Dr. Bill Deagle:
Welcome back, and we’re joined by Michael Alpough, talking about the MediThera.

Now, we want to explain what pulsed magnetic field does or any energetic technology, whether it’s Lumen Photon, MediThera or PMT. The unique thing about MediThera, number one, is the machine is affordable; number two, it’s the most advanced of the electromagnetic frequency machines out there now. And the reason is, it is not just a specific energy, in terms of the number of milliTesla that it generates, but it has frequencies that are specifically set for healing.

So it has a Relax frequency setting, that’s a combination of frequencies that will relax your central nervous system, relax the transport systems across your cell membranes and then bring the cells out of the, what we call, the fight-or-flight sympathetic overreaction into a parasympathetic healing reaction. It has the Nature frequency, which is patented for stimulating the sodium-potassium pump, the most important pathway, literally, in the pump on the cells; because it pumps sodium out of the cells and pumps potassium in, that’s what gives the life force to the cell, which is the sodium-potassium pump. And by the way, it’s main, primary regulator is insulin. Insulin’s primary action to the body is not to regulate sugar or the transport for sugar, it’s actually regulation of the sodium-potassium pump.

And then the third area, that of course, is really important to understand, is that pulsed magnetic fields vary, what’s called healing micro-currents. That’s why we need the pulsed magnetic field of the Earth. This human resonance, which is a whole combination of frequencies, determines the structure of the brain, the theta frequency, the beta frequencies, the alpha frequencies, et cetera; all these frequencies, and even the sub-structure of the tissues and organs, are based from the harmonics of these frequencies. Just like a musical scale. And what the machine does, is it generates a combination of frequencies, whether it’s Relax, Nature or Active. For sports or for pain control, the Nature and the Active. The Relax is is ideal for going to sleep and calming the body down when it’s overreacting, panic attacks, injury, that kind of thing; and the Nature, for detox; and the Active, for pain.

This is a very unique machine, and it has the most flexible treatment pad. The most flexible small treatment pad that has high energy, and of course you have a programmable card, so it makes it extremely ergonomic, very easy to do. You just turn it on, press the button. It’s programmed when you have the card, which by the way, if you order from us, you get the card and the upgrade. You can just press the button, and it will run, say, for 59 minutes, and just lay on your pad. You can have it even underneath your bed topper, you might fill your bed topper in your bed, and because the pad is so flexible, you’re not gonna feel any lumpy wires or anything. It’s just really well made. In other words, it’s the top-quality German technology.

Michael Alpough:
The most important thing is to raise the current in the cells in the body, and that’s what the MediThera does. It raises the millivolt count within the cell structure. So when we’re looking at the bombardment of the WiFi towers, the cellphone towers, electrical wiring in your house, the smart meters, these all wear on the cell. And that wears on the age of the body, wears on the chemistry of the body.

And so the MediThera is built very well. The non-toxic rubber the mat is made of, this mat is really sturdy, it’s gonna last at least for 10 and 20 years, depending on where you put it in your house. With Dr. Deagle and myself, we both have ours underneath our mattresses, so that you can just lay down and turn it on.

Dr. Bill Deagle:
Yes. It’s pretty amazing, very convenient. When I go to bed, I put it on Relax for 59 minutes. And then if I have any discomfort from sports injuries or from over-activity on some of the areas, so I just put it on the Nature or the Active, the Nature is one that I prefer. And you wake up recharged, literally. It’s almost like a trickle charger. You trickle charge your cells back up to high energy. You get up in the morning, and like, “Wow, I’m ready to go.” You know your body’s been healing, because the first half of the night is to heal tissues, the second half is to bounce hormones and rebounce the, what I call, defrag your brain and your cells and detox. And it does it.

It detoxes very nicely, recharges your cells and raises your metabolic rates. Actually, you’ll find it easier to lose weight; lower insulin resistance, because the sodium-potassium channels, your body will notice that the blood insulin, blood sugar, blood pressure drops; that your metabolic rate’s higher, your core body temperature is higher. In fact, people often say they feel warm laying on the pad, but it’s warm not because the pad is warming you, it’s because your cells are now metabolically more active, within instantly. As soon as you lay on that pad, your insulin-metabolic rate is higher, isn’t it?

