Hepatitis Studied With PEMF ElectroMagnetic Therapy

Hepatitis Studied With PEMF ElectroMagnetic Therapy

Results of this study showed that the use of magnetic fields was effective in treating patients suffering from viral hepatitis who had previously not benefited from conventional drug therapies.

I.A. Il’inskii, et al., “Experience with the Use of Glucocorticosteroids and Magnetic Fields in the Intensive Therapy of Severe Forms of Viral Hepatitis,” Soviet Medicine, 9, 1978, p. 72-74.

This study examined the effects of magneto therapy in children suffering from various forms of viral hepatitis. Magneto therapy consisted of alternating magnetic fields applied to the liver area daily over a total of 10-15 days. Results indicated magneto therapy led to more rapid and trouble free recovery.

V.V. Krasnov & A.I. Shilenok, “Magnetotherapy of Hepatitis A and B in Children,” Pediatriia, 10, 1991, p. 54-57.

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