PEMF And Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture is one of the cornerstones of traditional Chinese medicine. According to the healing method, used for millennia and confirmed empirically, body energy flows along the meridians. Each disturbance of the energy flow, as well as excessive or a lack of energy ultimately leads to disease.

The German physician, Dr. Voll ,developed a measurement system to measure these meridians which enabled cause-related diagnoses. Conventional medicine currently complains about the accuracy of measurement and has rejected this method, but this could not prevent many physicians and non-medical practitioners from applying Voll’s Electro acupuncture (EVA)
successfully in their diagnoses and therapies.

Russian space research picked up this method and developed it further on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine. The measurements are computer-controlled here and therefore of great precision. In only 200 msec., 400 measurements are made and evaluated. Over 12 million measured data of Russian citizens, based on age, gender, organ clock and five-element theory, will give clear indications for diagnoses and therapies. For us, this system seemed to be suitable to evaluate and examine with QRS, and from the viewpoint of acupuncture, the effectiveness of magnetic field therapy. The results were convincing. QRS has a regulating and harmonizing effect on the body and its energy exchange.

picture no. 1

Picture I shows a patient with a 72% energy deficit (compared with the standard). A high value indicates an energy deficit; a low value excessive energy. After only eight minutes of QRS treatment, the deficit was reduced from 72% to 19% which means energy increase of 74% (picture 2).

no. 2

no. 3

Picture 3 clarifies the harmonization of the individual meridians. Besides energy deficit, the blue curve shows great irregularities. This was the basic value before QRS therapy. After therapy, the energy balance is not only higher (red curve) but clearly more balanced.

The measurement results shown were gained after one QRS treatment (I x 8 minutes).

After several applications an entire harmonization of the energy exchange is usually achieved.