Is the Healy a TENS or a PEMF device? We were asked this lately and we are not quite sure. Therefore, curiosity wins and we can now share what we discovered.

Firstly, definitions are needed. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) applies an electrical current through your skin. Usually, this is to eliminate pain. Sometimes, the currents applied can injure your skin at the point of contact. Pulsed Electro-magnetic Fields (PEMF) creates a magnetic field which affects your bodies electrical intra-cellular interactions. Importantly, both methods have some science and FDA approvals behind them but only PEMF can truly make the claim as a non-invasive treatment.

healy coilNot surprisingly, we looked at the Healy World website and could not find anything describing it as TENS or PEMF. We found this website that took a few pot shots at the Healy devices and noted it has a 501(k) clearance to make claims as a TENS device. Also, Healy works with adhesive electrodes you attach to your skin. Simply, this indicates it is a TENS device.

Alternatively, Healy offers a coil attachment. However, they seem to indicate that it is not PEMF. They march a few prominent scientists across the page and introduce some interesting science:

“…the HealyCoil is designed to exert effects on the Bioenergetic Field through Quantum Potential Frequencies in a similar manner, according to our opinion and hypothesis.”

You can see the effect illustrated in our feature image above. The experts submit that their machine can transmit frequencies to your cells without energy. Likewise, this seems to jump past PEMF’s ability to transfer energy without burning you as TENS can do.

“Not so fast!” we say…

Typically, quantum mechanics is theoretical. This means it should work…on paper. Surely, there are experiments that measure the quantum potential field effects when there is only “negligible” energy. We remain skeptical because the HealyCoil method for cancelling the electromagnetic field is not the same as the original experiment. The problem with theories is that they cannot always be repeated in the real world.

This is the case with Healy’s coil device. The opposing coils would have to be in the EXACT same place in order for the coils to cancel each other completely. Likewise, there will always be some energy emitted even if the space between the coils is “negligible.”

We tested our own hypothesis by grabbing a MultiPulse off the shelf and using it’s PEMF coil tester to measure output. As expected, there was always energy measured no matter how the coils were aligned.

Clearly, the Healy is a TENS device AND a PEMF device depending on which attachments you buy. At Electromeds, we think this would be a fine way to sell their products. Conversely, their display and marketing is wonderfully mesmerizing. We wish we were that good!

Most likely, we have taken down some of the romantic marketing claims made on HealyWorld. We’re not sorry. We try to be very transparent about what our machines are and what they can do. Most importantly, we think the Healy is a good little device with lots of options. Eventually, it may find a prominent place in energy medicine because of its options and marketing push. On the other hand, we have an excellent mobile device with lots of options for a lot less money. Furthermore, it’s technology is illustrated with many repeatable experiments and testing.

We hope this helped. Happy shopping!


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