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Listen To These Doctors Talk About the Amazing Results They Have Witnessed Using PEMF.




29 FEB 2012

I bought the home unit of the Magnopro. My parents had seen it on the Dr. Oz show awhile ago and saw  someone with similar chronic pain as I have. Thanks to your great 30 day trial, it made it easy to try it.  Well, it turns out that we got even more benefit from the pad than we could have imagined.
I have fibromyalgia. It causes me constant exhaustion and chronic pain all over (and inside out for that matter). Since using the pad, I am finally able to get out on my own and drive for long distances without the worry of too much pain and/or the kind of exhaustion I used to encounter even if I was just a passenger. I am only human and still have episodes with major pain and tiredness, but I have been in bad shape for over 5 years now. I have confidence that.this is giving my body the help I never thought I would have.
Also, my parents have both benefited from it too!!  My Mom has circulatory trouble and is diabetic thus causing feet and leg pain. She gets on the mat when it hurts alot and once treatment time is done, pain is gone!
My Dad, at 77, fell riding his bicycle hurting his shoulder mainly but has also been sore all over as well. He has been using it twice a day and is getting better every day.
We call it our magic carpet ride! You just lay or sit with the pad under you and the magic begins! Of course this is our opinion but the stories mentioned above are entirely true. And must thank Michael Alpough for such great service also. Its all been a huge blessing for the three of us!!
All our best! 🙂
Kathleen A,
Santa Clarita, Ca.


8 FEB 2012 ============

Hello Michael,
Just wanted let you know how much I’m enjoying my Medithera and all it’s functions. I told you I’m keeping the Medithera before my 30 days was up! I work nights and sometimes it’s very difficult to sleep during the day. I set the Medithera on the Relax setting and I fall into a deep sleep like a newborn baby. Thank you for taking the time to explain everything about the working of the Medithera. Anyone with pain ailments, low energy or lack of sleep like me I highly recommend Medithera. Plus, Michael sent me a beautiful Massage table to have as a permanent place for my Medithera system. That’s service!
Nedra W.
San Diego,Ca.

1 FEB 2012 =============

We wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the new Medithera Home System we purchased in December, 2011. It was a hard decision to make because of the expense but it was well worth the money. My husband has arthritic knees and he lays on the mat 15 to 20 minutes twice a day and he has had a tremendous amount of pain relief. He actually moves around much better and faster now. He started noticing the difference in about 2 weeks. He also had neck fusion surgey a few years ago and the Medithera System has also helped relieve his pain. I broke my ankle in October, 2011 and I believe the Medithera has helped in the healing process.

We received great service from Michael Alpough and the Medithera System was shipped in a very timely manner.

Thanks very much
Linda S from Ohio

18 JAN 2012 =================


I am such a pleased customer with the Medithera Pad that I have been using.  I have fibromyalgia, and I have been getting such tremendous relief.  I sleep better at night, and I have more energy in the day.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has chronic pain.  My inflammation and pain are almost all gone.  I do know that regular use is the key.  I plan on incorporating this regime into my daily plan.

When I use it at night, I do sleep better.  I have more vitality and well-being.

I especially love the fact that after my 30 day trial period, and I give 3 referrals and mine testimonial,I am receiving a free massage table.  How great is that?  A company that is honorable, and forthright.

Dr. Oz did mention this product after I purchased my Medithera.

Thank you,
Patricia Millis

4 JAN 2012 ==================

NOTE: This is why I’m in this business! Janisse Escalante sent this to me and I wanted you all to read it and be inspired!

Michael I have to tell you that I haven’t seen my husband smile the way he did when he stood up after using the mat. He was actually able to carry our 16 month old daughter yesterday and play with her! I am so happy that he’s finally got some relief from his back pain.

At first he had no idea what it was and I told him to try it out and after he did he said he couldn’t believe how it made his back feel. He said he felt brand new.

This may really save his life!

He was so depressed and miserable for so long – he wasn’t sure what to do…

Thank you for getting the unit to my house and I think my husband has decided to keep it. He even said that he knows a number of people he works with in the military who could benefit from this product.

I’m excited to get the pen so I could try it on my carpal tunnel.


15 DEC 2011 ==============

Hi Michael!

I have used the medithera system for three weeks now.

I use the mat every morning and evening and use the pillow on my back at the waist and my shoulder once during the afternoon.

I have noticed that my back is feeling stronger and I actually have less pain. I am definitely keeping my system and can’t wait to see what the next three weeks of use does.

Thanks for all your assistance in getting the process started.

Thanks again!
Audrey Kraun

13 DEC 2011 ==============

I’m 68 years old and in good shape for my age.

I did have some trouble sleeping soundly through the night and because I’ve always been active I’ve acquired some aches and pains that were beginning to slow me down.

When I heard about PEMF it certainly sparked an interest but I will admit it sounded too good to be true.

Checking online I found a Medithera website and checked it out completely. I read the Instruction Manual and all the research.

What prompted me to take the risk and get one was the 30 Day Use Guarantee. What did I have to lose? If it didn’t perform as advertised I could return it and recover my money.

In less than a week of use I was sleeping soundly through the night and most of the pain I was experiencing was diminishing.

With proper use in the morning, my work out was easier and more extensive and I was much more energetic throughout the day.

My wife and I are very happy we made the decision to purchase the Medithera.

Art Biada