PEMF Business Opportunity W Pro Sports Franchises and Athletes

Sponsor a professional sports team with PEMF business opportunity Electromeds


Sponsor A Professional Sports Team

And Reap The Rewards For Many

Years To Come

Can you picture yourself owning an exclusive franchise in the high-profile, high-visibility world of professional sports?

ElectroMeds is now offering this exclusive opportunity for a very low investment – it is not hard to see the simplicity and beauty of this plan.

Sponsor a professional football team NFL with PEMF business opportunity Electromeds

NFL Teams

Can you take my word for something right now, then do your own research later to find out if I’m exaggerating or not?

OK, here it is:  The human body absolutely LOVES pulsed electro-magnetic therapy, and athletes heal quicker if they use it, over not using it – period.

It is easy to imagine the toll that is taken on the body of the average professional athlete.  In a word, it is a tremendous beating and constant wearing down.

This non-stop beating and pounding on their bodies makes professional athletes the perfect target group for this mode of daily healing.

We have contacts available for every professional sports team in the USA, and can easily find the connection for virtually any pro or semi pro team, anywhere in the world.

Your investment of approximately $13,000 and up will go towards purchasing one MegaPulse 2.0 Tesla PEMF system and offering them for use with the team of your choice.

Pro athlete using PEMF device

Igor Olshanski of the NFL Using PEMF

With no risk on their part, we will be putting the most popular energy healing device in the world underneath the greatest athletes in your area.

And what do you get out of it?  REFERRALS!!

Similar to how the website got plenty of free publicity with Igor Olshanski of the NFL.

The main difference between their machine, the PER 2000, and the MegaPulse is about $10,000 each.  At $26,000 per copy, the PER2000 is mostly going to be used in a clinic setting.

At $13,000, you could buy 2 full MegaPulse systems and have 2 teams able to use the equipment at the same time, instead of just one.  Even take it home with them.

Sponsor a professional baseball team MLB with PEMF business opportunity Electromeds

Major League Baseball

Then it will be a matter of working with the individuals on the team to show them how to get the most out of the pulsed electromagnetic equipment.

Of course, it makes everyone’s job alot easier when they find out that ElectroMeds has on-staff a full-time medical doctor with an 800 number that they can call anytime, day or night, to get the doc’s opinion on what would be the best use for the MegaPulse in their particular situation.

This service is free for anyone who owns or uses a MegaPulse System purchased only through ElectroMeds.

Now, you are going to take:

1.  The worlds most advanced PEMF – Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields – device

Sponsor a professional basketball team NBA with PEMF business opportunity Electromeds

NBA Teams

2.  The best value for the money in PEMF anywhere in the world

3.  The best customer service of any medical equipment company in the world

And you are going to leverage it into a full-time career that is:

1.  financially lucrative

2.  professionally rewarding (witnessing rapid physical healing)

3.  glamorous position in the “in-crowd”

Sponsor a professional hockey team NHL with PEMF business opportunity Electromeds

NHL Teams

Call, email or chat today to find out how you and ElectroMeds can put you on the fast-track to professional sports health support.