Doctor Oz has an Emmy award winning daytime TV show. Formerly a medical expert on Oprah Winfrey’s show, he addresses viewer’s questions and interviews health experts. No topic is off-limits. He said he was “…more excited about this show than any other…”  At Electromeds, we are not surprised.

It is easy to see how a licensed doctor can become so excited about pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) therapy. There are decades of research showing remarkable performance and no side effects. Dr Oz mentions deep healing beyond heating, injections or ointments. Importantly, the combination of non-invasive, all good and no bad is just the introduction…

Is there any treatment or drug out there that treats one thing and has BENEFICIAL side effects for many others?

You can see the excitement from Dr. Oz in this video. He is almost bouncing off the floor when he explains how PEMF increases the oxygen supply and nutrients to damaged cells. Healing at the cellular level with harmless magnetic waves is Star Trek stuff. This is the kind of thing we dream about…and doctors are told to forget about in school. Invisible waves that out-class the best modern medicine has to offer? That can’t be real! But it is real and when Dr Oz found out about it he had to tell us.


Doctors have to stay on top of their game. One of the ways they do it is to read medical journals. If a primary care doctor reads an article about osteoarthritis there may be some interest. If She is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine then there will be more interest. However, as Doctor Oz states, when we bring the subject up or present them with a personal case study they become even more interested. Doctors like success stories and PEMF is really just one big success story.

Can I use PEMF if it is not FDA approved?

According to Dr Oz, the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved PEMF for fusing broken bones; treating severe un-treatable depression and treating post operative pain and swelling. Why would Dr. Oz be so excited about a little tool occupying a small corner of the medical industry? The truth is: PEMF has been proven to treat a whole lot more maladies than those listed here.

Every country has their version of the FDA. Expensive studies need to be done for a drug or food source to be approved. Once that happens, a company can only make claims that have been presented to and approved by the governing body. Additionally, studies and surveys are performed simply to know about a certain subject. Likewise, there are products available to doctors in some places and not in others. It’s a legal thing but it doesn’t have to be our thing.

Does it make sense that a medical treatment will work perfectly fine in one country but not 5 miles away in another?

Clearly, a treatment does not need FDA approval to work. Furthermore, the medical studies we have seen are proof of positive effects and no side effects for the given group of people or animals. We are concerned about the FDA mitigating the distribution of PEMF devices. As one can imagine, medical studies and FDA approval can add a hefty price tag to any medical product. It is our goal to match effective products with peer-reviewed studies in order to provide a price the market can bear. We are cutting out the middle man to give you a good price.

In the Dr Oz. video, Dr Pawluk states “…you are going to have to do your own internet work.” Looking at our education page, you can see we have done much of the work for you. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will find it for you. There is a wealth of information which proves PEMF will treat a wide variety of illness from mild pain to cancer. It is the closest thing to the mythical fountain of youth that we have ever seen.

You owe it to yourself to look further into this technology and find the amazing things it can do for you.

