About ElectroMeds

ElectroMeds is a group of professionals who truly enjoy bringing healing, good health and well-being to people, all over the world.

Our passion is to deliver real pain relief, because we know that PEMF does just that – better than anything else on earth.

Our joy is knowing that every PEMF machine we sell WILL improve someones sleep.

We are grateful when we hear testimonials about the natural weight loss that many people experience with our PEMF devices.

We love networking with other like-minded people who are actively on the path to health and wellness – not just “symptom control”…

We have carefully selected the equipment we sell to meet the standard of “what would I recommend if I was buying for myself or my family“.

PEMF makes everyone at ElectroMeds “feel like a million bucks” every single day, and we look forward to helping you say the same.

We have been shipping out the top energy medicine systems worldwide for over 5 years.  We sincerely look forward to serving you for the next 40 years with our personal service, our top of the line equipment, and most important – real results in advancing your health and well being.

The ElectroMeds Staff

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Michael Alpough - ElectromedsMichael Alpough

Michael Alpough has been a full-time health field professional for over 20 years with a background in psychology, physical evaluation and rehab, and energy medicine.

Michael is available to be a guest on radio or television – contact him directly to set an appointment.





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