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Cells are energy suppliers. (Carbohydrate and fat) cell energy (ATP) is developed in the mitochondria, the highly specialized biochemical power station of cells, which leads to the development of carbon dioxide, water and other waste products. This process is called metabolism. Of the entire energy produced by a cell, 50% is used for the development of the electric potential of the cell membrane. The cell needs this 70-90 mV membrane potential to regulate metabolism. If this power declines only slightly below 70 mV, the metabolism becomes strongly impeded. This leads to deficiency in energy, performance and premature cytolysis. Chronic diseases develop if this deficiency in energy is concentrated in certain cell structures or organs.

Deficiency of energy, The #1 cause of disease.
Despite the fact that people in industrial nations live in affluence, they are deficient in energy. Vital energy is based on electromagnetism. The flows, tensions and magnetic fields which man produces during movement in the form of nerve and muscular action potential are off crucial importance . Insufficient exercise, the wrong diet, stress and environmental burdens damage the human organism. Man is losing his ‘energetic balance’. The cells can no longer fulfill their tasks correctly. A negative circulation begins expressing itself in declining performance, premature aging, and degenerative and chronic diseases.

The Solution
Based on over 20 years of research carried out by leading European universities, one of the most beneficial developments of this century was created: The Quantron Resonance System (QRS) – an optimized form of magnetic field therapy. With the QRS, it is possible to externally supply the body with the lacking electromagnetic energy, in a natural way, without side-effects. With the QRS, metabolism of the cells is improved and the body is energetically enabled to activate its spontaneous healing powers. We, therefore, rightfully call QRS, a naturopathy.

The Proof
Within 4 minutes, QRS clearly improves blood circulation. Shown here with a computer thermograph, the light parts of the body indicate high heat emission, for example, good blood circulation. Improvement in the blood’s circulation causes improved oxygen and nutrition supply to the cells, improves the disposal of waste products, improves the metabolism, and leads to more energyESULTS OF THE RESEARCH ON THE QUANTUM BIORESONANCE THERAPY

By: Doctor Gian Antonio Pigat.

Translated in English by: Gabriele Giancarlo Sbattella


1.1 The energy and its vibration levels.

1.2 Transfer waves of energy, information, form.

1.3 Electromagnetic energetic fields and self – regulation of the vital Processes.

1.4 Damages caused by the electromagnetic energetic fields at high intensity




4.1 Action Principle.

4.2 Characteristics of the Energetic Field.


5.1 Effects of the Energetic Field on the cells

5.2 Cellular effects of the “Calcium Cascade”

5.3 Immediate indicators of the Cardio – Circulatory System under the quantum bioresonance therapy.

5.4 Consequences on the Cardio – Circulatory System of the industrial development.

5.5 The causes of the current precocious decay of the respiratory function.




Brief technical notes on the quantum bioresonance device.


1.1 The Energy and its vibrations levels;

According to the latest knowledge in subatomic physics, we know that the whole Universe is composed by Energy at several vibrations levels.

Therefore, the last essence of things is also Energy at several vibrations levels.

What we commonly call Energy in the daily life is only the sensorial experience of certain vibrations levels of the energy Mechanical Energy, Thermal Energy, Sound Energy, Electrical Energy, Luminous Energy, etc..

The lowest vibration levels compose that part of substance of the Universe which is experimented by us as “Material Substance”, or “Matter”.

We make tangible, real and direct experience of the matter through the senses, only in three of its states of density, or vibration levels, the solid, the liquid and the gaseous state.

Nevertheless the existence of a further state of matter, the plasmatic, is recognized.

There are vibration levels of the energy higher than the ones of the matter, and the ones of the energy with which we commonly face in our daily lives. Those levels are not officially recognized by the scientific world. Those higher vibration levels of the energy, compose another part of the substance of the Universe, the substance called “Astral Substance”.

Even higher vibration levels of energy compose a further substance of the Universe, called by us “Mental Substance”.

The human being is an Energetic Unit in balance with the environment.

This unit conglobates, all these several vibration energetic levels closely interconnected among them.

The official science, which is the science of the observation of the phenomena, of their measurement and translation in mathematical laws, is in difficulty in the description of the phenomena of the Energetic Universe that occur at higher vibration levels than the ones of the matter, and the energy commonly known, as in the comprehension of those phenomena, whose causes work at the levels of astral energy (substance), and of mental energy (substance).

For example, think of the difficulty that the medical science has to take into consideration, for a certain organic pathology, a possible mental case and the relative processes of interaction between the Mental and the Organic. This impossibility of comprehension of the random interaction between the two vibration levels of the energy is summarized with the word “summarization”, or “pathology at psychosomatic etiology” without any explanation.

But let’s come back and stay in the circle of the current physical and scientific knowledge’s.

1.2 Transfer waves of energy, information and form;

In this frame “the energy – material substance”, i.e. the Matter constitutes the “mean” within which the electronic – photons energetic disturbances called “Waves” move themselves.

For the electromagnetic waves propagate themselves even in the empty space, a space in which, apparently there is lack of material substance, in the “absolute empty”, the science had to admit that the matter was able to give out a flow of live particles: the electrons which fill all the empty spaces.

We remember that the matter is energy at a certain vibration level, owning the same characteristics of the small particles that compose it and the characteristics of an adulatory radiation.

The matter, respecting the law according to, every action corresponds a reaction, would react with specific characteristics, by generating specific electromagnetic waves of information.

In the electronic science, a wave is a particular combination of electrical and magnetic fields, indissoluble and perpendicular among them, with a content of energy equally subdivided.

With these material and scientific knowledge’s, today the Universe appears to us composed and animated by electrons, an Universe of Energy in which the “Waves” are nothing but movements of disturbances of the electrons.

They transport energy, information and forms from one point to another in the Cosmos. At the same way, “waves of emotions” and “waves of thoughts” produced by the man with his mind, get other particular energetic and informative processes in the human communications under way.

Energetic, Material, Emotional and Mental processes interact closely among them, having an only base: the Energy.

1.3 Electromagnetic energetic fields and self – regulation of the vital processes.

The biological sciences have since long time pointed out how every living system is supplied with electromagnetic energetic field in spiral.

Such electromagnetic field is not insensitive to the electromagnetic waves of several vibrating frequencies that go through it.

Keeping these remarks we can comprehend a first great law of the “Living Energetic Systems”

“The vital biochemical processes that work in them do not happen and are not exclusively generated on the chemical or biochemical plan in a merely automatic material and random way, but are always influenced by adulatory signals of several kind: Cosmo physic signals, psychophysical signals, biophysical signals, and biochemical signals”.

The main characteristic of these processes is “to be always oriented toward a certain goal”.

This orienting action is made by psychophysical waves which are nothing else but bio-photonic signals and relative electromagnetic signals which start from them.

