PEMF Testimony Manuel Garcia Neuropathy Pain Relieved, Diabetes symptoms improved.

my name is Manuel Garcia I’m years old going to be here pretty soon andI came across the PMF machine and and the treatment for this because I had diabetes and I was also a customer of doctor Jamora because of that having gone to her several times over the years I got to develop a relationship with her and over and so I developed neuropathy in my legs because of a diabetic situation it was this very severe situation in regards to how it hit me for actually for three months I was unable to leave my home because they just couldn’t walk well I couldn’t I couldn’t stay on the pain as a matter of fact it seemed like all I could do was think about the pain it was morning noon and night I was averaging if I got a good night’s sleep I was averaging about an hour a night for three months and I found myself doing circles in my living room trying to alleviate the pain and trying to figure out what was going on I was going to my doctor and it gave me some medicine and nothing was really helping and so it just so happened that I had a contact with dr. Jamora and she eventually called me back and told me about this new machine as she had gotten originally for her son to help him who was suffering some some health problems and so she invited me to come and to try it and she said you know that if I would come and try it she’d give me like six free treatments and then from there who could see if it worked and if it helped I could continue to come and so that was it of course an incentive I mean you know you get something for free how is that you know if it doesn’t help you haven’t lost anything and if it helps you then you leave this you figure you’re on the right track and so I did that and after the sixth treatment I felt I felt like it was helping so I continued and have been doing that for probably close to a year now and I went from again I couldn’t leave my home because of the pain- now I’m doing things and I still have neuropathy in my legs but it’s not as severe as it was or leaving nearly severe as it was I still have some some numbness in my feet I still have some numbness in my sock area but as far as the pain goes the treatment is definitely helping as definitely enable me to get back out and to do the things that I like doing each each week it seems like in each month as progression is gone it seems like I’ve been able to do a lot of other things I did it once was able to do especially without thinking about the pain constantly and without being inhibited from doing things because I felt like if I did a little bit too much then it would seem like the pain would increase and so because of that I feel like this treatment is something that is advantageous to anybody again if you know if you if you take the treatment and it doesn’t necessarily work for you you know under her care it was very easy to say okay well thank you I appreciate your interest in your desire to help me but it didn’t work but in my case it did and I felt that it’s changed it kinda moving back my life in a lot of ways in the sense that I used to tell people I never understood how people would take their own life I to me that life is so precious and why would someone take their own life but after experiencing the neuropathy and my legs in my feet I understood the reasoning not that I would choose to do so again I believe this life is very precious but the fact is is that I finally came to an understanding why such pain in people’s bodies would it would what caused them to think about it if not do that which is really to me about where they’re crying shame but the fact is that this is the type of pain I was I was experiencing in my legs and in my feet again I couldn’t think about anything but the pain I couldn’t do anything for the pain but this treatment has definitely helped me and definitely giving me back my mobility get moving back a better quality of life and as I continue to go through that there I believe that eventually I will end up getting rid of it completely so this is something I would definitely recommend to anyone you know people do a lot of things and and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t but for me this is definitely work than I felt that it’s again been advantageous for for my quality especially in the latter years of my life I have more more years behind me that I have in front of me and so I want to have a good quality of life in those last years that I have and so this has been a very good experience for me something I even now I recommend to people that I encounter with neuropathy and which is kind of funny because now I seem to run into people who have it whereas before I didn’t but you know I’m able to share with them and tell them what this is done and I know people get are skeptical and they hear everything things that they’re not familiar with or they don’t know anybody else’s and you have this type of experience and so yeah I understand that that that train of thought that sometimes go through people in line but I would feel like you know if nothing else to encourage people at least to give it an attempt you can’t lose that way you know you have nothing to lose so when I try it