PEMF 4000 Owners and Operators Manual


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PEMF 4000 User’s Manual


How to Use

(1) How to Use the Treatment Rope (arranged from weakest to strongest treatment)

  • No coil – Simply hold the treatment rope up to the area to be treated. This is best for sensitive areas such as the eyes, mouth, gums and teeth, neck and other areas near the head.
  • Direct wrap – Wrap the rope around the body part to be treated. Increase the number of times the rope wraps around this body part to increase the treatment strength.
  • Loop coil – Arrange the rope into a coiled loop. The more loops you add to the coil the stronger the treatment will be. Hold the center of the coil up to the body part to be treated from multiple angles for best results. Experiment by holding the loop at different distances from the body to find the ideal comfort level.

(2) Basic Protocol for Treating Yourself, Others and Animals

A.    Identify the Source of Pain – Locate the source of pain in your body. Touch it if possible to get           a sense of its size, shape and exact location. If the pain is all over, try to identify where it is the         strongest or the most swollen. This is where the treatment will begin.

B.     Rate the Pain on a Scale of 1 (No Pain) to 10 (Extreme Pain) – This will give you a good                  gauge from which to measure your results immediately after treatment and over the next week          as you monitor your progress. If you will be treating regularly it may prove useful to write this                 number down before the Session and again after the Session for future reference.

C.  Prepare the Rope – Take the treatment rope (or other accessory) and plug each end of the cable into the top slots on the front panel of the unit. After inserting, secure each plug by gently twisting it clockwise until it clicks into place. To remove the cables after the session, pull the silver locks back with your thumb and twist the cable counter clockwise.

D.   Power the Device On – Plug the power cord into the wall (or specific adapter). You will see a Power Switch at the bottom of the front panel. When it is flipped into the ON position it will light up green. Do not switch it on until the treatment accessory is attached.

E.   Set the Timer – Each machine ships with the option to treat for up to 3 minutes. If you turn the timer up all the way, it will pulse continuously without running out. The timer dial does not move by itself. The end of the treatment will be marked by the green Start button dimming and the red Stop button lighting up.  Average treatment duration is 1 to 3 minutes.

F.  Start and Stop Buttons – You will see two buttons next to the timer. When you turn on the unit, the Stop button lights up red and the Start button stays dark. Press the Start button to begin the session and it will light up green. Push the Start button again before the timer runs out to start a new session of the same duration. Push the Stop button to end the session before the timer runs out. Always stop the session before powering off the device.

G.  Apply the Rope to the Treatment Area – Place the rope coiled with your chosen method on your body so that it touches or surrounds the source of pain identified in Step 1. Start by holding the rope far from your body. After you press the start button in Step H, you can slowly bring it closer to your body until you feel each pulse comfortably.

H.  Start the Session – Press the Start button. You will hear a sharp pop sound come through the machine each pulse. Each pulse may produce a slight muscle contraction and tingling sensation. The strength of the contraction depends on the number of wraps made on the treatment rope, distance of the rope from your body, and the muscle groups exposed. If you do not experience muscle contractions that is fine because you are still receiving treatment.

I.    Adjust the Intensity and Rep. Rate – There are two knobs on the front panel. One controls the Intensity, which is the strength of each pulse. And the other controls the Repetition Rate, or speed of each pulse. Turn the Rep Rate all the way up and focus on adjusting the Intensity. Adjust the Intensity until the treatment is felt strongly but kept within the range of the user’s comfort level.

J.     On ‘Migrating Pain’ – You may notice after your first session that the source of pain is not in the area you originally identified in Step 1. It may have moved to a nearby area. This is a common result of PEMF treatment because of the brain’s natural pain management response. Relieving pain in one part of the body can reveal pains in other areas that the brain suppressed because they were a lower priority than the original treatment area. Having treated its most pressing problem with the PEMF 4000, the brain indicates the next area that needs attention by turning off local pain suppression. You can follow the pain by continuing to treat until the discomfort fades or leave it for future sessions.

