Purchase Terms and Conditions ElectroMeds


Purchase Fee: Prepaid Shipping fee includes delivery to your address.

It is understood and agreed, as a part consideration hereto, that:

1. The Purchaser understands that the 30 day money back guarantee is applicable only for purchase of an ElectroMeds PEMF system or accessory. The 30 days begin 7 days after the shipping date and end 60 days later.
2. The Purchaser understand that the two year factory warranty covers replacement or repairs of parts or components which fail due to faulty workmanship or faulty material. The Purchaser understands that the warranty does not cover: normal wear and tear, damages due to faulty handling and misuse by the buyer or a third person, damages due to other circumstances, e.g. opening the control unit. When making a warranty claim, please submit a copy of this warranty with the unit to be serviced.
3. The Purchaser understands that (A) ElectroMeds.com makes no medical claims whatsoever regarding the use, results, or effects from a PEMF system, and (B) some conditions require the supervision of a health care practitioner.
4. Purchaser acknowledges receipt of a duplicate of these Purchase Terms and Conditions.
5. It is understood that the foregoing constitutes the whole Purchase Contract between the parties, and that no condition, representation, or warranty shall affect this transaction unless contained herein.
6. In the event of a return of PEMF product(s) within the 30 day money back guarantee the Purchaser acknowledges responsibility for destruction, loss, soiling, or any damage to the PEMF product(s) from any cause, and will take all necessary care in protecting and maintaining the product(s). The Purchaser will be charged a refurbishing fee that will not exceed the total unit price and depends upon the extent of damages.
7. Purchaser agrees on paying the return shipping charges.
8. The Purchaser understands that the plastic covering cannot be removed from the PEMF before the 30 day money back guarantee is over. Removal of the plastic covering will result in ownership and cannot be returned.
9. An $80.00 restocking fee is applicable in the event of a PEMF System return. A $25.00 restocking fee is applicable in the event of a PEMF Pen return. Refurbishing fees apply if the product(s) is not returned in good order, clean in the original packaging and with all the original form.
10. The Purchaser approves this contract and authorizes ElectroMeds.com to charge their payment(s) to the credit card (I understand that the credit card will be processed through an ElectroMeds credit card account).