In other words, what we want to point out is, that the self – regulation of the vital biochemical processes occurs first from an over arranged plan, the “Psychophysical plan” through electromagnetic waves that involve all the living system, in each part of it

In an underlying plan, on the “Biochemical plan”, the self – regulation of the bio-physiological processes make use of humeral messages which travel for humeral or nervous administration, passing in this case through the mediation of neurotransmitter. Even this kind of regulation, defined by common consent “regulation by chemical message”, belongs to the row of the energetic electromagnetic regulative processes, that are even slower in comparison with the regulations of the psychophysical superior plan.

To make ourselves an idea of the speed of the self – regulation processes on the psychophysical plan, let’s simply think at the continuing process of the cellular substitution in the human body: The human body is a perfect organization of billions of cells, and it has been estimated that, of them, every second, about 4 million of them die. The cells must be renewed in the right way and in the right place, and, most of all with the right and correct speed. The regulation of this process must occur of course at very high speed, and it cannot being transported through “chemical message” for humeral or nervous administration. The messages must be exchanged between the “Control center” and peripheral at very high speeds and transmitted to the DNA of the cell and of the cells that have the task to produce proteins or enzymes or other. Such informative exchanges make work in the place the intracellular and extra cellular “chemical message”.

These remarks on the self – regulating process leave us disconcerted and we feel as the studious Prigogine feels when he says: “What is disconcerting is the fact that every molecule knows what the other ones do simultaneously and at macroscopic distances. Our experiments show us that the molecules communicate among them”.

Practically, with this knowledge we can state, for example that, the regulation of the cellular metabolism and of the several organic systems occurs by electromagnetic impulses of self-regulating systems, it means a regulation without any material ways of communication.

To make it clear, let’s think to which speed the information exchanges occur and the neuro-hormonal answers along the hypothalamus – hypophysicorticsuprarene axis to the message contained in a stimulation that creates emotion, whether real or virtual, whether of scare, rage etc.

Very quick are too the information that influence the defense system of the human body at the entrance in circle of toxins, allergens, viruses and bacteria.

So, the regulation and self – regulation systems lay how we pointed out on information exchanges that occur by electromagnetic waves of the psychophysical kind.

Just for this reason these systems of self – regulation with feedback system are negatively influenced by the electromagnetic fields created by the man, by the bio-psychical fields generated by negative “emotion waves” and by “thought waves”, by ionizing radiation’s of several kinds included X – Rays, earth radiation’s, by disturbing information such as viruses taken into the body from vaccines, repeated anesthesia, shock, and so on. They could be influenced negatively even to reach the block of the metabolic regulations and to generate diseases which are no more compensated and may turn in deep morphological alterations.

So, let’s keep in mind that, our cells are perfectly able to “read” the message hidden in the electromagnetic waves and in their vibrating frequencies and that this message could wrench the “original message of the life program”.

In this case, we can say that the cells can “feel” the positive messages or can “feel” irritating rumors. They answer to the positive message by well harmonizing themselves, they disorient and derange themselves at each rumor, and may lose there life.

– program.

There the DNA molecules in the cellular core, that constitute the aerial which are able to emit and absorb electromagnetic frequencies, read the “informative content” and reproduce it, store it or transfer it to access at immediate or future biochemical processes in the relative cellular districts.

We may comprehend our body as composed by a group of energetic information, or better psychobioenergetic in which each cell represents olographically with its vibrations and frequencies emissions a concept, a symbol, a “form”. The relation of comprehension between “all” and “part” of all products the knowledge and the acceptance of the single information.

1.4 Damages caused by the electromagnetic fields at high intensity;

Unfortunately today, the official medical science recognizes that electromagnetic field and to its vibrating frequency has only two effects:

a) the evident biological effect, which is the ionizing effect produced by the band of the high frequencies of the spectrum (ultraviolet rays, gamma rays);

b) the thermal effect, the heating of the living matter caused by irradiation as in the solar warming or in the mechanism of the microwave oven.

For all of them who keep themselves to this limited medical – scientifically point of view on the energetic electromagnetic fields, (ionizing and thermal effect) it is worth to remember that, since 1943 was observed by some Soviet military medical researchers that, several subjects among the operators at the R.A.D.A.R. stations showed diseases such as exhaustion, dizziness, loss of appetite, loss of sexual lust and so on.

Moreover, we must not ignore the latest research made in 1986 in Great Britain by a team of doctors, who demonstrated that allergies caused by specific allergens, could be reproduced by putting the patients under electromagnetic fields of specific

frequencies (from 0,1 Hz to few Hz) that probably was the same vibrating frequencies “emitted” by the allergen.

With this research was stated through a medical – scientific experiment, the existence of a relationship and a correspondence between molecules and certain frequencies of the electromagnetic field, that played the role of allergens.

Moreover, this research has pointed out (and this is more interesting from the medical -scientific point of view) that, given a “pathological” frequency responsible of certain symptoms, it was possible to find another one, maybe a little bit higher, that could erase those pathological symptoms, even if those were chemically produced, and not only electronically.

The researches demonstrate one more tune that the biologic system of the human being is influenced in a significant way by the electromagnetic fields high or low intensity and high or low frequency

Today we can surely state that radiation of high intensity and frequency coming from outside the organism, modifies the intensity and the polarity of the electromagnetic field inside the cellular plasma.

The life of the cell is submitted and strongly affected by the negative electromagnetic fields. if the situation shall not get normal levels as soon as possible, that cell, or that group of cells affected shall face death or disturbance of information by producing molecules not necessary for living, if not dangerous, that could be the premise of a degenerative pathology.

At the contrary, natural magnetic fields, such as the magnetic field of the earth and the cosmic magnetic field, are useful to sustain the life of the cell and to turn the processes of self-repairing of the same cells on.

The consequence are; that even the electromagnetic fields of natural kind produced by man, if correctly used could contribute to the maintaining health and processes of self – regulation of the cells.

Now the question is: “Could we consider a clever, responsible and morally praiseworthy act to offer ourselves with attitude towards such important knowledge’s for the well – being of man, just because these knowledge’s have not yet received the placate of a certain materialistic science of which the narrowness of the own parameters of scientific, functional at sectorial interests is so clearly obvious?”

On the basis of the knowledge’s and the opinions expressed on the premises of biophysics upon described, supported by several observations in that sector, and by the results of medical researches made by some researchers, some of them have worked with pure research reasons, that Firm Dr. Fischer Joint Stock Company, has supported a “Project of Research” on the therapeutic and preventive effects of the “Quantum Bioresonance”.

The Quantum Bioresonance consists in the reproduction of an energetic electromagnetic field with informational characteristics typical of the biophysiology of the human body.

The preparation, the development, the planning and the coordination of the project of research was sustained and directed by the Institute of Psychology at the Saarbrucken University.

Several scientists, famous worldwide have worked at the project, in particular we would like to mansion:

Dr. Prof. Eng. H.L. Koning – Department of Electrophysics at the University of Munich (Germany).

