane. This electrical current is crucial to healthy cell development. In America, electromagnetic energy is being used to accelerate bone healing and to diagnose illness and injuries through Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

EMPT activates cells
Relieve pain
Soothe sore muscles
Enhance blood flow
Promote overall health

Normal cells absorb oxygen and nutrients from the bloodstream and discharge waste byproducts through the cell membrane. When injury or disease affects cells, the ability to take in the materials cells need to function normally is diminished. With less oxygen in the bloodstream, circulation and overall health suffers. Waste products such as lactic acid build up, causing pain.

Magnetan restores the cell membrane’s normal function, encouraging the free exchange of oxygen, nutrients and waste products. By working on a cellular level, Magnetan encourages increased blood flow and oxygenation of injured tissue, which relieves pain.

Reaches deeper for better results

Magnetan  can reach deeper into injured tissue than static magnets. Static magnets must be positioned precisely over a painful area to achieve any effect. Magnetan uses EMPT frequencies that foster healing activity throughout the body, which makes placement of the device less crucial.

Magnetan  is truly the next generation in magnetic therapy.

EMPT is different from other approaches because it works with – not against – your body’s natural rhythms and cycles. Magnetan is not a biofeedback device or mind-control regime. There is no system to learn, no exercises to perform – In fact, using the Magnetan requires no special effort on your part whatsoever!

The Magnetan could not be more simple to use. All you have to do is turn it on, keep it with you, and forget about it! Magnetan goes to work silently from the moment you activate it.

Magnetan is perfect for people on the go, too. About the size of a beeper, it fits easily in any purse or pocket – or in the FREE case provided.

The science and technology behind the Magnetan is founded on well-established scientific evidence, that the brain emits waves of frequencies which vary depending on a person’s mood – and thousands of users throughout the world say it works for them.

Worldwide research has led to a better understanding of the origin of different types of electrical activity in the brain. External and internal impulses are monitored by a structure known as the Reticular Activity System (RAS), which acts like a broad-band radio receiver. It passes information to the thalamus, a “fine tuning” mechanism which separates out the various frequencies, and creates and regulates the rhythms affecting the rest of the brain cortex.

Scientists from around the world are exploring the function of these rhythms. There is evidence that the brain shows different levels of electrical activity corresponding to the spectrum of human mood. These include delta waves when someone is sleeping peacefully; theta waves, representing a state of creativity, communication and concentration; alpha waves at a time when a person is awake but relaxed; and beta waves when a person is alert and active. Ideally, the brain should not produce electrical activity above 25-30 Hz (or cycles per second) – but an overload of stress and tension can stimulate waves far above that leading to problems in sleeping, concentrating and relaxing.

Magentan PEMF – $199.00 Add To Cart (includes S&H in USA)