Tracy gives her testimony about how PEMF sessions with Dr Enola Jamora. She describes her respiratory problems and how it was improved with PEMF, as well as her immune system boost.

Hi I’m Tracy and I I come in to see dr. Jamora. I came in to see her because I’ve been having a lot of problems with my respiratory my respiratory was so bad that I was on machines I was using steroids and high dosages for quite along time in my immune system was pretty shut down I started taking taking a chance with this PDF to see if it would help my immune system and it’s made a big difference I have gone from no steroids to no major asthmatic attacks to good results at the doctor’s office on my lab results to not even needing to use my inhaler and that is like a major accomplishment for me and dr. Jamora always been kind of the one that has kind of helped find things that would work for me and on my immune system from vitamins to different other supplements and basically she has definitely found a tool that works for me with my respiratory so would you recommend PEMF oh absolutely I would recommend PEMF and I would recommend it to just about anybody I talked to them about it I let them know it’s up to them whether they want to take a chance on it but I think it’s worth it my health is turning around. thank you so much Tracy.