Dr. Prof. S.D. Jovanic – Department of Electrophysics at the University of Belgrade.(Yugoslavia).

Prof. Dr. G. Fischer – Department of Biology at the University of Graz (Austria)

Dr. U. Warnike – Department of Biomedicine and Biology at the University of Saarbrucken (Germany).


A huge number of researchers all over the world has studied for years the subject of “Bio – Stimulation” of the human body, or part of it, through the application of “energetic fields”.

In particular, we remember that, at the Saarland University, a research team composed by physicians, biologists and medicinal work since over a decade on the scientific results of the physiological effects of the pulsing magnetic fields.
It is a field of research that concerns a new sector of the medicine, and, most precisely the “Bioenergetic Medicine” sector. (The current Director of the European Institute of Bioenergetical Medicine is Doctor Michaelis).
The therapeutic applications in use since several years and resulting from the studies and the researches in this sector are of several kind. For example, we can quote:

Infrared lamps, Ultraviolet lamps, Diathermy, R.A.D.A.R. therapy, lonar therapy (Radar with impulse set), Laser therapy, Magnetotherapy, Roentgentherapy and so on. In general, we can say that the therapeutic principle of all these technical applications is based on the deeply transmission on the pathologic point to treat of a quantity of energy, this energy degrades itself in heat (thermal energy, energy at its lowest vibration level). The heat produces hypothermia that produces at physiological level an increase of the blood sprinkling.

The foremost technical application of “energy fields” for therapeutic goals found the approval of big and famous teaching hospitals in Germany : the magnetotherapy.
Further researches and studies, concerning such applications brought to the discover of a certain “electromagnetic energetic field” produced by an oscillating sinusoidal curve with certain physical characteristics. Doctor Gunter Regling of the “Charite”‘ Teaching Hospital in Berlin claims that he obtains plausible and scientifically provable effects of such electromangnetic fields in their therapeutic applications.

As important reference about the good results of the therapeutic application of the energetic fields of electromagnetic kind produced by an impulse, is worth quoting the research made by Manfred Fichtner. Such research concerns 642 family doctors who had in therapy an amount of 50.000 patients.

Observing the results of the treatment, the following pathologies have been treated:
degenerative disease of the support apparatus; chronic rheumatic diseases; acute rheumatic diseases; reddened limbs in chronic way; chronic polyartliritis; epycondilitis; bone fractures; osteoporosis; geriatric adinamia; migraine; slow recover of wounds; metabolism insufficiency; chronic sinusitis; bronchitis; male sexual insufficiency.

From the above mentioned research comes out the fact that considering the treatment as a specific operation, valid for all the treated pathologies, that the average percentage of the results is distributed in the following way:

a) From very good to good – average percentage on all the pathologies of
57 %
b) From sufficient to no result – average percentage on all the pathologies of 43 %

We have to do the following consideration: when with only one natural operation we aim to obtain a good result on every kind of pathology that can interest the human body; a quote of success of such therapy of 57 % is not sufficient because the specific factors of the therapy stray in a very few way from the whole a specific factors that operate.

Nevertheless the result of the magnetotherapy, in particular way its orthopedic uses that in the meanwhile have become well known, encouraged and supported the research towards the application of the energetic fields in the whole cure of the human being.

The consequent studies pointed out the importance that assumed the “shape” and the “frequency” of the generating impulse of the energetic electromagnetic field.

Some scientists of several international universities, among them, Prof. Dr. Eng. H.L. Koning of the Munich University, Prof. DR S.D. Jovanovic of the Belgrade

University, Prof. Dr. G. Fischer of the Graz University and Dr. Warnke of the Saarbrucken University, were deeply convinced of this fact, it means that the “shape” and the “frequency” of the generating impulse of the energetic field represent the main problem to be solved to obtain the wished “stream of ion’s”.

They studied the correlation between the electronic impulses of several shapes (square, rectangular, rectangular with ramp, trapezoidal etc…) that produce the electromagnetic field and the relative electric field generated in the body, which is responsible of the ionic stream in the same body.

The results of the researches showed that with the same shape of impulse (rectangular shapes and variation) did not occur any stimulation at a therapeutic level. At the contrary, it was observed that the sinusoidal impulse generates a movement of ions in the body that assumed the same form.

We remember, how we said before, that the energetic field generated by a sinusoidal has demonstrated itself good for the bone treatment, while, at the contrary, not every pathologic form find benefit from a sinusoidal movement of the electromagnetic field, it could may be unfavorable in several pathologies.

The first conclusion was this : “Because the ion’s of the body moved themselves in the wished way is necessary that the energetic field should be generated by the impulses that have a determinate “shape”.

We had to discover now this particular shape.

The following studies brought to discover that this particular form presented itself as a “double saw tooth” and the curve of the tooth had an exponential function. This particular shape of the impulse comes from the quantum electronic.

Only by of this signal the wished transport of the ion’s at a correspondent amplitude.

And for this reason , we talk about “quantum therapy” meaning a therapy that comes from an application of the quantum electronic.


To well understand which are the specific factors of the Bioresonance therapy are, we have to understand the biophysics processes that occur in the organism in its different levels of organization.

In other words, we have to point out some essential dates concerning the structure of the Living Systems at their several organization levels, interrupting for a while the traditional medical – organist point of view of the human body.

We have to consider the Living as an “Open Energetic System”, a complex “Energetic Unit”, whether a vegetable or an animal or a human being find itself at a different grade of systemic complexity with several vibrating levels: biological level, emotional level and mental level.

Each “Energetic Unit” at its own grade of systemic complexity, find itself to have an own average vibration level, determined by its own evolutionary degree.

Now, we consider the events that occur on the biophysical plan of this “Energetic Unit”, (which is what in this part we are interested in considering).

First of all, we have to offer ourselves mentally for each thing that regards the parameter of the dimension of the “quantities” with a different point of view from our usual way of considering such dimensions on the daily life. In practical words we have to get over the molecular limits to observe the interactive relationships at interatomic and intratomic level. We have to consider what happens in the human body at intratomic level.

Meanwhile, to realize that this point of view is not a virtua1 exercise is a little bit peculiar, let’s think only at the importance that such point of view of the living organism has had in the diagnostics with images, which were obtained with the Magnetic Nuclear Resonance unit (M.N.R.).

This unit is able to supply us images obtained from data coming from variations of electromagnetic fields due to application of a magnetic field.

To go down gradually al the level of dimension in which the energetic field operates, and the phenomena of the biophysics are included. we remember that the cells, the cellular membranes, the protoplasm, the core, the mitochondrion’s, etc. …, are “organized Systems” of macromolecules and molecule. The molecule are “organized systems” of atoms. The atoms themselves are “energetic systems” composed by cores and electrons.

if we see it from this point of view, we find ourselves towards huge big empty spaces, atomic intersperses within which, core and electron keep reciprocally in balance of forces and spatial relationship, thanks to electromagnetic fields.

