Rife Frequency Patent Reads Your Body, Then Delivers Custom Waves & Frequencies

Rife Frequency Patent Reads Your Body, Then Delivers Custom Waves

The Work History of Dr. Royal Rife as reported in The MEDIA & MEDICAL Journals  Between 1930-1971 shows that he was a brilliant man, he possessed a sharp mind and he blazed many new medical paths having to do with energy and electricity.  The frequencies that Rife introduced were rather one directional, and some would say “hit-and-miss”.  You dial in a frequency according to what condition you feel you might have, which in the long run is not very scientific nor accurate.

The latest breakthrough in Rife technology is worldwide patent that is very exciting.  What this patent establishes is the ability for a machine to send out a bio-feedback signal to your body, the machine then receives the signal back from your body in a bio-feedback loop.  Then the machine automatically customizes the electromagnetic resonance frequencies it determines that would be best for your body, based on the bio-feedback information.  It then delivers these customized, healing, resonant frequency waves to your body in a full therapeutic dose, giving your body what it needs based on long proven science and thousands of trials and testimonials.

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