Influenza viruses and your immune system are always hot topics during flu season.

In 2020, flu season may last all year and getting a cold has taken on a harsh new meaning!

Sometimes, it seems you’ve been kept in the dark about things…

It’s time we let the cat out of the bag.

Now, you are probably thinking we are going to tell you PEMF therapy is a cure for the common cold.


First, we might want to define what a cold is. It could be allergies…

…or something worse!

For most of us, a cold is our body’s reaction to a flu virus

The runny nose, coughing and sneezing and fever are signs our body has an influenza virus and it wants to get rid of it.

Everyone experiences colds and the flu in pretty much the same way. Life gets unbearable for a few days…or a week…or more. Hopefully, we get over it.

Conversely, immunologists look into viruses at the cellular level. They look into their powerful electron microscopes at minuscule viral particles fighting it out with human cells.

Creepy stuff, really…

…but we can learn something from it so that makes it a good thing.

A recent review in the journal, Frontiers in Public Health found PEMF had a moderating effect on human immunity. This made healing happen faster. Inflammation is an excitement and swelling effect that keeps cells from doing their normal job. PEMF helps calm this activity and increases healthy cellular interaction. In other words, PEMF helps to make sure your immune responses are healthy and normal.

Viruses change all of the time. Every year, our medical providers create a new flu vaccine based on the most likely virus to infect us. According to statistics by the same providers, it works about 50% of the time.

For many people, those aren’t the greatest of odds…

For everyone, improving your immune system SHOULD be an important goal!

Eating right, exercise, flu shots all MIGHT contribute to better health.

However, only eating right, exercise and PEMF can provide 100% positive results!

Auntie’s chicken soup?

Sure! Hot liquids, important proteins, vitamins and minerals all contribute and in a way it is magic in the kitchen when done right.

Likewise, PEMF is chicken soup for your cells!

…a much simpler recipe…still mysterious…and backed by sound science.

Next: Sleep your way to wealth!

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