To realize it better, by doing an inverted process, let’s compare an atom at our dimensional level, the one which we are used to consider quantities and spaces of our daily life. The atomic core could get the shape of a tennis ball, while the first orbit on which the electrons rotate (electric charges, or to be right, invisible energetic fields) could have a radius of 10 meters.

The atom at our dimensional level should present itself as a big empty space, only as big and strong electromagnetic field that keep in balance other energetic field rotating at big distances from the main core. Therefore, all the solid matter, if observed in this dimensional proportions, presents itself with enormous empty spaces, and passable through X – rays and all this radiation’s of spectrum put in the band that goes towards the cosmic rays.

In the living systems, these electromagnetic fields are in perfect balance with the cosmic radiation’s, with the geologic radiation’s (Schumann waves),and with the magnetic field of the Earth. This inter and intratomic electromagnetic fields are vibrating energy fields.

In these fields circulate electromagnetic waves that bring information at very high speed from one point to another of the living system.

We can easily intuit that in the human body, these electromagnetic fields can be easily interrupt by other electromagnetic fields of high intensity, produced for example by electro ducts at high voltage, cathode ray tubes and devices filed with electrostatic energy, TV and radio repeaters, mobile telephone sets and so on, even the same cosmic rays in relation to their filtering of the atmosphere layers, and by certain pathogenic geologic radiation’s, by negative thought waves and so on.

The interruptions translate themselves in to the physiologic balance, and so interrupting to the well – being of the man.

We remember one more time that the Energy conglobated in the organized matter (living system) has several vibrations degrees. So, an atom has its vibrating frequency, a molecule has its one, a human cell its one.

More precisely, the cells of each organ and each single organ oscillates with an own vibrating frequency. The bigger is the organ, the slower is the oscillation.

Today we know the vibrating frequencies of each organ and cells, We know also that organs and everything that compose our body are communicating and also interacting by vibrating waves.

Keeping these biophysical aspects at atomic level and going up against the complexity of the systemic organization of living, the human organism appears to us as a perfect social organization of billions of small “Living Units” : the cells.

In every “Living system” from the smallest, as the single cell, to the biggest one, such as the several societies (whether vegetable, animal, or human society) the components are behaving themselves as “individuals” and as “integrated units” in the “superior systems” at which they give life through intense interactive processes that occur by continuous communicating exchanges.

In this complex cellular organization that composes the corporeal aspect of the Living we can recognize several organization levels, for example: the tissues, the organs, the apparatus, the whole organism that integrates itself in higher ambient organism giving life to higher societies.

All this complex cellular organization keeps itself in life and works through intense communicating processes that occur in several ways:

a) electromagnetic vibrating administration at very high speed;

b) neuro – electrical administration at speed from some meter per second to 80, 90 meters per second, by passages of synaptic – chemical kind;

c) hormonal – humoral administration at very low speed.

All these communicating processes have a common goal: “let life and vital energy flow” in the best conditions ever for the living System in relation to its ambient situations.

All the complex communicating process of the cells occur through a big and organized “control system” in which we can glimpse at activity of other control sub – systems, relatively decentralized with a certain autonomy, but always hierarchically controlled. We can list these levels as “homeostatic self – regulating system of nervous and hormonal kind” – “vegetative nervous system (orthosympathic, parasympathic), and voluntary nervous system.

It’s possible to observe in this complex self – regulating system, a hierarchy of decisional power in controlling the activity of billions of small “Living Units” that operate for the common goal, that is to keep the Living System alive”.

All the communicating exchanges occur through a transportation of energy and information.

Kept in mind that every living system at each systemic complexity level is considered to immerged and compenetrated from its electromagnetic field, the communicating processes occur not only for material administration, but first, through electromagnetic waves.

It means that all the following biochemical processes are always influenced before biophysical signals and addressed in the wished direction and so, “oriented toward a certain goal”.

The biochemical processes are therefore oriented toward a certain goal.

for example, the regulation of the cellular metabolism and of the several superior organic systems occurs even through electromagnetic impulses.

To be convinced of it, think for example at which speed the information in our body travel when in the body penetrates a dangerous invader (such as allergens, virus, bacteria) to alert the defense system, the rapid information going toward a frightening stimulus, to put the neuro – hormonal systems on, by the hypothalamus – hypothesis.

Practically the whole above mentioned complex control system, can be influenced by dangerous electromagnetic fields, whether artificial (ionizing radiation’s as X – Rays, Gamma Rays ect…) or of geophysics or biopsychic kind, such as the negative thought waves.

The perturbation of the natural electromagnetic field of the living system and of it self -regulating and control system, could be even provoked by element which are outsiders at its nature, such as for example, allergen, virus, bacteria, toxins, repeated anesthesia, medicaments, emotional shocks, etc… until we arrive to a certain point to block the cellular metabolic regulations.

It is possible to restore the cellular electromagnetic field through the effect of adequate resonance induced by resonance.

For the natural value of the vibration of the electromagnetic field of the cell is kept in the DNA memory of the same cell, it represents a system with its own natural vibrating value. For example, if we emerge a cell with its own disturbed vibrating field, in a vibrating electromagnetic field that has the same vibrating natural frequency of the sound cell, this one, for resonance shall restore its own electromagnetic field on its natural values.

It is possible only if we have the coded electromagnetic biophysics information of the natural electromagnetic field of the cell.

These information have been for long time a subject of research, and have been discovered and translated in to cods (Impulse shape, Vibrating frequency of the electromagnetic field).

Which are the results of the research and their practical application?



This therapy, which in reality is a sort of self – therapy, it means “activation of the self – recovery mechanisms”, makes use of the knowledge and of the technologies of the quantum electronic, is absolutely free from any side effect and, at the same time is efficacious for all kind of pathologies and in the prevention.

4.1 Action principle:

Creation of an “Electromagnetic Energetic field with informational features (shape of the impulse and frequencies) typical of the biophysiology of the human body. The field is pulsing (quantum impulses of electromagnetic energy) at very low intensity with periodical inversion of the polarity. It is an “Energetic Field” of biophysiologic kind that can be defined of natural kind.

4.2 Features of the Energetic Field:

Composed by a determined range of alternated frequencies that represent the oscillating frequencies of the cellular districts of the human organism go from 3Hz to 1,000Hz.

In that sense, at biological level, this range of frequencies represents the biophysiologic window of answer of the cell of the human body.

The configuration of the quantum impulse and the wave produced for each frequency of the above – mentioned range has constant form.

Such form, that presents itself as, “double saw tooth” with a particular curve, coming from several years of research, is closely specific to produce a “fixed directional movement of ion’s”, in particular way of H + and Ca ++ in the human body.


5.1 Effects produced by the Energetic Field on the cells:
The ways of action of the pulsing electromagnetic fields could be explained with the following mechanisms:
1) Liquid crystals: (the cholesterol in membrane as para – magnetic and dia -magnetic resonance phenomenon)
The cholesterol is magnetically influenced through its molecular structure. With alternating magnetic fields, the structure can oscillate, and, in case of a certain frequency corresponding to the one of resonance of the membrane, these oscillations have particularly wide excursions (own resonance).

