QRS PureWave


The QRS PureWave System includes: Full Length body mat, Pillow pad, Pen Applicator, Control unit, Power adapter, Instruction manual and Information packet. Free Shipping.

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The QRS PureWave System is a gold medal winning PEMF device with three international patents. The QRS  Home System includes: Full length body mat, Pillow pad, Control unit, Applicator Pen, Power adapter, Instruction manual and Information packet. This product is used by Professional Athletes and trainers, Doctors, Chiropractors and other Healthcare pros. Additionally, a majority of QRS owners are home users.

Specifically, this QRS PureWave System is unused. It is a trade-in on a MegaPulse. The customer decided they needed more power immediately after buying this unit. However, this medium to low intensity PEMF is perfect for office or home use such as in your work chair or recovery lounge. Also, QRS has many different settings from sleep to injury repair. This makes it great for all-around use or experimentation


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