Dr Bill Deagle and Michael Alpough

Host – Dr Bill Deagle:

We’re back with Michael Alpough, and of course, Michael is our electromagnetic – if you want to call it evangelist.

We have an interesting discussion earlier with Gary. We have some loud noise there, I hope you’re not outside with your cellphone or whatever, I can hear it. It sounds like either that or you’re in a space shuttle, and I can hear you zipping past planets or something.

Michael Alpough:
Are we okay now?

Yes, it’s good. When we talk about the fact that we can’t cheat, we can’t kind of, like Gary mentioned – yes we can, actually. We can cheat. We can cheat by doing things like introducing field energy levels or raise the energy level of the tissues and cells. We can cheat by vibrational platform exercises like VibraSlim. We can cheat by using SomaPulse, where it takes the human resonance of the Earth; and takes the positive frequencies, and activate stem cells; that NASA found, when their satellites go over the poles. And takes that research and says, “Hey, we can make a device that you can put over your knee so you can regenerate your cartilage.” You don’t need to fill that cartilage, you just need a rimula cartilage at the hyper viscous layer, and you don’t have bone-on-bone anymore, so you don’t have hibernation or bone-on-bone.

That’s the amazing thing about this. When you start putting in the energetics, SomaPulse, MediThera, PMP or PMF-100, the pulsed magnetic field. The SomaPulse is the most portable machine. The MediThera is the frequency-dependent device that can activate the sodium potassium channels for detox. It’s a very nice machine. I mean, I like the little pad where I’ll often do, because I have it by my bedside, is that I use the SomaPulse when I’m in my chamber or I’m active doing things; and when I’m in bed if I have an area that are kind of wrecked because I’ve done some exercises and hurt my upper back, I’ll put the SomaPulse pad on, the little pad, which is actually really nice, it’s very foldable. You can put it on your back when you lay down, go to sleep. You could move around the areas that are – usually, within 5 or 10 minutes any discomfort is gone.

It’s true regeneration healing. It’s not covering things up. It’s not making it numb, it actually fixes the problem. That’s what’s really nice about magnetic field therapy. Pulsed energetic therapy changes the actual redux stage of the tissue, stimulates the stem cells, stimulates healing, stimulates detox. It actually fixes the problem, which no other technology does. That’s what we talked about recently with Ron Patterson, with Aluminum Photon Life Therapy. And I tell people the power of one is oxygen, we have hyperbaric oxygen, nutrimeds, energetic technology, including SomaPulse, MediThera, PAM 100, PMT-100, these are amazing.

Head-to-toe stories, we have stories like – in fact, what I got in the mail the other day, was my little headband, so if I get headaches or have a problem, I can just stick my little SomaPulse electrodes, which are really tiny, underneath the headband, and just turn the darn thing on, like it’s a pager. You could go for a walk. I can walk my dogs, go on exercise, and nobody’s the wiser with these little, tiny electrodes underneath the headband, while I’m turning off my headache or making my neck nice and supple if it’s been kind of strained from doing something, especially sitting over desks and computers, preparing for the show and after the show, answering gazillion phone calls from consultants all over the world to try help people get better. It’s an amazing machine.

And the MediThera, also has the possibility of being frequency-specific for different conditions. The PMF-100, the most powerful machine, I call it the planet machine, this is like the Tesla-type super weapon against any kind of inflammation or regeneration of tissue. But you don’t have to do that, you only need the SomaPulse, you just leave it on longer. Seven minutes of the PMF-100 equals to 5 hours of wearing the SomaPulse, but it’s more gentle. The PMF-100 is like having an Austrian trainer with a bull whip, making sure you run fast enough in front of a truck. Whereas, the SomaPulse is just gonna make sure you eventually get there, but it doesn’t necessarily “hurt” or feel uncomfortable, or feel like wow, I can only take 7 minutes of that, it’s a bit much kind of thing.

These are nice machines. They are what I call, a fair way of cheating. They’re not doping, they’re actually fixing the problem. But you need to have the nutrimeds in your body. You need to have the proper diet and lifestyle first, and then the energetics will work. Whether it’s weight loss, reversing diabetes, reversing porphyria, reversing bone density, if you’ve got a horrifying damaged skin or lesion, your vertebrae’s gonna collapse, your hips are gonna break; you need to take a SomaPulse, MediThera or these technologies seriously, and add it to your protocol. You’re gonna remarkably reverse your bone density, and your muscle loss, or regenerate after trauma surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. This is an amazing life-saving technology, isn’t it?

