PEMF 4000 Solo Unit Buy Now


PEMF 4000 Solo Unit Buy Now

PEMF 4000


Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) machines are class of technology shown clinically to relieve deep pain quickly. And the PEMF 4000 is the first of it’s kind to be affordable enough for people to use at home, effective enough to be trusted in doctors’ clinics, and portable enough so you never have to go without relief no matter where life takes you.


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————— REVIEWS————–

Review #1 – Portland Medical Center

We are having very good success with the equipment. Our success rate is between 89-98% and we see remarkable results in our patients. The equipment is easy to operate does not take up more space than a small computer desk. The clients find it quite comfortable and enjoy their quiet time while they are being treated. We only have one center right now but are in the middle of planning to set up a new second clinic in a more populated area with a couple of systems. The PEMF4000 has been an absolute wonderful advisor while we got used to the equipment and the proper way of using the equipment with the different clients and their problems. They do not just sell you the equipment and leave you high and dry but they are very supportive and helpful. The equipment works extremely well with lower back pain, OA and sciatic problems. I highly recommend the PEMF4000, we would not consider opening up our other centers with any other equipment than PEMF4000. AMAZING POWER! R.N. Canada

Reviewed by Dr James Suddfin from Canada. – 7/11/2013


Review #2

Years ago, I injured my lower back and have been plagued with lower back pain ever since. First I tried therapeutic exercises and chiropractic treatments with limited success. Next I tried various medications which provided some relief but also made me intolerably drowsy. In desperation, I began to research alternative treatments to try to find some pain relief. It was then that I stumbled upon the PEMF4000. I don’t know how it works or why it works, but I know this, it WORKS. I know experience periods free from any discomfort. I simply can’t express how this has improved my quality of life. It is easy to operate and is very effective. I can now sit in a car for extended periods of time while traveling without discomfort. I sleep better and so I am more rested. Even my appetite has returned. I can’t thank the folks at Lemuria Technologies enough for providing me with this device that has allowed me to reclaim my life.

Regards, Will