Is there really a cure for the common cold?

Actually, there is!

…and everyone has an auntie that will prove it to you with a dose of her awesome chicken soup!

But, the “smart” people will tell you that is just an old wive’s tale.

Doctors, Scientists and TV journalists will tell you there isn’t one!

In the past, a “cure for the common cold” was a phrase you could hear often. Mostly, in a negative way to brush off a new product or device. Sometimes, to put a miracle sparkle on the same new product others would bash.

…and that’s why we’re here…on your computer screen…

However, we don’t need to put a sparkle on it. The sparkle is already there.

Notably, there is a device that produces energy fields known to enhance recovery from injuries and wounds and repair cellular processes that promote healing. It promotes better range of motion during recovery and makes pain-killers more effective. Additionally, it simulates exercise on bones and has been used by US doctors on hard to heal fractures for over 40 years!

These devices are called Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy machines (PEMF).

PEMF has been FDA approved for:

1979 Non-Union Fractures
1998 Urinary Incontinence and Muscle Stimulation
2004 Cervical Fusion Patients at High Risk of Non-Fusion
2006 Depression and Anxiety
2011 Brain Cancer

No kidding??

One machine that can successfully treat everything from depression to brain cancer??

Importantly, there are 100’s of clinical studies that say it does much more than that!

How is that even possible?

Simply, it invigorates your cells so they do a better job at keeping your body healthy…

It’s like chicken soup for your cells!

PEMF successfully treats so many conditions because it works on the cellular level. Basically, your cells are the building blocks that make up your body. When you have a good foundation, strength and wellness will follow!

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