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PEMF can support healing the body of these conditions.
Based on information from Innoline Israel

PEMF frequencies for each program.
(Measured in microtesla .0001= 1 Gauss)

Number Used

Tesla, unit of measurement of magnetic flux density in the International System of Units (SI), or meter-kilogram-second units. Magnetic flux, measured in webers, is the force that a magnet or electromagnetic source exerts on other magnets or charged particles, such as electrons, in its vicinity. A tesla is defined as 1 weber of magnetic flux per square meter. The unit is named after Croatian-born American electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. Tesla invented a system of generating alternating current, as well as the Tesla coil, a transformer used in radios, televisions, and other electronic equipment.

In centimeter-gram-second units, magnetic flux density is measured in gauss. A tesla corresponds to 104 (10,000) gauss. Engineers and physicists use the tesla in work involving strong magnetic fields, such as the fields of electromagnets in particle accelerators. The fields of these magnets measure around 1 tesla. The magnetic field generated by a superconducting magnet can measure 50 tesla or more.
The earth’s magnetic field is about 10-4 (.0001) tesla, or 1 gauss.

Success Stories

Prof. Dr. E. Igerz
I am 82 years old in (1997) and am reporting my own experience. I have undergone two surgeries on the hip and knee joint. The strength of the pain, like being struck with a needle, made my life hell. After 6 weeks of using PEMF, first with level 3, later with 8, the pain was increasingly diminished. I heartily recommend this device.

Dr. med. Walter R. Maus
A patient with Herpes Zoster (over 2 segments) used the PEMF device for strong nerve pain for 3 weeks and was pain free after a week and a half, although she had denied a treatment of Zovirax against medical advise and had received a prognosis of a half year of increased pain.

Dr. med. Hannelore Bilz
74-year old patient, after a radius fracture of the right underarm, Sudeck’s disease, unable to close fist. After eight and a half weeks of PEMF, he was again able to close his fist.

Dr. D.C Kropshofer
71-year old patient, diagnosis: osteoporosis.
Pain along entire spinal column. The patient came daily for 3 weeks as prescribed for treatment with PEMF. After 12 days she was completely free of complaints. A device was rented for treatments 3 times daily of level 3 and once daily with level 1.

A 73-year-old woman suffered from disturbed blood circulation in her legs, inflammation of her veins and her left leg was ulcerated. After a six week PEMF treatment (twice a day, stage 2, gradually increased to stage 6), her leg was restored, the inflammation subsided and cell regeneration took place.

Both legs of a 28-year-old woman were greatly ulcerated (necrosis). Traditional medicine was baffled because she was not diabetic. Over the years, traditional medicine was unable to cure her legs. After a six-week PEMF treatment (twice a day, stage 2, gradually increased to stage 6) combined with radiation of her wounds with red light lasers the wound closed after five days and the other symptoms subsided after six weeks.

A 69-year-old woman with disturbed blood circulation in both legs (narrowing of the leg artery) who was able to walk only 100 meters and suffered from high blood pressure and high blood sugar: Following a six-week treatment (once a day, stage 6) she showed clear improvements after the ninth application. After six weeks she could walk 3000 metes, her blood pressure and blood sugar were normal and she could stop taking pills (after ten weeks, the blood sugar values deteriorated again).

A 62-years-old man suffered since his childhood from somnipathy. After a four-week PEMF treatment (once a day, stage 6) he no longer had somnipathy and his general condition improved. On the bicycle odometer, he improved his performance to 20 watts.

A 68-year-old woman suffered from rheumatism with degenerative changes to her finger joints and therefore suffered intense pain. After a continuous PEMF treatment (twice a day, stage 6), she was partially without pain after six weeks and stopped taking painkillers.

These positive results with PEMF which are confirmed daily from all parts of the globe, induced me to dedicate my entire knowledge and strength to the research and spread of this new method of treatment. In late 1996, I decided to take over the chairmanship of the Euro-Institute for Bioenergetic Medicine. With the results of the Euro-Study we will contribute considerably to the medicine of the third millennium.

Horst Michaelis- director of the euro institute for bioenergetic medicine.

BRUSSELS – November 5, 1996
Charles and I are both in our late 40’s and were introduced to the Quantronic just 3 weeks ago by Sjef. Here are a few words, which will explain our story:
Before using the Quantronic, Charles had great difficulty sleeping. Since using it regularly he now sleeps at least 5 hours a night – instead of no more than two. He also finds that be recuperates much better after playing squash – lie plays two or three times a week, for at least an hour at a time and doesn’t get cramps in his legs after playing or during the night. He is utterly convinced of its value.
For myself, I have been recently diagnosed as a “chronic arthritic” where the top and bottom of my spine has “fused”. I have great difficulty in the mornings getting mobile and find It very difficult to go up and down stairs. Since using the Quantronic, this immobility has completely disappeared! I no longer take ages to get down the stairs and all the pains in my hands, feet and hips have completely stopped.
Neither of us take any medication whatsoever, So the only explanation for the improvement in the quality of Life can be laid at the door of Quantronic and we both would recommend it wholeheartedly.

