Physician’s Report – Results of PEMF

Institute for Vitality
Jurgen Rehren
The School for Back Studies

The QRS system was successfully implemented in the “Lubeck” Institute for Vitalitys. Muscle tension and restriction of movement in the cervical thorax – lumbar vertebral column-ilio (sciatica / ischialgia) was simproved with the Quantron Resonance Therapy. This led to a clear improvement in well being (pain relief and improvement of the motor system).

Dr. med. Ch. de Greck (D)
General practitioner
In many cases, the 4th to 10th application of QRS showed positive reactions with both lumbar vertebral column syndromes and arthritis.

Dr. med. J. Stockhausen (D)
A patient who had suffered for years from bronchial asthma was entirely symptom-free after four weeks and could manage without any medicine. Sensational!

DipL med. Ch. Albrecht(D)
After three weeks of QRS treatment, an arrhythmia disappeared. Medicines could be discontinued.

Van L. Kunst – Physician (Netherlands)
I became a physician because my entire family, including myself, had suffered for generations from headaches. Unfortunately, headaches are difficult to treat. I tried many things without any success. In addition, I contracted backache and, at the age of fifty, dry, scaly dermatitis. Within a few weeks of QRS treatment, all symptoms had almost entirely disappeared.

Dr. med. M. Kern (Switzerland)
A woman suffering from hair loss with an unknown cause used QRS. After one month of QRS therapy her hair started to grow vigorously.

U. Kinberger(D) – Psychiatrist/Natumpath
Permanent tension is the cause of many diseases. Therefore, autogenic training was developed. My own experience has proven that many people cannot reach the desired relaxation with autogenic training and so they stop it because they are frustrated. If one uses QRS, it will lead quickly to a positive experience, i.e. relaxation (heaviness) and heat. This leads to an easier learning of autogenic training and supports its effects.

Dr. med. G. Otto (D) – General practitioner, homeopath, chirotherapist, lecturer in general medicine at the Essen GHS. After three weeks of QRS treatment (once daily), a patient lost her trinities, a second patient’s chronic backache disappeared, and a third patient’s varicose vein symptoms improved considerably. Based on the current positive experiences with QRS, I have permanently included the therapy in the range of my treatment.

Dr. med. A. Neureiter
I own four QRS instruments which I constantly lend to my patients. With QRS, I treat osteoporosis, migraine and rheumatism very successfully .

K.-H.BlatteI (D) – Pediatrician
A five year old child with somnipathy was treated with the QRS. After two weeks, the child is sleeping all night long.