The Inner Battle of the Traditional Physician With An Alternative Method

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The Inner Battle of the Traditional Physician With An Alternative Method


 DR Patricia Manndroff – Specialist in anesthesia and intensive care.

The intensive care unit and ambulances are my home. Working for many years in a large hospital as an anesthetist, intensive care physician and surgeon treating serious road accidents at the scene, I have learnt that my work does not allow experiments. If it is a matter of life or death, one must use the well proven, all that is not proven and tested scientifically cannot be implemented.

This experience has influenced me as well as the long studies which, in principal, are orientated entirely on traditional medicine and, if at all, deal only slightly with alternative medicine. In addition, it must be said that there are charlatans working under the cover of naturopathy whose ‘successes’ must often be repaired by traditional medicine with great effort.

No wonder that many of my colleagues have great skepticism when it comes to alternative methods.

However, magnetic field therapy exists in traditional medicine and is used in hospitals but only in a very limited defined spectrum like improvement of bone healing processes, in particular with osteomyelitis and pseudoathrosis. As a traditional physician I am careful and critical but do not, like some of my colleagues, refuse all alternatives, new methods.

Ten years ago, I was able to establish the positive effects of acupuncture in the therapy of pain (a field an anesthetist is always confronted with) and completed training in acupuncture. At this time, I had my first experience with magnetic field therapy. I learnt that, by using a permanent magnet, repeated stimulation of permanent syringes will clearly increase the effect and power of acupuncture. Only a year and a half ago, a magnetic field therapy instrument, PEMF, was offered to me. When I read the brochure my distrust and repulsion grew tremendously: a therapy used for over 20 indications which can be used at home cannot be taken seriously. The range incorporated the general increase of vitality, anti-stress effects and the treatment of threatening internal and surgical diseases. This sounded too much like a mile cure or voodoo.

However, I was curious and knew that this low field strength would cause no side effects or damage and I began to test PEMF. Unexpectedly, it had an effect. The permanent slight back pain disappeared and the repeated influence infections, which I contracted regularly from my children, did not reoccur. The entire family was ill, except for me. I therefore extended the application of the magnetic mat and included some relatives in the treatment, which again led to positive results.

A woman suffering from severe osteoporosis who as a result had had several bone fractures, survived without the fracture of her metatarsal bones when a marble Buddha of an approximately 10kg (20 pound) fell on her foot from a height of about 1m. Also her coxalgia disappeared after a joint replacement. A friend with severe arthritis in her scapular joint who could abduct her arm only by 20 degrees reported after weeks that the instrument had no effect but lifted her arm to the level of her head.

These experiences induced me to study the more intensively and in more detail. In the following months I realized why the great number of indications are no effects of magnetic field therapy are completely different to those of the medicines of traditional medicine which intervene very specifically at one receptor or synthetic step which leads to very specific effects and possible side-effects. The main effect of magnetic field therapy by using PEMF is overall, including the entire body. It imitates the body’s electromagnetic waves; for example those caused by the movement of the body (action potential of the nerves, depolarization potential of the muscle membrane etc.). These low pulsing magnetic fields activate in the old natural and evolutionary way, regeneration processes in the individual organ.

There is much literature available on basic research of the permanent and pulsating magnetic field. I would like to restrict myself to some physiological effects important in my opinion, which have been documented in various studies:

1. Blood circulation will increase: The loaded particles in the blood stream will oscillate in the magnetic field in the rhythm of the frequency. This will reduce the friction in narrow capillaries and the flow resistance. The perfusion (blood circulation) will increase and, at the same time, the diffusion rate for oxygen and carbon dioxide increases.

2. The oxygen partial pressure will increase: All studies stated a dramatic increase in the oxygen content in the blood of up to 80%!

3. The cell’s membrane potential will be normalized: A general exhaustion of the body, caused by stress or chronic disease, will reduce the cell’s membrane potential which is usually between minus 70 and minus 90 mV. If this potential approaches the zero level, the cell dies. A cell uses 50% of its energy to maintain this potential. PEMF, with its patented saw-tooth curve enables the selective movement of protons (H+ ions) which will then be retarded at the cell membrane. In this way, hyperpolarised and the membrane potential normalizes.


4. Calcium influx into the cell: Through the increased concentration of H+ ions in the membrane area, the pH values will be reduced near the membrane. This leads to the release of calcium from the protein layer of the cell membrane. The unbound calcium flows into the cell core and triggers numerous reactions there: Macrophages will be activated and therefore the immunology system, the metabolism will be activated and nitric oxide produced, one of the most potent vessels enlarges. In addition, cytogenesis is stimulated. These four effects reveal the basic principle of the magnetic field effect. Oxygen, our elixir of life, without which we could not exist, will not only be increased in the blood but also transported more easily, faster and better to the consumer, our cells. The cells will, on the other hand, be stabilized through the regenerated membrane potential and activated through the calcium influx.

Through the activation and strengthening of the cells and increased oxygen the body will be supported in its fight against diseases or they will be prevented. The great range of indications is therefore understandable because it is a basic therapy that supports spontaneous healing process. The coming years of research will be exciting, particularly if they enable us to measure directly with the magnetic field therapy the ATP content in the cells.

Worth supporting also is the purely empirical study of the Euro-Institute because in a relatively short period of time it can supply safe recommendations within the Field of indications based on a comprehensive case study.

The PEMF therefore find its place in modem medicine.

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