MRS 2000+ And The QRS Quantron – My Journey With Both Machines


I started with the MRS 2000+ , then the QRS Quantron –  here is the story of my journey from one medical device to another, after I learned the whole story.

I was a MRS 2000 Med Set user for a year and a half and certainly enjoyed the benefits of the unit. I also was a rep for the company and sold many units to friends and clients all over the States. Whenever anything went wrong with my unit or any of my clients units the MRS2000 stood by there excellent 3 year warranty and replaced the unit or parts.

The person who sold me my MRS2000Med Set, and had sold over 100 MRS2000 devices, came to me and told me he had made a mistake when he said the MRS2000 was the best unit. I didn’t believe him.  After all, the MRS2000 had sold over 400,000 units.

At the same time I kept an open mind. He said he had found another PEMF product that was rated even higher than the MRS 2000.  I had an MRS 2000, so I knew it was a great machine.  But what my friend told me made me realize that the QRS Quantron is THE BEST machine.  Each device had its good points, but the QRS suddenly stood out.  The Quantron Resonance System has sold over 600,000 units sold worldwide.  It turns out that the QRS is the standard in the industry.

When I did my first session on the QRS mat I was told it could be set to go 1 hour straight. I got excited because now I could take a longer session because now I didn’t have to reset the machine when I’m in the middle of my power nap.  My MRS 2000 could only go 24 minutes….

Then he told me I could program the unit to come on at night. I said “the light and sound of the unit will wake me up”. He said no, you can program the light and sound not to come on at all. The MRS2000medset cannot be programmed to come on at night.

Then I asked where are the copper coils in the mat and pillow pad and probe? He said that copper coiling is the older technology and the QRS uses a mesh mat with the copper coiling woven throughout the whole mat to give a perfectly even signal throughout the session.

The proof was when I laid on the QRS mat the first time. I felt the resonance immediately.  My body had become accustomed to this energy so I knew what it felt like.  This was that same feeling, x10. The MRS2000 is a good product but I felt the power of the QRS instantly.

I absolutely loved its programmable design.

The best thing though, was all the indisputable research to back up the Quantron Resonance System.

20 year research with over 40 different studies.

The internationally patented four-step therapy:

Step 1: Patent that blocks out “electronic smog
Step 2: Patent for the transport of ions
Step 3: Patent for the transport of protons
Step 4: Patent in Biofeedback to adopt to individual optimization

The QRS Quantron was developed by and for the outer space programs.  Eventually it was placed on the MIR space station for calcium bone strength – for starters.

The QRS Mat and pillow pad can be rolled up and put in my suitcase along with other luggage. The MRS2000 mat and pillow pad cannot be rolled up or you will damage the coils. The mat must be folded in thirds.  I had to buy a special travel bag to carry it with.

I had to buy a meter Mic-Mac-Handy device at almost $200 to let me hear if my signal was good. The QRS comes with a free signal finder.

When I bought the MRS2000Med Set it came with a no return policy. The QRS has a 6 month return policy plus a 2 year warranty.

After taxes and buying the carry bag my MRS2000Med Set cost me over $4000. The QRS with the pen is $3250, saving me a whopping $800.

I’m still looking for the research studies that backs up what the MRS2000medset claims. I really would like to see some research.  The Quantron Resonance System has the research and the pedigree of a winner.

“QRS is a benefit for mankind – from babies to old people”
“QRS will lead to a change of paradigm in medicine”
Prof. DR. Linus Pauling
DOUBLE Nobel prize winner from the USA

Why would I buy another PEMF device when I had a good one already?

“My health in the short term and the long term means everything to me. It takes guts to admit you didn’t do all your homework. After doing my due diligence I agree the other units are good, but hands down the QRS is superior, and like me, many are following the same journey, with the same discovery and conclusion.”

Michael Alpough