The PEMF industry is going to see a dramatic price increase in technology coming from Europe.
It is important to get as much product for your “American dollar”. Beware of hidden costs when purchasing PEMF devices. This is very important as you look into the world of Pulse Electro Magnetic Field Therapy for the first time. Today we will discuss research.
Most PEMF devices claim to have lots of research to back their product up. Always check to make sure the case studies are done with the device the person is selling you and not another device or company that has already spent the millions to prove it for their product. When a company has spent the money for their own PEMF device research case studies, you know they are not looking to sell you a knockoff of some other product.
The MRS2000,, Bemer3000, QRS Quantron and the Medithera System are some of the many units out there you should begin your research of. To find out more about all these units in an unbiased site go to . As you see the price go up on these devices always look at what you are really paying for these devices.

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