Medithera Rent

Rent A Medithera

4-Week Rental – $80

Use the Medithera Magnetic Fields Therapy System for 1 full month and if you don’t like it for any reason, return it and your total investment for 1 full month is only $80 – the restocking fee.  Your credit card will be fully refunded minus only $80.

So you will get to use a brand new, state-of-the-art Medithera for one full month for only $80 (if you decide to return it).

Below you can either download our order form and then fax it back.  We accept credit cards and checks by fax or mail, or use our secure shopping cart to pay with your USA bank check.

Don’t delay, order your Medithera today.

Download the Medithera Order Form Here (right click, save link as)

8-Week Rental – $400

Try the Medithera Magnetic Fields System by renting it for $50.00 a week (excl. $40 S&H). We offer an 8-week rental. If you like it, you can keep it and we will deduct your rental fees and security deposit from your purchase.

There is a $600 deposit that is refunded when unit is returned, or applied directly towards your purchase if you choose.

Rent today:  $600 deposit + $400 ($50 x 8wks) + $40 Shipping = $1040

Buy in 8 weeks: $2950 – $1000 ($600+$400) = Balance Due $1950

Return in 8 weeks: Refund issued for $600 after inspection of unit.

The Medithera Pen Applicator rents for $10 per week ($80 for 8 weeks)

Download your Medithera 8 week Rental Agreement Here (right click, save link as)


Terms and Conditions, Shipping and Returns