Weight Loss with PEMFMost of us have problems losing weight for a number of reasons. Stress, poor diet and the electronic smog all around us, takes an enormous toll on our body. Perhaps the biggest reason for weight gain is slow metabolism. In this article you will see you how PEMF can increase your metabolism to help speed up your weight loss efforts. After trying it, you will be convinced that weight Loss can be accelerated with the use of PEMF Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy.

PEMF devices like the QRS Quantron Resonance System and the MRS 2000+ energize all 37 trillion cells in our body and assist in speeding up the metabolism.  Our cells operate like tiny generated batteries. A cell that is strong operates between 50-70 Millivolts. A cell under 40 Millivolts starts to become fatigued. Over time these low energy cells start to stack up like coins, slowing down the metabolism. Weight loss is more difficult, at the same time weight gain becomes easier.

I started using PEMF devices in 2007. I upgraded to the Quantron Resonance System after starting out with the MRS 2000+. Since using PEMF therapy I have lost over 70 pounds. I also credit diet and exercise as a big part in my weight loss. There is one huge difference here…

I had lost over 70 pounds 4 different times in the last 10 years and gained every pound back within months. After using PEMF therapy every day I now have kept the weight off for 2 years and I keep losing. There is no doubt in my mind the QRS Quantron has helped me speed up my metabolism.

It makes perfect sense that having more energy going throughout the body creates less fatigue and helps the mind stay motivated…

Ten improvements I noticed after using PEMF therapy

1.  My skin cleared up and looks healthier.

2.  People tell me I look younger by 10 years.

3.  Food cravings have decreased.

4.  At 31 I could barely run a mile – now at 52 I can run 5 miles or more.

5.  Increased sex drive.

6.  Better sleep, I now wake up ready to go everyday.

7.  Feeling more in control of my emotions.

8.  Improved circulation in my legs.

9.  Hearing improved.

10.  Prostate inflammation decreased.

Weight loss can be accelerated with PEMF therapy. The Quantron Resonance System is the best health investment I have ever made. I won’t go a day without it and neither should you because your health and your metabolism depends on it – and it shows with how much weight you gain or lose.

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