It’s absolutely one of the most incredible inventions of our time. Remember back in the early ’80s, like ’82 and ’83 when the cellphone came out, and how big it was. It was about the size of a shoe box, and it’s now shrunk down into a small, little beeper. Ladies and gentleman, Dr. Deagle is always on the cutting edge. Sees the SomaPulse as well as I do, as the new device for the future. If you’re not using pulsed electromagnetic frequencies right now, you are already doing damage to your body. If you want to lose weight, if you’re in pain, if you can’t sleep very well, you have the SomaPulse, which is going to allow your body to recharge itself.

Ladies and gentlemen, when you’re talking about your cell, it runs on electricity. If you’re at 15 millivolts, you are subject to getting cancer, diabetes, all kinds of other health issues. But SomaPulse raises the vibrational electrical charge of your cell. Creating along stem cells in the process.

That’s a very important point you mentioned there. I wonder if you’d go back to that. If you have a bad electromotive force potential across those tissues, you’ve got the electro physiology that’s gonna turn into cancer, cell pathogens, auto-immune disease, degeneration, et cetera. No stem cells healing the tissue. As soon as you change that electromotive force, cancer can’t grow. Auto-immune disease, antigens, can’t be expressed to produce, and cellular immunity that attack the tissues. Stem cells can come in and start healing joints, tissues, heart muscles, et cetera, brain.

I mean really, we’re at the edge of what I call, as the end of senescence. Then people will only die of what I call, stupid actions, like kind of zipping down the middle of the freeway here, like they do in California on the freeways at 120 miles an hours when traffic’s parked. As you never exceed, by the way 10 miles per hour over the rate of the traffic moving. If you want to speed along, that’s fine when – I’ve got this idea of going like a maniac is really stupid. We talked about it in the paper earlier today.

It’s he situation is, when your body wants to heal, you now have the technologies. You don’t have to wait till 2020 or 2030, it’s here. It’s nutrimedical.com today, the power of ones: oxygen, nutrimeds, energetic technology and stem cells. Our stem cell research like, micro-dose growth hormone, Super Nox, Silver 100 and of course, the pulsed energetic technology that take those stem cells and get them mobilized and get them moving.

Even before you talk about going to something like the Centeno Clinic in the Grand Cayman Islands to regenerate the joint, I had a former skydiver who called me over the weekend. He was in a big panic, he sent me his MRI scans over as well. He said, “What do you think of the MRI scans, then?” I said, “You’ve been a skydiver, haven’t you?” He said, “How did you know that?” I said, “Because I’ve seen this before.” All of his vertebraes, the disk, they’re all blown up. And I told him to get a flexion extension scan when he come here in Southern California via one of the docks. And I said, “If you want to regenerate this, you’re bad enough. You’re gonna need to have actual stem cell injection.”

But 99% of people, they don’t need it. They haven’t gone that far. They can simply use the SomaPulse and their body will say, “Hey, I can, over the next 6 months to 2 years, regenerate your joints. I can make your skin stronger and your connective tissue stronger. I can heal that shoulder, rather than getting shoulder surgery. I can heal those inter-carpal ligaments in your wrist.”

It really is amazing, what energetic technology and the right nutraceuticals will do. Like Mountain Red Velvet, Collagen Max, Power C Plus, full Vitamin K2 Metadione 7, Liquid 17. The body will heal if you give it the building blocks and the energetics, that’s the rules. If you give the building blocks and the energetics, the body will heal. You don’t need to go to an Alpine state, you’ll have enough electrons, you’ll have enough ATP and ANDH, it says, “Hey, I’ve got the fuel. I’ve got the building blocks. Let’s do it.” And it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter if you’re 8 or 80, the body can heal, if you give it half a chance.

It’s so exciting to know this type of technology is out there. Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Deagle has been talking about smart meters for awhile. WiFi towers, cellphone towers, these things are bogging your cell. Beating your cells literally to death. If you’re not replacing them with frequencies from the SomaPulse and MediThera, you are literally dying. Walk right now.

You just call me at 760-420-2788. That’s 760-420-2788. The SomaPulse is priced under $1,400. The MediThera is priced under $3,000. I can give you a deal for both of them. But if you’re not using it, you’re not giving your body the chance, the opportunity to create an environment for the electrical charge to stimulate. Call me.