There are easy ways to explain how PEMF works and there are hard ways. We’ll take the easy way…

In fact, scientists and doctors may have a hard time explaining how PEMF works because they aren’t exactly sure.

We’ll get to that in a minute…

From countless clinical and laboratory studies, we know PEMF works…beyond a shadow of a doubt!

Simply, it mimics the electromagnetic fields your body makes. When you move, your body creates electrical and electro-magnetic activity. The electro-magnetic activity helps to improve cells and promote healing.

You may have heard that exercise is good for you? Perhaps, you have heard someone describe a runner’s high or felt this yourself? It is when exercise makes you feel ecstatic and super-alive.

The runner’s high has been linked to endorphin, a pain-killer your brain makes to combat injuries. Also, you can see how the electric and electro-magnetic effects of exercise can also put some spark in your step.

We said it would be a simple explanation 🙂

Exercise can be a real drag sometimes. If you are injured or worse yet, injured and required to train with extra therapy then it can get really bad. PEMF is used by professional sports trainers and doctors just for this reason. It decreases the amount of exercise, therapy and pain-killers needed to stay healthy and pain-free.

But…really…how does it work?

No one really knows…

From a review by the Institute for Anatomy in Dresden, Germany 2018:

“…molecular mechanisms underlying the direct coupling of the electric field to the cells are largely unknown.”

Literally, magnets and electricity have been used in medicine for thousands of years and we are still working it out!

It is partly because of the way PEMF is measured in 100’s of different studies. Some use gauss or microtesla (electro-magnetics). Some use watts (power). They are difficult to convert even for electrical geniuses.

Also, a wide range of frequencies, wave-forms and intensities may be used on the same disease or condition with equal results.

We can learn from the medical experts in all of the studies. They aren’t as much concerned with how PEMF works as IF it works. To that question, the answer is YES! PEMF works!

PEMF works at the cellular level. With PEMF, damaged cells can repair themselves and this drives your body’s healing power. Beyond that, it is uncertain…

For example, your brain is a million times more complicated than the best supercomputer. Likewise, there are many things about the human body that remain mysterious.

Compared to that…PEMF is simple: turn it on and lie on a mat or use a small applicator. According to all of the science available right now…you will get better!

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