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Dr. Bill Deagle: Welcome back and we have Michael Alpough from Medithera.

Michael Alpough: Hey Dr. Deagle.

Dr. Deagle: Michael, tell us the latest on Medithera. Yeah. I’m sure you’ve been using Medithera now for years. You promoted it. You’re one of the top people that are giving people the benefits of Medithera which was developed in Germany. It’s the most advanced of the Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy machines that is frequency specific. Tell us about the background of the development of this latest device.

Michael: Well, the Medithera has a long history, even though it’s only been around since I thought the middle of 2000 Century there.

Dr. Deagle: Yeah.

Michael: It comes from the [PRS]. It kind of broke off and started this Medithera. And the reason why they did was because they discovered this frequency that mimics the sodium potassium. Now, I just want to get scientific here a little bit and doctor you can go on later.

Dr. Deagle: Yeah.

Michael: 40% of the body produces the energy from the sodium potassium pump of the cell. The Medithera in its nature frequency actually mimics the frequency of the sodium potassium pump. So, they isolated that particular, all of these PEMF devices affect the sodium potassium pumps. The Medithera is, in my opinion, the most updated RD PEMF frequencies DR. Deagle and it mimics sodium potassium pumps – that’s a nutshell. So now,

Dr. Deagle: In fact, I’ll tell you how people can tell if they go on a Medithera pad is without putting more covers on or more clothes on when you put on the machine your cells warm up because it’s energizing your mitochondria and your cells are raising the redox. Your cells feel toasty warm. It’s like when I turn it on at night and I decide okay, I’m going to put my relax frequency which is a relax to go to bed and I get up at night and see that I just want 20 minutes of nature frequency, you can already feel your cells recharging. It’s kind of – after you become intuitively kind of tuned into it, you can feel like, hey my body is warming up, I can feel I’m getting recharged almost like you’re triple charging your body at night, it’s pretty amazing.

Michael: And this is one of those devices that you just say you do, as well as I do that you integrate into your lifestyle.


Dr. Deagle: Yeah. You just – I get up at night. I have my relax frequency when I go to be for an hour, and then I get up maybe do 20 minutes an hour of nature, it recharges your cells. By the way, the other thing you notice is cold body temperature in the morning is always normal, it’s not low. So, you don’t have TRS (Thyroid Resistance Syndrome). It helps you lose weight, helps you get rid of fluids if you’re retaining fluids, helps to lower your blood pleasure, increases energy level. You sleep much more soundly and you repair your body much more when you have more enough energy to do so.

Michael: Let me be specific about this relax frequency here. How you can tell about your relax frequency is when you get up in the morning your legs, you know, how when you get up people feel a little bit wobbly, I use to feel like that myself. You go, wow! I couldn’t stand up there for a second. I really get up totally refreshed and my legs feel very strong. And I want to be specific about getting a good night sleep. A good night sleep is everything for everyone and for the body to heal, letting the body heal itself.

Dr. Deagle: Yeah.

Michael: And, folks that is really where it goes.

Dr. Deagle: Yeah, I’m going to sieve this into the number of hours is the sleep architecture; it’s the nature of each one of those portions of the architecture sleep, rapid eye movement sleep, relaxation sleep, hormonal repair sleep, skin cell release components sleep, organic regeneration of tissue sleep. All of these components are actually tied in with a good night sleep.

And sleep studies can actually show you a lot of it. I’m certain that if you did a sleep study on someone that is using Medithera you’re going to see their sleep architecture is a heck of a lot more normal.

Michael: Absolutely, so that gives you more energy during the day and one we are all craving for, that’s why we drink the coffee, the Redbull, the Monster …

Dr. Deagle: Which are bad because they are pushing your adrenal glands and pushing you to a stress phase which is not good, you want to be in an energetic phase, not a stress face.

Michael: Absolutely. So, o now let’s talk about excising, let’s talk about recovery and let’s talk about losing weight. Speeding up your metabolism, allowing your body to recover allows you to start excising daily. You’ll be able to increase your exercise because most people with the exercise take three days off. I guarantee you, if you start taking this, you will be able to increase your exercise output. You will also, Dr. Deagle with his supplements you’ll be able to assimilate food and supplements better and it allows you to eat less food, your body will crave less. The reason why I gained so much weight was because I was not assimilating my food. It sort of just made me eat more food. Starting on using magnetic fields allows my body to assimilate and so you automatically start losing weight because you eat less food and that’s how you lose weight using the Medithera TMS devices.