2) Lorentz – forces : (through a force action)
Conditioning of live particles in movement in the magnetic field.
3) Eddy – Currents (determined by induction)
Formation of electro – motory energies and parasites streams.
To comprehend these physic – physiologic processes, let’s consider first of all a cell as electric power station for the creation of energy.
The cellular mitochondrion’s are very important for the metabolic processes of a cell. They gather the ADP in the cells and act as cellular energetic source.
With the help of carbohydrates, fats, and amino – acids, the specific cellular oxygen and enzymes create CO and water as waste products and, at the same time create from the ADP an ATP of energetic kind.

The 50 % of this kind of energy is used for the building of the Potential of Membrane. From now on the cellular metabolism can proceed normally.

If this process is disturbed, a vicious circle is generated: for example a lack of oxygen brings to a reduced formation of ATP energy. This limited energy is not able to maintain correctly the potential of membrane. This disturb, at its time, reduces the transport of sub – strata which important for life: this way there is less formation of energy. The cycle starts back. With the help of adequate and pulsing electromagnetic fields, it is possible to interrupt this disturbent.
In fact the biological membrane is composed by a double layer which is internally and externally covered by protein molecule. In their molecular structure, the crystals are free and they can move quickly.

A transport of sub – strata through this membrane occurs thanks to very complicated mechanisms. These mechanisms are particularly sensitive at each kind of disturb. States of lack for the cell can easily occur. If the cellular membrane is put under an adequate and pulsing electromagnetic field, the structures compose themselves in micro – oscillations of a kind of resonance. The pores of the membrane extend themselves periodically, and the sub – strata substance for the cellular maintaining as well as the oxygen, press easily towards the interior.
The wastes are sent off in a better way.

The blood too, is a liquid with electric conduction. It contains particles with negative and positive charges, for example colloids and cells.

If we put under an electromagnetic field in oblique sense towards the direction of the circulation, the particles of the blood stream are diverted according to their charge polarity in oblique way towards the direction of the movement and the direction of the electromagnetic field (Lorentz force).

In a pulsing electromagnetic field, the live particles oscillate at the pace of the frequency. In this way, the friction in the tiny capillaries is reduced and the resistance of the cycle is diminished. The perfusion of the blood increases, as well as the diffusion rate of the oxygen and the carbon dioxide.

A pulsing magnetic field inducts in each cell and outside the cell an alternated tension, that put a force on the ion’s and the other live particles: the electromotory force. The charges moved by this force generate parasite current.

The sum of all the single streams creates a complexive stream inside the tissue, where the membranes with diagonal way present obstacles.

Briefly, from what we have described before, the effect produced from this particular “Energetic Field of Natural Kind” in the cells at all the depth levels of the body, is an effect of:

“realignment of all the physiological and energetic parameters of the cell” on its own natural values, with a “normalization of the polarization of the cellular membrane”, or of parts of it.

More specifically it is the turning on of several cellular biophysiological processes that occur thanks to two important effects produced by the electromagnetic vibrating field that cross in a homogeneous way all the human body.

1 Directional streams of ion’s in the corporeal liquids are generated;

2 Vibrations of the cellular membrane for resonance with the frequencies of the energetic field are generated.

An electromagnetic field penetrates through each space until its atomic level.

As we know from the physics, a pulsing electromagnetic field generates an electromotory force that has perpendicular direction towards the same field. The electromotory force can move particles of electric charge.

In the quantum bioresonance, that uses the quantum electronic, the electromotory force is put in an opportunistic way in “time” with the electromagnetic field. Therefore this electromotory force is responsible of the directional streams of the ion’s in the corporeal liquids.

In other words, the directional streams of the ion’s in the corporeal liquids are induced by the electromotory force generated by the particular form of the quantum impulse of energy of the field.

The human body is a structure particularly adapted to yield the electromotory force of the quantum therapy. Is composed of 70 % water, and in this water numerous molecule and element with positive charge, the ion’s, are present. The ion’s represent the supposition for a good electric conduction.

These ion’s are moved in aimed way by the electromotory force induced by the electromagnetic field, creating a passage of electric energy.

For what regards the vibrations of the cellular membranes, they occur by resonance in vibrating frequencies of energetic field.

In these processes, in particular way we are interested in considering the movement in the body of the hydrogen (H +), oxygen (0–), and calcium (Ca + +) ion’s.

The two positive pulses of the quantum electronic, which operate for two milliseconds, move the ions in the corporeal liquids. The strong contrary impulse that start in a sudden way, pushes the hydrogen ions (H +) of the blood against the wall of the vessel, where they create an acid environment. This environment at its time, pushes the calcium ions (Ca + +) outside the wall of the vessel, in the intracellular liquid.

From there, they are pushed towards the cellular membranes, whose function is, as we said before to act as “self – regulating filtering septum”.

The gathering of hydrogen ions (H +) around the cellular membrane causes an acid environment peripherally at the same membrane.

the cellular membranes of all the cells that lost there natural energetic balance, they are having an altered vibration enter in their natural vibration (this information is contained in the DNA memory) for the resonance effect with the frequencies of the electromagnetic field produced, that are the natural frequencies of the cells in energetic balance (sound cells).

The gathering of hydrogen and calcium around the cellular membrane, its vibration due to resonance, create an electromagnetic and biochemical membrane situation, just to modify in positive way the permeability of the same membrane, helping the passage through the membrane, to the interior of the cell to the oxygen and calcium ions.

For what regards in particular way the entrance in the cell of the calcium ions (Ca ++), this occurs due to a bond preference in the following way:

1. In an energetic balance situation of the cell, the polarization values of the membrane, its permeability and therefore the matter exchanges with the outside, are normal.

2. At the contrary, in the cases of cellular energetic unbalance, a great part of the energy produced by the cell is utilized in the effort to keep the normal values of the polarization of the membrane, but its permeability is however altered, reducing the supply of nutritive substances and oxygen. The increase of cellular energy used to keep the polarization of the membrane is taken from the normal vital processes, determining a vicious circle of cellular energetic thinning , that may even bring to a “pathologic deficiency of energy” of the cells (Chronic Effort Syndrome)

3. We know that the protein and lipid layers of the cellular membrane kept tied the calcium ion’s (Ca ++) with two linking elements with negative electric charge. Under the electromagnetic field of the quantum bioresonance, as we have seen before, creates a situation of even acid cellular environment, generated from the gathering of the ions (H +) around the same cellular membrane. In this situation occurs that the calcium ions (Ca ++) are liberated from the two link elements and substituted by link preference, by two hydrogen ions (H +).

We have a “calcium liberation”, whose ions for vibrating effects of the same cellular membrane, get a directional movement towards the interior of the cell.