16/Jan/1998 Israel.
We bought the PEMF in September and this is what we had experienced:
Zeev: back pain, spinal problems. Waking up in the morning is easier, I suffered from stomach problem for a very long time, and lately there are almost gone. I have a lot more energy and can pool a much longer day.
Niza: The PEMF improve a lot of things in my life. The most important are: cleaning of the womb of cyst, reducing weight (with some add nutrition supplement) after many years of over weight.
Hadar (17 years): as an athlete I play every day baseball, I suffer from great pain in my hips for many years, I started to use the PEMF, and I felt a great improvement in practice and resting. For some time I stop using the PEMF, and the pain came back, so I went back to use the PEMF again. – The Hillel Family

It is a month that I am using the PEMF, every day out of understanding and great awareness to my body and the mind. I am a very healthy woman, I do yoga, meditate, healing. Out of the ecological concept that I purchased the PEMF, so I can protect my self from the Electrosmog.
Its been a month and my head achs are gone, and a vain problem that came up in my legs head gone, after trying to use the alternative and conventional medicine.
Thank you for touching my life. I would like to ask all of you, love yourself. – Rajell ben non

Zeev Amitai
Dr of Naturopathy, Osteopathy, physiotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, bioresonance therapy.
my opinion.
Since I bought the PEMF device (3 month ago), to use it in my clinic. I use the PEMF in treatment of elderly people with orthopedic problems (Osteoporosis), rheumatic pain (joints), the treatment dose not provide immediate relief. Improve shows in: reduction of pain, increase movement ability of the joints, and more vitality and flexibility.

This information does not represent scientific or clinical evidence
and can not be applied automatically to every person.

PEMF in top-level sports!

There is almost nothing which has not been tested to increase the limits of performance in top level sports.

However, the opportunities are limited by the extent and intensity of training. Also of crucial importance for the performance is the diet of the sportsman. In this field, the limits of what is possible have been reached and the selection of measures is limited by the doping list. Our current top-level sportsmen therefore try to improve their regeneration processes.

During training and competition, the musculature is, on the one hand, slightly damaged which, if not cured, leads to larger wounds and therefore to lack of training and a decrease in vitality. On the other hand, waste products are deposited in the musculature and tissue which leads to a decrease in the supply of oxygen and nutrition to the cells, which also leads to the lack of vitality or to forms of ‘excessive training’. Therefore, trying to improve the regeneration ion process of sportsmen using various methods (transfusions, massages).

Another entirely new opportunity to improve and accelerate regeneration processes is the application of pulsating magnetic fields by using the Quantron Resonance System (PEMF). The magnetic field penetrates the entire body, improving blood circulation and stimulating the metabolism, which leads to the faster removal of waste and improves the cells supply of oxygen and nutrient media. In addition, so-called repair proteins are released which lead to an accelerated healing process. Inflammation will be reduced hemorrhages, swellings and Edema degraded and in a natural way. entirely without side effects or doping. Top-level sportsmen therefore increasingly use this system formerly designed as a therapy instrument.

Therapist results in a 40 days, with a group of 25 people age 50-89.


We’ve had the device for the last 40 days and will continue for an additional 50 days, we would like to share the results with you.

The experiment was conducted on a group of 25 people. People did the treatment only one time a day (when the recommended treatment is to use the device twice a day).

Here are some of the results:
1. 3 people stopped after 3 weeks because it didn’t answer the expectation.

R . Age of 74- less tired, sleeping less, pain in the knees is gone after a few days.

D. age of 89- cramps in the feet were gone after two weeks, less tension.

N. age of 60- sleeping better, more relaxed, improvement in the digestive system.

R. age of 55- after three weeks loss of headaches, also improved neck movement.

R. age of 70- after three weeks I lost my lower back pain and I stopped taking pain
killers, also going up the hill was easier.

S. age of 60- after three weeks the pain in my feet had come down, I felt more relaxed.

H. age of 80- lower back pain has lessened, pain in the joints and feet reduced very much.

S. age of 75- The Matt makes me feel better.

G. age of 75- doesn’t feel a change, I feel a more relaxed.

N. age of 80- more relaxed, I am getting in to very relaxed mode.

D. age of 51- very sharp pain in the hip had improved, and pain in the hip muscles
improved as well.

A. age of 68- sleeping better and easier, less tired and weak.

Y. age of 50- the hard migraine are better, (doesn’t stay for long).

Y. age of 50- very hard arthritis, a little eases in the pain.

Y. age of 51- designees and lower back pain has reduce a lot, I feel stronger and less

R. age of 85- generally feels better, some of the chronic pain is at ease.

S. ages of 64- less tired, generally feel better, and look better.

I would like to conclude the experiment to be very satisfactory considering that it was used only once a day instead of twice. We are very happy with the results. Using the PEMF will be very beneficial for people who want to take charge over their life.
I highly recommend this device. – GIDEON BROIDA – PHYSICIAN

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