Dr. Deagle: Yeah you will find actually when you start doing it along with our Nutraceuticals [indiscernible] [00:05:33] financially we are using the fields regularly your vices is enough that is all I need for my energy today. But of course we have super high quality supplements so I take a feast full of supplements in the morning and again in the early evening.

I tell also people just take most first thing in the morning around supper time don’t take a whole feast full of supplement before you go to bed, just take the ones you need for bed whether or not sleep actors or now our new Melatonin Tea R that’s coming out etc. And the other supplements for detox like detox Glutathione, [Nutritella] RegenRx because you don’t want to be stimulating your body, you want basically get your body ready for that relax face and the relax phase with the Medithera is very good for inducing sleep combining with the Nutraceuticals. So, you are going to increase oxygen levels to the tissues, mobilization of toxic molecules and heavy metals out of the body, so the body can kill it and get them out, increasing the redox level of the cells and the hormone release . So, the first half of the night what your body is doing is it is repairing tissues. And the second half of the night is repairing hormones, basically that is the best way to describe it. If your sleep architecture is not good you’re not going to either repair tissues and collagen and you are not going to repair hormone levels which regulate all the other things like [indiscernible] [00:06:55] and sexual organs etc.

Michael: Everything that Dr. Deagle is saying, I want to address this specifically to people who are over 50. And everything that Dr. Deagle is saying is your body is going to be rapidly losing as you become over 50.

Dr. Deagle: Accumulated micro damage is what it is. In other words, you get a little bit less repaired that it needs each day and you start to fall apart. And now if you get really good repair schedules which means you are getting great architecture sleep, you are taking a whole lot great nutrimed supplements, you are eating a good organic diet, drinking clean solid through the system water your fair schedule is so good people say, jee you don’t look like you are aging.

You are not only not aging you are actually reversing the aging, your joints are regenerating, your skin’s looking better, you are getting enough sleep, your action to your brain, your brain cells aren’t shutting down so you know I think I will develop a pluck now stop working. If you don’t want to age and be like you know as they let’s make 80 the new 35, which I think is possible.

Michael: Absolutely

Dr. Deagle: Yeah. In other words, you don’t have to get older physiologically just because your counter age is increasing.

Michael: Dr. Deagle, I would love to warn [indiscernible] [00:08:07] put up before I have picture of myself, most people when I started five years ago using pulsed electro-magnetic field I looked young five years than I do right now, and I’m not recognized as the same person.

Dr. Deagle: I have seen your picture and look, you look younger now by quit a big, by at-least a decade or more than you did 5 years ago. I mean it’s quit a transformation. And by the way you can measure the bio beams to the body and show the charge on the cells. So, you can actually get a numerical charge where can hold the device and see the numbers on the other side. I think we talk about – we are working on getting that company line up to bring them on as well, but people can actual test so they say, oh, what is my charge today? You can put the number down say here is my weight; here is my such and such. You can buy your scale now you can go to Amazon or you know, Best Bath & Beyond and get a scale measures, your fat mass, your lean body mass or water, but you even now can measure your bio on beam which means it tells you what’s the charge of my cells and that’s the sodium potassium pump.

Michael: And when you body one down you could measure it – and this what I do. You measure with your height. I understand, my body is run down because my millovolt, my millovolt is 1000 of a volt. My millovolt is down and so I’m doing the Medithera, Michael.

Dr. Deagle: I brought my daughter to that cute movie called – you know, my daughter went down and she was 19 to the cute movie about Frankenweenie. And, of course, when little would lose his charge, he is Victor, his last name being Victor [Pekenstine]. He was a creator of the scoff, we charged him up with jumper cables right? Well this is like you are saying jumper cable to charge up your cells and you get your energy back to normal. Check and charge yourself at night get the Medithera. It helps with virtually every health condition you could imagine. You observe yourself a little better, you will heal faster. You know, today you got a special update card here for America. Update card will increase it to a full level ten power and allows them to be much more programmable.