In function of the state in which the cell finds itself (the cell itself behaves as if it were creditor), start a row of processes that in the quantum electronic are called “Calcium cascade” because they concern with the liberation of the calcium.

5.2 Cellular effects of the “Calcium Cascade”.

1 Activation of the macrophages

Increase of the immune system.

2 Activation, stimulation or arrest of the enzymes

An acceleration of the metabolic processes occur.

3 Production of nitrogen monoxide (NO)

The NO that gasifies in the blood and in the underlying tissue, is an under reamer of the blood vessels, and this is a very important factor. Let’s remember that this substance is an important part of the nitroglycerin that is employed as first aid substance in case of heart infarction.

4 Stimulation of the cellular multiplication.

This factor, extremely positive in several pathologies, especially in the regeneration frame, for example in the orthopedic sector. However, in certain situations, it can give some perplexities, for example in the cases of tumoral cells.

In all this cases, we can say that, the electromagnetic field of the quantum bioresonance is a “very low intensity field”, an “informing field” of natural kind, it means that contains “information”, contains the bioelectric code of the membrane, also known as the bio – electric key for the opening of the pores of the cellular membrane. In that sense, there is nothing that “forces”, or “invades”, so it doesn’t work with a force action.

we consider that there is a big difference in the growth processes between a sound cell and a tumoral one. The sound cells, in the nutritive shell, adhere to the environment around them and stop their own growth for the

normal self regulating processes, without contacting each other. The tumoral cells never contact with the shell base and keep growing without limit until they can nourish themselves, even if they contact each other. It is if they hadn’t given any answer to the self – regulating process of growth.

5.3 Immediate indicators of the Cardio – Circulatory System under the quantum bioresonance therapy.

A Normalization of the heart frequency.

with a decree of the frequency. The heart beat gets slower.

B Normalization of the blood pressure.

C Change of the speed of the blood flow.

The blood flows faster.

D Change of the blood viscosity.

The resistance at the blood viscosity decrees.

E The breathing volume increases.

The person breathes in a deeper way.

Breathing volumes and heart beat are connected each other

All this translates itself in a grow of the blood sprinkling, with following considerable increase of the thermal radiation of the body, that can be well marked by a thermograph. It’s not a direct and immediate action, a sort of energy transmission as in the application of heating pads, or microwave treatments, but this is a real blood sprinkling in the whole body, and an activation of the corporeal functions.

It’s worth repeating it, it is in cybernetic sense of a real transmission of guided information about the body. The body itself seems to obey to such information.

F The partial oxygen pressure increases and stays high.

It’s worth staying for a little bit longer on this physiologic parameter which is really important, because, we can surely state that if the oxygen doesn’t constitute everything in maintaining the cellular energetic balance, without oxygen nothing can live. The cell is an energetic system whose energy production is carried out by biological oxidization in the glucose mitochondrion’s of the lipid acids, and the amino – acids.

It’s a process that, together with these combustible substances, needs oxygen. The available quantity of oxygen is determined and limited by the functionality of the contribution system.

An index of the functionality of the contribution system is the value of the partial oxygen pressure measured on the skin and expressed in mm of Hg.

The value of the partial oxygen pressure has a variability more marked than other physiological parameter, if we have to state that normal value for human body is a little bit difficult. The oscillations could be of psychogenic nature, or coming from a certain quantities of hormones and enzymes, or they can come from allergies.

Sure is that an important role is played by the “acid state” of the blood. In a quantum bioresonance treatment the more acid the blood is, the more impressive the results are.

The normal acid state of the blood has a value of pH 7,4 at a temperature of 37 Celsius.

if the acid state changes, increasing or decreasing, the absorption of the oxygen by the blood hemoglobin changes.

Normally the hemoglobin is charged with the oxygen in the lungs until a saturation of 97 %. This oxygen is then released by the capillary vessels in the micro – circulation in the tissue until a saturation percentage of 73 %.

In practical words, only the 24 % of the oxygen is absorbed

In these exchange processes, the hemoglobin, “interprets” the concentration in the increasing of H + (acidity) as a sign of increasing of the oxygen need, increasing its link values.

What is important here to be pointed out is the demonstration (you can compare Doctor Otto Stemme’s works) that the absorption percentage in the blood can increase until 56 % under the influence of the electromagnetic field.

In particular, for what regards the quantum bioresonance therapy, the measurements made by Doctor Warnke, demonstrate, under treatment, an increase of the partial pressure of the oxygen between 70 and 80 %.

5.4 Consequences on the Cardio – Circulatory system of the industrial development.

Which are the average values of the partial oxygen pressure (mm Hg) in a population that lives in our industrialized cities?

With the help of dates of about fifty years ago, the medicine classifies normally as the lowest value (critical operation value) for a 70 year old person a partial oxygen pressure of 70 mm of Hg.

In a research made by Doctor Warnke, has came out that today, on 6000 measurements made on students (young persons who could be classified as sound) have given an average value around 60 mm Hg.

What does this mean? It means that, we are facing a precocious decay of the respiratory function.

5.5 The causes of the current precocious decay of the respiratory function.

The causes are:

1 We take on too much CO (carbon monoxide) : that links together with the

hemoglobin, blocking in this way the transport of oxygen of the hemoglobin.

2 There are too many nitrogen oxides in the air : this allows to the walls of the alveolus to proliferate : it means that they have an easy inflammatory reaction, and this is the reason the constant of diffusion is reduced.

3 We eat too much nitrates (for example from the vegetables treated with

chemical fertilizers), we drink water which is polluted with nitrates. From this substance, the nitrite is created and it produces metaemoglobin that cannot link itself to oxygen.

4 We live too much under stress and the blood vessels are always in a state of constrictive tension, limiting the flow of blood.

This becomes evident in the measurement of the partial pressure of the oxygen.

But let’s come back to the fact that we breath too much carbon monoxide.

The carbon monoxide has a trend which is 300 times higher than the oxygen to match itself to the hemoglobin. If the oxygen pressure is not drastically increased, the blood cell remains linked for all its life (from 50 to 120 days) to the carbon monoxide. One time that it is captured by the gas, for all its life it cannot be useful for transporting oxygen in the human body.

The consequence is that effective hemoglobin volume, available for the transport of the oxygen, reduces itself The blood circulation weighs down “functional corpses” which are absorbed by the carbon monoxide. These corpses cannot give their contribution anymore for the cellular maintenance. The whole mass of hemoglobin, calculated in average in the human body on 800 gr., that can transport 1,12 litters of oxygen from which usually the 24 % can be exploited, and functionally is reduced, as the available oxygen is reduced.

The worst consequence of a chronicle lack of oxygen for a human body is the developing of a “Chronic effort syndrome”, a disease that must be linked to a “pathologic deficiency of energy of cells”.