Full Transcript of 10 Minute Dr Oz Episode On PEMF

A groundbreaking oz you don’t have to live in agony anymore heal your chronic pain no pills no surgery today we are changing the practice of medicine the new invisible treatment your doctor hasn’t heard of bill is a magnetic field around you going deep into your body is this the revolutionary cure you’ve been waiting for everything’s for real this is new cutting-edge research dr. oz investigates this is how we’re gonna change medicine together thank you very much I am more excited about the show that any other we have done this season because today we are changing the practice of medicine and you get the help now if you’ve tried everything to ease your back pain your neck pain foot pain arthritis pain then this is the show for you there’s a revolutionary cure for pain that few doctors know about because it’s not a new pill or surgery it uses moving magnets energy waves that change the way your body copes with pain well if you see what we found you may not realize it and you certainly can’t feel it but inside each of us is a raging electrical storm a biological whirlwind that controls every cell every nerve every muscle every thought how you experience pleasure and even how you experience pain what if you could harness this powerful force field inside of you to feel better sleep longer and most miraculous of all ease your chronic aches and pains that’s the promise of magnetic therapy which uses the power of magnetic energy to redirect electrical impulses to the areas where you feel pain so relief and healing can begin the FDA has already cleared pulsed magnetic therapy for fusing broken bones treating severe untreatable depression and now the treat post-operative pain and swelling and sounds like science fiction but is magnetic therapy for real are we finally on the brink of a whole new frontier to reduce even erase your pain now just to be clear we are not talking about static magnets at the con you stick on the fridge this is pulsed electromagnetic fields it’s pulsing moving energy much more powerful than static Magnus so here’s how could work for your pace alright so this is really important what you understand it well here’s what researchers say magnetic fields are doing inside the body inside this mat their electrical coils and what lectricity passes through there creates a magnetic field that that moves to the body and it talks a twist person trillion cells in your body and he goes deep into your body places where sports creams and heating pads could never weeks for example down around the spine where that red angry area is now the magnetic field turns on and when it does it activates these ions these charged particles and their proteins in there and their signals in there stirs these things up and these charged particles bring in nutrients but they also begin to influence things like blood supply now when the blood vessels are going in here the red blood cells are actually stack see they’re stacked like that they’re not supposed to be stacked when they’re irritated that happen so when you pass magnetic fields to there that yellow line it opens up the blood vessel it breaks apart these red cells they’re not stacked like coins so you can get deep healing better options supply so the healing process takes place you don’t just feel better you are better and that’s an important advance for us one that we haven’t been prompt rate of really practicing until today because today we’re going to change that so dr. Diller some of the studies and I’ve been done with these whole body mats that I showed that animation and I’ve got one over here which one over here I’ll show this to you so these devices are pretty straightforward there are many different ways you can get moving electromagnetic pulses but this is one of the ways that that I’m sort of interested in and I’m gonna ask trainee to come join us head Craney how are you and you’ve been using this for last couple days yeah so dr. Harvey about your back pain a little bit well I’ve had chronic back pain for five years I just came here from Chicago I could barely get on the airplane sit on the un– seat um walk up and down stairs um even walk a few blocks I have pain all through my left hip and my lower back so this is a device that I understand you’d be using I’ve been using it for three days so I’m just gonna show folks that this is something that has real impact so this detects energy waves and it’s able to tell me that we had very little going on over here but if I bring it over to the mat it’s quite loud so these waves are invisible or we can tell that it’s working if the device is on and this energy field is you again created because we’re circulating electricity through here and it builds a magnetic field around you going deep into your body and then I show them the animation it can get the places where heating pad can’t get where a massage motion can’t get where the kinds of things we often put on our bodies lesbian aches and pains can’t reach so would you would you be interested in line back to sit there back what you’re done so how many times have you tried this I’ve used the three days in a row for about three hours a day we hours day so doctor explained us how this works at least in theory well this is creating a pulsed electromagnetic field that’s going to come up into her body and quiet down the nerves and improve the circulation really throughout her entire body I got asked one of the question because it comes up a lot in my mind anyway whenever I talk about to me that’s strong enough to help you it’s often potentially risky as well so what are the theoretical risks I would think of a device like this would be that includes your cells in a bad way for example might cause cancers right that’s always a concern but you know where Pedic surgeons have been using these electromagnetic fields to heal fractures and nonunions for years now make you feel better yes no one told me it’s a possibility I don’t think it is a possibility but I always want to ask these questions cuz I don’t want anyone to think there’s ain’t anything free out there everything had potential risks to it so how you feeling on this relaxed and hasn’t made any difference in the back payments you’re experiencing you can sit up I felt when I was walking today to the studio a little bit better in my hip area so how long on average would someone have to lie on one of these mats to get a benefit well these devices have been tested ten to ten to twelve weeks in terms of the research but if four people with really bad acute pain sometimes they’ll respond in two to three weeks right was it thank you for trying it for a couple days I’m actually curious about longer-term use of these products and so we wanted to reach out to someone who actually been trying it we caught up with a police officer who says it changed his life as a police officer the pain impacted me tremendously trying to get in and out of the car trying to deal with offenders it’s hard to do that type of job winger in that kind of extreme back pain the pain started years ago it was very bad to the point where I couldn’t couldn’t function as he would being literally I would be laying on the floor trying to do every kind of stretch and I would have to call him to work sit home lay on the floor with ice on my back it was bad I tried chiropractors