K.  On ‘Extra Pulses’ After the Session Ends – Sometimes after the timer runs out the machine will make an additional pulse. The machine is discharging unused energy built up during the session. This is normal and happens occasionally. Continue to use it as normal.

Safety Tips

(1) Precautions – Do not use if you are using a pacemaker, insulin pump and other internally implanted electronics or metal implants (other than dental) whose function may be influenced by dynamic magnetic fields and induced electrical current. Also, do not use this product on the brain. Although there are existing studies which show positive results from exposure of the brain to PEMF, from our own experience and technical knowledge, we never recommend use of this machine on the brain for any reason.

(2) Make Sure the Treatment Rope is Intact – Inspect the rope before use to make sure the insulation (ie: white part of the rope) is not torn, damaged or severed such that the wire inside is exposed. If the insulation is broken, STOP! Do not use that rope. Use a different accessory or visit our website to order a replacement.

(3) Avoid Using Outlets Controlled by Light Dimmer – The magnetic field generated by the PEMF 4000 causes small electronics like those inside of light dimmers to malfunction. It will create a surge of electricity that can damage either your PEMF unit or the light dimmer attached to the outlet. Make sure the outlet you use is not controlled by a light dimmer before you power the unit on!

(4) Give the Fans Room to Breathe – If the fans are blocked or stopped this may cause internal damage to your PEMF 4000. Always make sure nothing can stop or slow the airflow from the fans while the unit is powered on. Also ensure that no dust and debris can be sucked up by the fan.

(5) Power Down Before Changing Accessories – Stop the session and power the unit down before swapping accessories. Make sure the cables snap securely into the connectors before powering on again.

(6) Dealing with “Cleansing Crisis” – The PEMF 4000 stimulates cell metabolism functions. These functions include releasing toxins to be removed by your immune system. Cleansing crisis happens when the immune system becomes overloaded by detoxifying the body too fast. To help the body flush the toxins, drink a large glass of water after each treatment.


(7) Always Use the Handles on the Case to Move the Unit – The strain from pulling on the Treatment Rope connectors or the power cord will damage your device. Tugging may also damage the wires. Always use the suitcase handles or roll it on its wheels to move, adjust, swivel and transport your unit.

(8) Do Not Drop or Toss the Unit – While the case is durable, remember it mainly lends external protection to the sensitive electronics inside. Dropping and tossing the unit may cause internal damage. Always put the unit down with care. And make sure the unit is fastened securely and padded for minimal movement during travel.

Getting Support

Questions, Assistance and Repairs

Please see the FAQ on our website for answers to commonly asked questions. If you need additional assistance or repairs please email or call the Support number listed on our website.

Warranty Information

Every device includes a 3 Year Warranty. The warranty is the period of time during which we accept units for repair or replacement without additional charge. This Warranty is subject to conditions.

Machines returned to us that we find to be damaged beyond repair, shows evidence of extreme usage, intentionally damaged (read: abused), serviced or opened by anyone other than a technician approved by Lemuria Technologies, or revealing a security breach due to tampering, a fee may be applied or service may be refused. We reserve the right to deny service for the above and for any reason.


© 2013 Lemuria Technologies LLC

All rights reserved. At this time of publishing the PEMF 4000 is not approved by the FDA. It is for experimental use or use as a supplemental treatment by a qualified health practitioner. The PEMF 4000 device and information contained herein are not intended to replace or delay medical diagnosis or treatment. We make no claims that the device is capable of preventing, treating or curing any medical condition. And we will not be liable for any claims stating otherwise. If you know or suspect that you may have a medical condition, please seek medical attention from your doctor. We will not be held liable for injuries or personal harm resulting from use or misuse of the PEMF 4000. This technology was created to support and demonstrate clinical research obtained from both governmental and institutional publications. By using the PEMF 4000 the customer acknowledges his/her personal responsibility and risk. And therefore agrees to release us Lemuria Technologies, our affiliates, partners and other 3rd party associates from liability resulting from use or misuse of the PEMF 4000 technology and its accessories.

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