In fact, the quantity of energy of the cell and of the tissues is determining for all the vital processes that occur at the level of the several parts of the body: regeneration processes, reinforcement and maintenance of the immune system, mechanic performances and development of heat, etc…

This pathological deficiency of energy can have lots of causes, for example, the main cause could be the lack of oxygen due to vampirism of the hemoglobin by the nitrogen oxides.

Improving the breathing function of the blood, disturbed at general level, and improving the blood sprinkling means to improve the quantity of energy contained in the cell, and this at the same time means preventing the incidence of several diseases.



The repair of the cellular metabolism until the natural optimal values due to the entrance in the cell of Oxygen and Calcium produces, in due time with the normal biological processes, benefits on the whole body.

In particular way the tests performed in several universities such as Erlangen, Wuppertal, Berlin, Belgrade, Moscow, Zurich, and so on, have shown what follows:

1 Nervous system.

To comprehend the benefits that come from an “energizing” of the nervous system, we have to keep in mind what we have mentioned before.

The structure of the living organisms is performed and maintained through several complex organization levels, and the nervous system is an intelligent communicating system whose role is:

a) to connect the different organization levels which are struck by information; b) to connect the whole organization with its external environment.

In this way the nervous system participates at the maintenance of the information shape – structure of its own organism.

To perform such control the system has to know perfectly the state of “well being -discomfort” of the whole cellular system in which it works, and it has to be correctly and continuously informed on what happens in the environment around.

In other words, it is fundamentally important for the nervous system a “continuous and correct information” about the personal “life – program”.

Integrating the following data, the nervous system is able to “inform” the specialized cells in order that the organism act on the environment to keep its own well being, its balance, and its harmony.

Each of us has surely a direct experience of how does it feel, when our nervous system finds itself in a state of breakdown, even short.

Today it’s very easy for the kind of life and for the kind of environment that the culture imposes us, to go towards a nervous breakdown.

Our nervous system is stressed by a huge quantity of environmental requests, these requests for their intensity and length represent real physical, chemical and psychological stresses. In this way the system finds itself under a continuous effort and wearing out, that translates itself in an unbalance of the polarization values of the neuronal cellular membranes, and in a less quantity of cellular energy at disposal for the elaborating processes and the transmission of information.

It’s clear that a natural operation such as the quantum bio resonance, which acts as a positive informative contribution in contrast to the negative information due to the stresses, and it allows the neuronal cell the restore of its own natural metabolism.

It is, in few words of a real “energetic recharge” of the system.

It translates in a general renewed capacity of the system itself, with a row of cascade of benefits.

This renewal, operates through the restore of the efficiency of the nervous transmission, of the adequate interpretation and elaboration of the information at each level, of the improve of the care state and of the sleep state, of the improve of the balance of the ergotrophic and tropotrophic sub – systems, of the vegetative nervous system (balance between the two parasympathetic and orthosympatic branches of the nervous vegetative sub – system), with the attenuation and the disappear of the vagne and widespread symptomatology connected to this unbalance.

In practical words, just for the specific and characteristic function that the nervous system has, the positive effects of the quantum bioresonance treatment are not considerable in striking form, such as the disappearing of a specific and well determined pain symptom, but we can see them in a “general sense of well being which is widespread in the whole body, in a state of more relax and stretching, a sense of more physical energy, more taking of the reality, more self – confidence, more energetic recovery during the sleep phase.

In practical there is a whole anti- stress effect.

2 Cardio – circulatory system.

As we had the occasion to say before, with this treatment we have:

1) More oxygenation of the blood (that can be valuable through a higher partial pressure of the oxygen, measurable on the skin).

2) More fluidity of the blood with a consequent improving of the capillary circulation for nourishment and the oxygenation of the cells.

3) Normalization of the breathing pace with wider and deeper breaths.

4) Increase of the ventilation of the lungs.

5) Decrease of the heart pace and stabilization of the arterial pressure whether hyper -as hypotensive. This happens due to a self – regulating process of the baroceptors and of the main self – regulating mechanism, and due to a vibrating effect on the venous and arterious vessel by a certain vibrating frequency.

6) From the cellular combustion of the Calcium, there is an input of Monoxide nitrogen (NO) on the blood flow with expanding effect in the arteries. It acts for the prevention of ictus and infarct.

7) Improve of the lymphatic drainage

8) Improve of the PH and of all the blood values with a decrease of its viscosity.

3 Gastric system.

1) The intestinal flora, and, the digestion improves, through a better intestinal gastric peristalsis and a higher blood sprinkling.

2) Decrease of the constipation.

4 Excretory – Kidney system.

1) The kidney, better sparkled, eliminate the wastes easily and a higher quantity of liquids.

5 Muscular – Skeleton system.

1) Facilitating the Calcium entrance in the cell, the recovery times of the bone fractures are reduced to 1/3, or by half.

2) Remarkable results are seen m the prevention and cure of the osteoporosis, of the arthrosis, arthritis and rheumatism.

3) A reinforcement of the bones for a higher contribution of Calcium, and for the cellular reactivation of the osteoblasts.

4) The higher contribution of oxygen tonifies the muscles.

5) Improve of the muscular resistance thanks to the higher glycogen deposit in the tissue (energetic contribution to the muscle).

6) Reduction of the motoric function rehabilitation at the immobilized limbs

7) Reduction of the recovery time after effort thanks to the rapid digestion of lactic acid.

6 Epithelial system.

1) A better condition of the skin is obtained since the first applications. The skin gets more elastic, more sprinkled.

2) Many skin pathologies find rapid improving. Positive results have been obtained in cases of psoriasis.

3) The excretory function of the skin improves.

7 Immune system.

1) By the activation of the macrophages and by a higher production of antibodies, the organism is stronger against the contagious diseases and against the allergies.


On the basis of these foundations, it’s possible drawing up of a general plan for employment of the quantum bioresonance therapy:

1 As general prophylactics

Effect of disease prevention with the quantum bio resonance treatment.

To understand how the prevention effect through the quantum bioresonance to the several diseases occurs, we have to refer ourselves to that complex of knowledge’s on the causes of illness that refers itself to a multicausal conception the same illness. There is often a distinction between somatic psycho- somatic diseases.

The first ones could be caused by biological or physical agents, while the latter ones, could be caused instead by emotional agents.

Today, from what we know from the studies upon the stress, is clear how such division could have no sense. In fact, events of several nature, physical, biological or psycho – social, through an emotional – knowledge mediation influence the biological ground on which the disease puts its seeds.

There are few diseases that could be considered as produced by a single cause (paraplegia, for example), but in the biggest part of the diseases, the one defined “idiopathic” or “essential”, the etiology is certainly pluricausal, without the possibility to discover a predominant cause.

In fact, each disease, even where it is possible to discover a main pathogenic agent particularly aggressive, while a usually harmless agent can stir up a disease in conditions of deficiency of the biological defenses.