medicine and nothing seemed to work when I started researching online everything to do with back pain and the one that struck my eye was electromagnetic terapy as soon as I got the machine I remember opening it up I immediately plugged it in I was in less pain from just one treatment I woke up the next day and I started hitting it three times a day within six to eight weeks the pain was gone I have no pain today at all see what Mike welcome to the show so how is life different now that you tried these magnetic therapies it’s tremendously different pain-free completely you’re kidding me no but we describe your pain before this all started it was intense I’d be laying on the floor with ice packs seeing doctors seeing chiropractors and then the pain just got so bad that I needed to look into something else did you talk to your doctor about it um I talked to actually I talked to him no actually I didn’t I didn’t talk that I was why we were hesitating wait were you embarrassed about not talking to your doctor um a little bit yeah I think I was this is for me the biggest point of this show yeah I don’t want you ever embarrassed if you find something that works for you just because we didn’t know about it I made a big promise to you folks when we started the program I said we’re gonna change medicine today this is a novel idea and I’m proud that we able to uncover it and describe it to you guys but it’s gonna change medicine is not me talking about it it’s gonna be you not being embarrassed to talk to the folks that are governing you in terms of your health that are giving you advice they’re trying to heal you you need to tell your doctor do you know why because every other patient that that doctor sees is gonna benefit because you willing to put your hand up and say you know what I was having bad pain I wasn’t getting relief the medications the injections the operations they weren’t working for me I want to try this new therapy out and you know what it worked for me please share with other people that’s how we learn in medicine I’m asking you to help us asking all of you to play a role in improving the care we give you if you go back to your doctor and tell them you did this and it helped you they’re gonna be curious about this okay I got some tips for you how to do that yeah I liked well worthy because you by the way not be able to work and I mean other issues no amount of money can’t put on an injury like that with your back pain now I’m you know I’m at work you know my heavy my duty belts about pounds all that extra strain on your on your back with an injury like that it was going to work was was hard so now it’s like I put the belt on I’m out there and I’m doing my job and I’m doing a good job well I’m sure you were Lisak which i think is a pretty reasonable thing to try see if it works for you you’re getting no benefit don’t waste your money you can also pull your resources together if a couple people have different aches and pains I try to watch you investing a lot of money being taken advantage of but I do want you getting answers to this to try this in your life so doctor dealers I already asked you why you know we don’t have this in every clinic helped me understand how long it will take for this to be of afforded and offered to patients when they come in with bad back pain because you’re carrying their holster around trying to save us well I’m hoping that it will be a change that occurs more rapidly because of shows like this the cause of courageous patients like this and if we were doing such a great job with chronic pain in this country why would we have a hundred and sixteen million Americans suffering with chronic pain according to the Institute of Medicine we have got to be able to help our patients better than we are right now oh yeah no we talked to a University researcher we did a clinical trial on osteoarthritis another chronic pain that we don’t do so well with you haven’t published the data yet so they didn’t want to come on the show but people who use the mats had less pain for weeks therapy they were sleeping better which is a major major way that we evaluate whether you really are truly healing so dr. giler that mat over there who shouldn’t use it well clearly pregnant women people with heart pacemakers should not use that but otherwise as far as we can tell it’s a very safe device is when we come up back I’m going to talk to you about other magnetic devices you can get into your own home they’re inexpensive affordable they’re the ones that I actually recommend that you try some of the aches and pains that are cooking so many of you you’re right back now imagine these globes here are your vertebrae right and this is what your spine looks like I’ve got four all these numbers help me do this when you have back pain there’s swelling and inflammation in between the bones these ladies are the magnetic force field that sends pulses of energy into the spine to ease inflammation so you guys ready okay we actually of energy inside of us so we’re gonna be able to be the magnet for today so we’re gonna start off I’ll go first this is the very top of the spine I touch and I unify it now keep going and you touch it and then we move the magnets moving moves it moves and even one more further and finally it’s done and then it cycles back again now these moving magnetic fields change the way electricity ions positive negative charges move throughout your body including your spine they affect your cartilage they affect the bones they affect the nerves that take pain fibers from there and by doing that they influence how we act now the theory is that it turns on certain signals in the body these are not novel concepts but these signals could change inflammation they could affect how we repair cells and if you don’t think this is real whoo yours had an MRI scan a lot of folks now MRI scans working these basic principles the back instill right they are badness and so we have magnets in use in hospitals every single day we just don’t use them normally to treat pain that’s going to change after today’s show so dr. James Dillard is a world-class pain specialist who practice would be a Europe Presbyterian Hospital for many years it’s not good dealer have these things for real I mean how can magnetic therapies help ease pain because the electromagnets actually affect the nerve cells nerve cells are electrical cells and the magnetic fields can actually affect how the nerves fire and quiet them down without using drugs that most people are used to and increase circulation in the area and aid the healing you take care of a lot of patients when folks come to you and they want medications or surgery or needles how do you convince them that Magnus might be a better solution well I actually don’t have to convince a lot of these people a lot of my paying patients they’re sick of having too much morphine oxycodone they’re sick of all the injections and I’m trying to do that too many of my patients and remember more than one out of every three Americans is suffering with chronic pain now one out of every three many many of my patients want to try something other than drugs unnecessary surgeries damaging surgeries and these deep injections so a lot of patients I don’t actually have to convince them they want to try something else

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