iMRS Pre-owned condition: Like New

$5,885.00 $2,800.00


  • Control Unit
  • Power Plug
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Three (3) Applicators: Whole Body Mat, Pillow Pad and Probe
  • Basic home settings and SD Card for up to 200 more
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We always have an iMRS for sale.  High quality, Swiss made, these machines are like finely crafted furniture with healing power. The iMRS sticks closely to Schumann frequencies and Earth intensity (70 uT or less). A sawtooth wave on the mat and square wave on pad or probe provides industry standard treatment parameters. Importantly, this creates an effective field within WHO guidelines for safe electromagnetic fields (EMF). Additionally, the Full Body Mat is big enough for anyone (67x23x1.5 inches) and has a customized coil array. Specifically, the mat is 3 times stronger at the feet. Most PEMF mats are set up like this but the iMRS tries to emulate walking on the earth a little more closely. Nothing wrong with that!


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