So, for example, it has been estimated that, in each person, in the substitution of the dead cells, there are cellular mutations of tumor kind; neverthe1ess in normal

conditions the tumoral cells are destroyed by the immune system before reaching a critical mass. In condition of depression of the immune system for several reasons, among them conditions of pathologic stress, the pace of the cellular mitosis goes beyond the control capacity of the immune defenses, and we can have the development of a tumoral form.

To determinate the reactivity of the ground, and therefore, the susceptibility to the disease due to hypo or hyperactivity of the same, there are three biological systems in synergical action: the nervous vegetative system, the endocrine system and the immune system. The common feature is to make a common action for all the organs and the tissues.

The clinical observation has pointed out since long time the existence of a precise relationship between the kind of emotional reaction, its entity and its length in time developed by the man as answer to the stimulation of the environment, in particular to the stimulation’s of psychosocial kind, and the alterations of the functional state of the organism.

In features of this relationship settles that situation of the organism which is called:

situation of “pathological stress”.

This situation of the organism, the situation of “pathologic stress” is today widely accepted by the medical science as a condition that predisposes the person to the onset of several kind of diseases.

Emotions, stress and diseases are reciprocally linked by precise relationships which were partially cleared by doctors and researchers, pointing out how in these relationships the forerunners of the same disease settle themselves.

In a state of stress all the great self – regulating and adaptive systems of the organism are involved in a combined effort of overcoming the critical situation.

The vegetative nervous system, involves directly or indirectly all the other biologic systems, controlling, at the level of the organs and tissue, the adapting of the organism at the particular requests of the environment (stressing situations).

We remember that the relational nervous system stands between the environmental situations.

The neuro endocrine system and the endocrine system which represent the transmission systems of the emotional information, act foremost at cellular and tissue level under the control of the vegetative nervous system. Alterations of the normal multi – hormonal reaction due to chronic stress conditions could bring to persistent metabolic alterations. Such alterations represent the forerunners of the disease, which can show itself at clinical level due to the action of a further acute stressing agent. Nevertheless, the last defense of the organism occurs at macromolecular level through the neutralization of the outsiders pathogenic agents by the immune system.

In practical words, the studies made on the psychophysiology of the emotions have shown how the emotional reaction, however induced matches itself:

a) with a starting of the hypothalamus – hypophysis – corticosuprarene;

b) with a stimulation of the medullar of the suprarenal, with an increase of catecholamine;

c) with complex alterations of the vegetative balance;

d) with variations of the chemical and morphological composition of the blood; e

e) with reaction of the immune system;

f) with intrapsychic and behavioral alterations.

In situations of pathological stress, we have a persistence in the time of all the above mentioned alterations which can lead to a collapse situation of each defense for a

“pathological deficiency of energy of the cells”.

From all these data is pointed out that, whether the sick rate of pathogenic agents as some forms of tissue hyperactivity, are connected with altered immune conditions induced by pathologic stress (emotional stress, acute or chronic). Therefore, the nervous vegetative system and the endocrine system act as intermediary of the action of the stress on the specific cells of the immune system.

The comprehension of the functional interaction between the Systems: nervous vegetative system, neuro endocrine and endocrine system, immune system, their adaptive answer to the stress, and their disorder due to energetic exhaustion in a state of “pathologic stress” of the organism, point out the problem of the control and of the management of the stress in a clear way, in order to a real prevention of the somatic disease.

The state of pathological stress meant as abnormal emotional reaction for entity or length to the events or the facts of life, integrated, as we have seen before, is a whole state of high energetic consumption, that matches itself to an altered breathing and circulatory functionality.

All this translates itself in an insufficient contribution of oxygen to the cell, in particular way to the ones of the defense system of the body, determining the energetic exhaustion of the same. For these reasons the control of the pathologic stress becomes the nodal point where to put the basis for a serious plan of the disease preventing strategies.

The quantum bioresonance treatment for preventive purposes against the onset of several diseases, has its efficacy in the restore and maintenance of the blood breathing functionality action on normal values. The immediate indicators which can be seen in the subjects which use the treatment daily concern the cardio – circulating apparatus.

In such subjects, we can observe a decrease of the heart pace (the heart beat gets slower), the blood pressure gets normal, and the subject breathes in a deeper way. To this data, we can match an increase of the blood sprinkling due to the less resistance to the blood viscosity.

The partial pressure of the oxygen, measured on the skin, increases, because one of the most important effects of the quantum bioresonance is to increase the oxygen absorption percentage by the hemoglobin in the blood.

This thing translates itself in an “energetic cellular gain”, that can be obtained

through the biologic oxidization in the glucose mitochodrias, of the lipid acids,

and the amino acids.

this is a process that needs oxygen in enough quantity. The contribution of oxygen,

determents, or limits the production of cellular energy

.At its time, the quantity of energy of the cell and of the tissue is determining for all

the process that occur at the level of organs, apparatus and systems, and, in

particular way, for what regards the state of pathological stress, for the control

system and of the immunity defenses.

2 As therapeutic treatment of pathologies in general, and in particular in the following cases:

A Problem of blood sprinkling (Peripheral sprinkling Extremities);

B Migraine;

C Processes of alterations (Local appearances of alterations);

D Skin alteration (Worsening of the tensive condition of the skin);

E Skin impurities (Acne);

F Wounds recovery (Formation of supporting tissue); G Bone recovery;

H Arthritis (polyarthritis);

I Rheumatism;

L Arthritis;

M Immunity defenses of the body.

It’s clear that in some of the above – mentioned cases a localized and stronger application of quantum bioresonance therapy is requested (as in the skin cosmetic treatments), while, in the other cases a whole body treatment is requested (for example, for increasing the immune system).

Even the whole length of the treatment can be as long as if it concerns a migraine or a wound recovery.


Brief technical notes on the Quantum bioresonance device.

An electronic generator creates the particular pulses at double saw tooth shape, whose curve has an exponential function.

The frequencies cover a band from 3 Hz to 1000 Hz and they are specific frequencies for each cellular part of the human body.

These pulses to the different frequencies are sent to coils which are set in pair .in a reed matting (three pairs of coils in the reed matting, one pair in the pillow).

We remember from the physics that, when a stream goes through a coil, there is an induction of an electromagnetic field. If the stream is pulsing, even the induced electromagnetic field shall be pulsing. The direction of the stream, determents the direction of the electromagnetic field, and, for consequence, the inversion of the direction of the stream, determents the inversion of the polarity of the electromagnetic field.

The electromagnetic fields, generated in the reed matting and in the pillow by the generator are of very low intensity.

Just to have an idea of quantity, we remember that the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth is a pulsing field that has minimum intensity points, and maximal intensity points. At the Equator the intensity of the field is of 30 microtelsa, while in the North Pole of 60 microtelsa, and in the South Pole, it reaches 75 microtelsa. The “Quantronic” electronic generator of our therapy works in a range of intensity from a minimum of 0,15 microtelsa to a maximum of 15 microtelsa.

This means that the therapeutic effect is not due to the action of intensity of the electromagnetic field on the cells, but to other specific factors.

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