Michael Alpough:
Absolutely. This one’s developed in outer space. We know when you’re in outer space, the body doesn’t last long when it gets up into the stratosphere, specially when you’re talking about the orbit of the Earth. We’ve been able to visit from this technology, Dr. Deagle. As you know, the body wears out extremely fast in space, but it also wears out extremely fast on this planet, does it, Dr. Deagle?

Dr. Bill Deagle:
Well, it does for three reasons. The first is the de-mineralization. Our food is de-mineralized because we’re destroying the soil, and the minerals, basically what’s called, cyclotron resonance activators of genes to introduce genes and activate the active side of enzymes. Number two, we’ve got a lot of toxins in our environment that block enzymatic activity and interfere with that scalar induction. For example, if you’re living underneath the mercury ballast lights, the mercury frequency will interfere with zinc-metalloenzymes of your body, looking at the same place in the periodic table, and it screws up the signal or the scalar transport information to your cells.

The third reason is, the world’s magnetic field is weakening. The world’s magnetic field compared to the time of Jesus is about, I think, was at 10x weaker. It was like 20 or 30x weaker during the time of the ancient Babylonians. So when we’re looking at the magnetic field of the Earth, it’s dropping at a dramatic rate. It’s assumed that at its current rate, it will be gone in about 1,000 to 1,500 years or flip. I think it’s gonna reach a certain level and then flip much earlier. What it’s doing is as that frequency drops, you can actually do a test called immune metal box. You take animals and put them in immune metal box, and it acts as a keeper, to keep the magnetic flux field around the animal, and then they’ll go into slow-mo. Their metabolic processes will drop, their core body temperature will drop. They’ll get obese very quickly, because the action of the metabolic rate drops. So a lot of people don’t realize that part of the reason why we’re seeing obesity, it isn’t just the toxic world and the high-fructose corn syrup and all the sugar and all the other things in our diet and the xenotoxins that interfere with metabolism, it’s the fact that the magnetic field of the Earth is dropping.

So this actually raises that ratio. Over time you’ll actually lose weight, just by using that machine, for example.

Michael Alpough:
Yes, when you’re looking at it, when you want to lose weight, like myself, I’ve lost over 100 pounds in the last 4 years, and I’ve been able to keep it off. And up until this time, I’ve been able to lose weight, but it always will come back. And to me, the difference between that time and this time, is the fact that I use pulsed electromagnetic fields. Pulsed electromagnetic fields, these healing frequencies allow the body to assimilate the food better. It also allows the body to get rid of toxins faster. So when you’re looking at pulsed electromagnetic fields, you’ll be able to get better sleep, you’re gonna get better blood flow in the body and you’ll be able to remove inflammation within the body to create better blood flow. You’re gonna have better recovery, leading you to decide to start working out. It’s one thing to get a work out, another thing to consistently be able work out. It’s a one thing to be able to be on a diet, it’s another thing to be able to assimilate your food and to remove toxins.

The MediThera system allows the body to put itself into a framework, to allow it to be up to its full potential. And for all of us, as we’re getting older, our potential in our cell goes down. This brings the potential back up. If you’re looking – your body is throwing a party, you feel like you need that certain outfit but it’s missing. This is what the MediThera system does. I’ve had more people call, who purchased the system from Dr. Deagle, saying, how their body feels: That they have more energy. That they’re sleeping better, and they’re actually able to have more mental clarity. They’ll be able to process their food better. They’ll be able to eliminate their toxins better.

Dr. Bill Deagle:
It doesn’t matter what the illness is, it literally goes head-to-toe. If you’ve got a problem with the memory problems, insomnia, hypertension, you’re trying to heal a fracture, you want to get rid of periodontal disease; you’re trying to literally regenerate your skin, hair and nails to improve your appearance and slow the “aging” process. Aging basically is, accumulated damage of cross-talk between your cells and your mitochondria and those enzymes. And one of the major technologies to reverse it is the energetics. In fact, any space flight to Mars or other planets or any deep-space exploration will require that every astronaut, this is an absolute, will require a MediThera or future-generation machine in order to literally survive space. Because beyond 10 days without MediThera in space, you start to die. Ten days, that’s it. And then you become hypercalcemic, and your bones dissolve, and all your enzymes start to shut down; because in deep space, just like the immune metal box, the magnetic flux fields need to brush those electrons at the inner orbitals to cause chemical reactions.

MediThera, it will transform your life, and it will make you age much slower and reverse age by activating energy to your stem cells. Healing everyday.